UTILITIES COMMITTEE MINUTES May The Utilities Committee meeting was by WesleyL


									                             UTILITIES COMMITTEE MINUTES
                                        May 3, 2004

The Utilities Committee meeting was held on May 3, 2004, at North Royalton City Hall,
13834 Ridge Road. The meeting was called to order at 8:15 p.m.

PRESENT: Committee Members: Chairwoman Lisa Uffman-Kirsch, Thomas Koch,
Vincent Gentile; Council Members: President of Council Robert Stefanik, Denise Bobulsky,
Donald Willey; City Engineer Clark Merdes; Resident: Ivan Hack.

Mr. Merdes submitted amendments to the April 5th and 7th meeting minutes by way of memo.
Mrs. Uffman-Kirsch made a motion on one of the proposed amendments to change the sentence that
reads “fix the problem.” The motion died for lack of a second. The memo of amendments is to be
attached to the minutes.


1.     Phase II Storm Water Regulation (Public Education and Involvement Committee)
       Mr. Hack reported. The smiley faces on their sign are nick-named “droppy” and “drippy.”
       The tri-fold pamphlets are done and will be distributed in the July sewer bills. They also have
       a display window at the library for two weeks. The committee is working on the website. The
       May 15th event will be featured in various newspapers this week. Certificates of Appreciation
       will be distributed for the event. Refreshments still need to be set. Mr. Willey volunteered to
       donate trash bags for the event. There was discussion about trash pick-up. Mr. Merdes needs
       to verify with Mr. Mayer whether or not trash will be picked up on Saturday.


1.     HB 278 Gas Well Monitoring Legislation & Non-Producing Well Locations
       Mrs. Uffman-Kirsch read the update from the Law Department. The State Legislature passed
       HB 278 which will remove municipal right to control oil and gas drilling, location of wells,
       etc. The Governor has stated that he will sign the law. The law will go into effect 90 days
       after his signature.

2.     Update on Fire Dept. work on location of non-producing wells in City
       Mrs. Uffman-Kirsch asked for a motion to remove this item from the agenda and move it to
       the Safety Committee. Mr. Koch made a motion to remove it from the agenda, seconded by
       Mr. Gentile. 3 yeas/0 nays. Motion carried.

3.     Wiltshire Road Sewer Odor Complaints
       Mrs. Uffman-Kirsch read the update from the Law Department. This item is still in litigation.

4.     Kurtz Brothers – Contract Status
       Mrs. Uffman-Kirsch read the update from the Law Department. The department is still
       working on the contract. The City of Willoughby just advertised for bids on the same concept
       as North Royalton and the Law Director is reviewing its bid specs.
Utilities Committee Minutes            May 3, 2004                                              Page 2

5.     Ridgedale Waterline
       Mrs. Uffman-Kirsch read the update from the Law Department. The city is still working on
       the Pratnicky easement. Pratnicky is out of bankruptcy. It will be decided this week if we can
       negotiate or not. All other easements are completed.

6.     Beckenham Road Sewer Work
       Mr. Merdes stated that the notice to proceed is dated today and that the appropriate
       departments are to be notified when work commences.

7.     Ridge Road Sewer
       There is a meeting this Thursday at City Hall with residents. There was discussion about the
       one-page handout of estimated costs that Ms. Bobulsky wants to hand out to the residents.
       Mr. Koch stated that we have to be very positive about the fact that sewers are what they are
       going to get so when they leave the meeting they know that sewers are coming right around
       the corner. Mr. Merdes stated that the residents are well-informed. Ms. Bobulsky stated that at
       the last meeting a majority of the residents voted against the sewer tie-in, and from her point
       of view she is here to represent them. She stated that she thinks they should tie in, and will say
       that at the meeting, but if the majority is not going along with it then she cannot vote yes on it.
       Mr. Koch stated that it is quite obvious that sewers are coming and we know they should be
       there. He stated that there are times when Council thinks one way, but the residents think
       another. Mr. Stefanik stated that to vote yes is the responsible thing to do for the residents.

8.     Turnpike/Bennett Road Flooding
       Mr. Merdes stated that the advertisement is going to the paper next week. He said that “out of
       the blue” he received a phone call from the Turnpike Commission. He asked if anyone had
       gotten through to somebody at the Turnpike. Mrs. Uffman-Kirsch asked what the call was
       about. They wanted to know what the city’s concerns were and what areas. Mr. Merdes
       explained the process that took place a year ago over showing the Commission the areas of
       concern for the city. Mr. Merdes said that he told them that he would gather information for
       the Commission and get back to them. There was discussion. Mr. Willey suggested sending
       them a copy of the RFP. Mr. Merdes thinks that the engineering study will point the finger
       towards the Turnpike’s third lane expansion.

9.     Construction & Post-Construction Model Ordinances and NPDES permits
       There was discussion about the three model ordinances that have come out regarding different
       control measures under the storm water management program relating to: (1) Construction,
       (2) Post-Construction and (3) Riparian Set-backs. Mr. Merdes further explained and discussed
       the ordinances. Mr. Gentile asked Mr. Merdes to draft legislation. Mr. Merdes welcomed
       input on these ordinances for North Royalton.


1.     Wastewater Pick-up Truck
       Mr. Johnson requested the pick-up truck. There was discussion about the truck and air
       conditioning. It was decided that air conditioning should be included. Mr. Gentile made a
       motion to recommend to Council, seconded by Mr. Koch. 3 yeas/0 nays. Motion carried.
Utilities Committee Minutes            May 3, 2004                                             Page 3

2.     Proposed Amendments to the Sewer Tap-in Fee
       Mr. Stefanik stated that there was some concern about the legislation that was passed and that
       the amendment adds the language back in about the fees for new construction located outside
       the bounds of the city. Mr. Koch made a motion to send the amendment to Council for
       approval, seconded by Mr. Gentile. 3 yeas/0 nays. Motion carried. Mr. Stefanik further
       discussed the possibility of raising tap-in fees on all new construction located in and out of the
       city. There was discussion and more information is to be gathered. Mr. Murphy will be

3.     Maple Lane/Lisa Lane Drainage Area
       Mr. Merdes stated that he has looked into the possibility of excavating a lake. The idea would
       be to create a lake where the water is not draining and then the existing infrastructure could
       serve as the overflow for the lake. The excavated material from the lake would be used to
       raise the ground surrounding it. There was discussion about the direction of the water flow.
       Mr. Merdes explained the history of this project. Other possibilities were discussed and costs
       addressed. Mr. Merdes stated that the lake option would be less expensive than the other two
       options discussed. Mr. Merdes stated that storm water issues are included in the General
       Fund. Mr. Merdes is to get more specific details on the lake option.

4.     Mr. Gentile discussed a complaint about a structure erected on city property, a fence, debris,
       etc. The resident is violating a lease agreement. Mr. Gentile discussed the various issues
       involved in this situation and asked the committee their opinion on this matter.
       Mrs. Uffman-Kirsch stated that the resident should be given notice and a chance to comply.
       There was discussion as to how this should be handled. Mr. Merdes is to forward information
       to Joe Hartman, Zoning Inspector.

Mrs. Uffman-Kirsch asked for a motion to adjourn. Mr. Koch made a motion to adjourn the meeting,
seconded by Mr. Gentile. 3 yeas/0 nays. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 10:14 p.m.

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