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                               13 May – 24 May 2010


De Stenen Poort" in Borkel en Schaft, the Netherlands, is a foundation established in 1990 by a
group of five sculptors, all of them working in stone.

The group organized its first and second International Sculpture in Stone symposium in 1991 and
1992. It was then decided to organise such an international symposium every two year. These
symposiums consisted of a working period during which each of the participating artists made a
sculpture in stone, followed by a public exhibition which gave the sculptors the opportunity to sell their
work. The participants exchanged information about cultural and social life in their countries, as well as
knowledge about tools and materials; they started friendships and many of them sold their work. All
this made these symposiums a great success.

To date ten of such symposiums have been held and about a hundred sculptors from all over the
world have participated in them (see the Appendix). In the non-symposium years there were
exhibitions of the work of Belgian and Dutch sculptors. "De Stenen Poort" is now preparing the 11th
jubilee edition of the International Sculpture in Stone symposium. Artists from all countries are invited
to participate. They can bring one or two of their existing sculptures, which they will be allowed to
show and sell at the exhibition, along with the work made during the symposium. If you are interested,
spread the news to other sculptors and read the detailed information given below.

1. Location
Borkel en Schaft is one of the small parishes of the municipality of Valkenswaard near the Belgian
border, between Lommel (B) and Eindhoven(NL).
"De Stenen Poort" has an open-air working area (1000 m2), a workshop with wooden stands and a 40
m2 shed for shelter.

2. The organising committee
Mieke Beijer from Beek en Donk
Anneke Janse from Overpelt ~Belgium
Hermann Knupfer from Valkenswaard
Jan van de Pol from Helmond
Annet de Wit from Borkel en Schaft

3. The dates of the working period and the exhibition
                                               th                      th
The working period will be from Thursday 13 of May to Monday 24 of May 2010.
                                         th                                 th
The exhibition will start on Monday 24 of May and close on Sunday 30 of May 2010.
During the week of the exhibition, you will be free to stay and visit museums, other exhibitions etc.
To give the visitors to the exhibition the opportunity to view the sculptures in a quiet atmosphere, you
will not be allowed to make new sculptures in the week of the exhibition.
The sculptures made during the symposium will have to remain on the site until the end of the
exhibition (30 of May 2010).

4. Material
Medium-sized blocks of natural stone ( Belgian bluestone, limestone, various kinds of marble etc.) will
be available free of charge. If you want other stone varieties or bigger blocks, you will be able to order
them from local traders at cost price.

5. Sculpturing tools
In principle, you will use your own tools. Pneumatic tools will not be allowed.

6. Number of participants
Max. 16

7. Selection
For the selection procedure, you are requested to send us the following:
- a recent passport photo
- some photos showing your work
- a completed application form
- a curriculum vitae.
For the purpose of a symposium catalogue and information on our website, also include a few good
photos or digital images (CD) of your work (no photocopies). We prefer digital images on CD.
Referring to your website is not enough!

8. Accommodation
During the working and exhibition period you will be accommodated at the "Sportparkdreef”. The costs
of accommodation are included in the enrolment fee. We will be willing to make reservations on your
behalf if you prefer to stay at one of the local hotels (at your own expense).

9. Meals
Meals will be provided during the working period only. They are included in the fee. Good field kitchen
quality may be expected.

10. Insurance
A basic insurance policy (fire, storm, burglary) will be taken out for the work exhibited During transport
to and from the symposium site, the work will not be covered by the insurance. Neither the organising
committee nor the owner of the working area can be held responsible for any accident, injury or
material damage during the working period and the exhibition week. You should therefore take out an
accident insurance yourself.

11. Publicity
We will take care of publicity. You will be sent some invitation cards.

12. Costs
The costs of the working period have deliberately been kept low. The all-in price (for lodging and
meals during the working period, insurance, materials, publicity, paperwork, catalogue and costs of the
exhibition, including drinks) amounts to € 200. The terms and conditions will be sent to you after your
enrolment has been confirmed by us.
Sculptors from outside Western Europe will only have to pay the enrolment fee if they sell a work
during the symposium or exhibition.

13. Proceeds
If an artist sells work, he or she will be asked to hand in 20% of the proceeds for the organisation and
for improvements to the infrastructure of the location. At the past symposia sales were excellent.
50-80% of the sculptors sold one of their works.

