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									Scribd exclusive preview of Collections Online launching October 2010

A first look at an intriguing object from our collection soon to be featured alongside
thousands of objects in our online public database, Collections Online.
Tea Canister 1786

This canister, one of a pair forming part of an elaborate tea chest, was made by
William Potter.

The two canisters were designed to store different types of tea.

Potter created the outside design by inlaying thin sheets of various types of wood in a
process known as 'marquetry'.

It depicts Carlton House, which was the Prince Regent's residence until he became
king in 1820.

As Director of Collections and Learning, Dr. Cathy Ross, adds: "at the time tea was
rather more of an exotic a drink than it is today".

Producer: Potter, William

Place of Production: Cornhill, City of London, London

Measurements: H 160 mm; W 130 mm; D 140 mm

Owner Status: permanent collection

To discover more fascinating objects from the Museums collection be sure to
visit http://www.museumoflondon.org.uk/collectionsonline from October.

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