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					Job Description Form
Public Transport Authority
Our Purpose
To increase the use of public transport by providing customer focused, safe and cost effective
passenger transport services.
 Position Title                                                           Level
 Team Leader - Operations                                                 4
 Effective Date                       Position Number                     Health Task Risk Assessment Category
 9 August 2010                        33418                               1
 Division/Directorate                 Branch                              Section
 Transwa                              Operations

 Reporting Relationships

      General Manager
      Level:       9

                    Responsible To
      Operations Manager
      Level:       8

                    Responsible To

                    THIS OFFICE

                                        Offices under direct responsibility
     Title                                   Classification      Number of        FTEs    Supervised     and
     Operations Officers                                         4
     Station Attendant                                           1

 Role of This Position

    Lead and coordinate the activities of Transwa’s East Perth Operations office including the preparation and
     maintenance of rosters, provision of administrative support, the coordination of en-route train and road
     coach services, and the supervision of support staff.

    Participate in staff recruitment, EBA/Award negotiation and the compilation of associated Wages
     Aggregation rate tables for rail and road coach drivers.

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Position Title                                                            Level
Team Leader - Operations                                                  4
Effective Date                       Position Number                      Health Task Risk Assessment Category
9 August 2010                        33418                                1
Division/Directorate                 Branch                               Section
Transwa                              Operations

Responsibilities of This Position

Leadership and Coordination
       Lead and supervise a team of Operations support staff to ensure all en-route rail and road coach
        services proceed in a safe, customer focused and cost effective manner over the seven-day-a week
        work cycle;
       Provide regular coaching, mentoring and support to the Operations team members to ensure they have
        the required skills to carry out their duties efficiently and effectively;
       Identify, review and implement opportunities for improvement to operating systems, policies and
        procedures particularly where they impact on safety, customer service and efficiency;
       Ensure that all Transwa wages staff undertake the required medical assessments and safety training
        and that fatigue management requirements are met;
       Conduct risk analysis and assessment for Transwa rail and road operations and take appropriate
        remedial action; and
       As a member of the Leadership Team, contribute to the overall strategic and operational effectiveness of

Rostering and Vehicle Allocation
       In liaison with both Assistant Operations Managers and the Terminal Supervisor Bunbury prepare and
        post duty and leave rosters for Road Coach Drivers, Railcar Drivers, Operations Office staff, Australind
        on-train staff and East Perth Station Attendants in accordance with operational requirements;
       Oversee management of ad-hoc and emergency relief arrangements; and
       Check and verify the allocation of railcars and road coaches made outside of normal hours of operation.

Staff Recruitment, Payroll and EBA/Award Administration
       Coordinate recruitment and selection of Transwa Operations support staff;
       Collate, record and forward to Personnel and Payroll all timesheets for Transwa Operations and wages
        staff and respond to associated enquiries;
       Participate in EBA/Award negotiations and deliberations for Transwa wages staff; and
       Prepare and update Wages Aggregation Rate tables as required.
Administrative Support
    Supervise administrative activities including accommodation bookings, lost property coordination, and
      the recording of driving licence details and first aid records; and
       Oversee the use and stock control of consumables.
Finance and Contracts
     Monitor Operations expenditure against the approved budget and report to the Assistant Road and Rail
       managers on performance;
     As designated Contract Manager, manage Transwa media service contracts and take appropriate
       remedial action when required;
     Create and manage temporary contracts to cover Transwa service disruptions;
     Supervise the Petty Cash Account and the issuing of taxi vouchers; and
     Check, verify and sign off invoices for payment.
    Implement new computer based systems used in the Operations Branch;
    Supervise the recording of road and rail incidents through the CPRS incident management system;
    Control computerised systems used in Operations including fault reporting, testing, upgrades, and help
      to implement enhancements; and
    Make systems enhancement recommendations, suggest process improvements and advise users when
    Undertake other duties as directed.

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Position Title                                                           Level
Team Leader - Operations                                                 4
Effective Date                        Position Number                    Health Task Risk Assessment Category
9 August 2010                         33418                              1
Division/Directorate                  Branch                             Section
Transwa                               Operations

Selection Criteria
Applicants must address all of the criteria listed below


1. Relevant technical expertise, including:

     Demonstrated understanding of and experience applying contemporary customer service principles;
     Good knowledge of and relevant experience in road and rail passenger network and operations;
     Proven ability to work under emergency and high pressure conditions to make timely and accurate
        decisions; and
     Relevant expertise developing and maintaining duty rosters in an operational environment.

2. Sound leadership and planning skills, including:

     Demonstrated ability to lead, motivate and support others;
     Good time management, planning and organisational skills; and
     Proven capacity to work effectively and collaboratively in a team environment.

3. Sound analytical, conceptual and problem solving skills, including a demonstrated ability to identify,
   review and implement improvements.

4. Good interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written), including effective relationship
   building, negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

5. Competency in the use and application of personal computers and relevant software.


   Experience and knowledge of Transwa’s services and systems.
   Relevant experience managing contractor performance.
   Understanding of and experience applying risk management principles.

Special Appointment Requirements:

   Satisfactory completion of required medical examinations to verify physical fitness to perform the duties of
    the position.
   Possession of a current Western Australian 'C' or 'C-A' Class Driver’s Licence or equivalent. This
    requirement continues for the duration of employment in this position and from time to time production of the
    licence on request by the Authority may be required.
   Applicants must meet the special requirements shown below within an agreed period of time. Cancellation of
    the appointment will occur where an applicant does not meet the special requirements within an agreed
    period of time after appointment:
      - Safeworking qualification WT07.
      - Electrification awareness.
      - Senior First Aid Certificate.

Working Conditions
   May be required to work after hours from to time.

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 Position Title                                                              Level
 Team Leader - Operations                                                    4
 Effective Date                        Position Number                       Health Task Risk Assessment Category
 9 August 2010                         33418                                 1
 Division/Directorate                  Branch                                Section
 Transwa                               Operations

Corporate Responsibilities
Responsible and accountable for the implementation of and adherence to Public Transport Authority People
policies and procedures and ensuring Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Management principles and
practices are adhered to within their area of responsibility. The position’s duties are to be performed in accordance
with the PTA's Code of Conduct and the PTA's Values.
Responsible and accountable for ensuring that all operations and business activities involving employees,
contractors, customers and the public are carried out in a safe environment and that the Public Transport Authority
Safety and Health policy and procedures are adhered to and where appropriate implemented within their area of
Responsible and accountable for ensuring that their work activities are carried out in an environmentally
responsible manner and that they are aware, have an understanding of and adhere to the Environmental
Protection polices and strategies contained in the Public Transport Authority Environmental Management Plan.
Responsible and accountable for the implementation and adherence to Railway Safety Management (AS4292) to
the level applicable to this position as detailed in the Railway Safety Management Responsibilities and Authorities
Carry out as required, such tasks and functions that are consistent with the employee’s skills, competence and

 The details contained in this document are an accurate statement of the duties, responsibilities and other
 requirements of the position.
 General Manager / Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director


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