Grants Program Awards for AERA is pleased to announce by WesleyL


									 Grants Program Awards for 2004 - 2005
AERA is pleased to announce continued support for the AERA Grants Program from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National
Center for Education Statistics (NCES) of the Institute of Education Sciences. The program provides funding for education policy- and practice-
related research that uses quantitative methods to analyze the large-scale, nationally and internationally representative data sets supported by NCES
and NSF. All awards are competitive, with selection based on the excellence of the proposed research and the expertise of the awardees. Congratula-
tions to the following outstanding researchers who have received awards through the AERA Grants Program in the 2004–2005 academic year.
                                                         AERA FELLOW AT NCES
                                           David Marcotte, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
                                                             RESEARCH GRANTS
                                                         Sigal Alon, Tel-Aviv University
                                                     Jennifer Bausmith, Rutgers University
                                                  Irenee Beattie, Washington State University
                                             Geoffrey Borman, University of Wisconsin, Madison
                                                     David Burkam, University of Michigan
                                                  Lora Cohen-Vogel, Florida State University
                                                 Robert Crosnoe, University of Texas, Austin
                                        George Farkas & Paul Morgan, Pennsylvania State University
                                                      Jennifer Glanville, University of Iowa
                                                       Susan Losh, Florida State University
                                          Brent McBride, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
                                                      Stephen Morgan, Cornell University
                                     Amanda Nickerson & Matthew Martens, University at Albany, SUNY
                                                 Sara Rab, University of Wisconsin, Madison
                                                   Jacqueline Shannon, New York University
                                      Laura Szalacha, Brown and Northeastern Universities; Joe Raelin &
                                                    Mark Putnam, Northeastern University
                                                       Philip Trostel, University of Maine
                                                         DISSERTATION GRANTS
                                           Nikki Aikens, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
                                       Brenda Arellano Anguiano, University of California, Santa Barbara
                                                      Rong Chen, University of Michigan
                                                        Anna Chung, Indiana University
                                                        Wade Cole, Stanford University
                                                   Sarah Crissey, University of Texas, Austin
                                                Rachel Durham, Pennsylvania State University
                                                   Nevbahar Ertas, Georgia State University
                                                  Stacey Farber, University at Buffalo, SUNY
                                                        Li Feng, Florida State University
                                           Kirsten Kainz, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
                                                       Josh Klugman, Indiana University
                                                             Jie Li, Boston College
                                              Carolina Milesi, University of Wisconsin, Madison
                                                    Stefanie Mollborn, Stanford University
                                                 Takako Nomi, Pennsylvania State University
                                           Yuko Nonoyama, Teachers College, Columbia University
                                                   Julie Riordan, University of Pennsylvania
                                                    Phyllis Rippeyoung, University of Iowa
                                                    Katharine Strunk, Stanford University
                                                 Letitia Thomas, University at Buffalo, SUNY
                                                Ummuhan Yesil-Dagli, Florida State University
                                                      Hyunsil Yoo, University of Virginia
                             For further information about the AERA Grants Program, visit the Web address below,
                                or contact Jeanie Murdock, phone 805-964-5264 or e-mail

                                                                                                                                    JUNE/JULY 2005   49

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