14. Enrolment
Use the enrolment form ( see below)
Enrolment closing date: 31 December 2010.
15. For further information, contact:

Annet de Wit-Dorpstraat 30
5556 VL Borkel & Schaft (NL)

Mieke Beijer-Brakenstraat 14-5741 SR Beek en Donk (NL)
Tel.: 0031-492462696 E-mail: miekebeijer@hotmail.com

Jan van de Pol-Wolfsputten 4-5709 PB Helmond (NL)
Tel.: 0031-492383794 E-mail: doespol@planet.nl


The following sculptors have been participated in "De Stenen Poort" since 1990:

              Albanië Pjerin Kolnikaj                    Nederland Mieke Beijer
            Argentinië Aguedo Albalos Cussi                        Anneke Janse
                       Juan Carlos Mercurio                        Mien Paridaans
                       Emiliano Sacco
                                                                   Annet de Wit
               België Jan van de Pol
                       Kristien van Diest                          Jos Beurskens

                       Gert Fonteyne                               Daan v. Drunen

                       Xavier Dessain                              Inez Hegeman

                       Guy Janssen                                 Ronald Kleintjes

                       Christa Allaerts                       Peru Emilia Loza Garnica
                                                             Polen Krystof Jacubowski
             Bulgarije Petko Moskow
                                                                   Anna Bem-Borucka
                       Tjavdar Iliev
                                                         Roemenië Dinu Campeanu
                       Nicolae Stanchev
                                                                   Tibor Koloszi
                       Stefan Kaljef
                                                                   Nicolae Procopan
                       Svilen Kostadinov
                                                                   Dimitru Radu
                       Kamen Tanev
                       Rumen Dimitrov                              Constantin Sevtov
              Canada Eddy Gheress                                  Dup Darie
                 China Ji Hong Zhang                               Catalin Hrimiuc
             Duitsland Joachim Evers                               Ion Iancut
                       Thorsten Bisbay
                                                                   Ioan Mihele
                       K.M. Twin
                                                                   Radu Marcel Moraru
                       Roland Höft                                 Nicolae Razvan Mincu
               Egypte Salah Hammad                                 Enghis Septimu
                      Michael Chapman                       Spanje Pipo Llobet Hernandez
                      Nick Lloyd                                   Jaime de Cordoba
              Finland Simo Helenius
                                                                   Marta Pruna
                       Juhani Saksa
                                                                   Anne Kampschulte
              Frankrijk Fernand Terrier
                                                                   Sandra Bonet
                       Viorel Enache
                                                                   Angelo Alhaja Moyano
                       Philippe Beriot                             Thierry Ferreira
                           Chantal Goirand                      Lluis Ribalta Coma-
                       Sophie Frank                             Cros
                       Aurelie Moreau                           Lua Ruiz-Gimenez
              Georgie Ramaz Gojati
             Hongarije Robert Csikszentmihaly           Turkije Sehriban Köksal
                           Boldizar Szmrecsányi                 Sergio Ortiz Arocho
                           Rath Geber Attila        Puerto Rico

                    Israel Genia Gendelman              Russia Sergey Lopukhove
                            Igor Brown
                            Ludmilla Voloshanenko        U.S.A. Elsie Wood
                     Italië Fernando Caciorgna
                                                                Pasha Stinson
                           Francesca Blasi
                                                                Neal Barab
                           Giuliano Giussani
                                                     Zimbabwe Fanizani Akuda
                    Japan Susumu Ikegami                        Saidi Sabiti
                           Hisao Kameyama                       Lawrence
                           Tanaka Hitoshi
                                                                Ian Newberry
                       Terunao Kobayashi               Zweden
                                                                Uwe Kersten
                       Wataru Hamasaka
                                                    Zwitserland Ewald Brigger
          Joegoeslavie Jovan Arsenovic
                                                                Gabriel Mazenauer
                       Dae-Chul Kang
                       Jimin Lee                                Peter Muller
               Letland Igors Dobicins
                           Viktor Suskevic
                           Solveiga Vasiljeva
                  Lituania Alfridas Pajuodis
                           Jonas Simonelis

              Libanon Antoine Basbous
               Mexico Manuel Fuentes
              Moldavië Stefan Rusu


       of May –   24th of May 2010 BORKEL EN SCHAFT, THE NETHERLANDS

Please fill in and mail this form back to
     Jan van de Pol
     De Wolfsputten 4
     5709 PB Helmond
     The Netherlands

I, the undersigned___________________________________________________

No/ Street__________________________________________________________


Telephone_______________________ E-mail_____________________________

wish to enrol for the working and exhibition weeks in Borkel & Schaft from 13th of may till
24th of may 2010 (exhibition till 30th of may) and declare to be fully aware of the conditions
described above.


Lingjuan Ma Lingjuan Ma