Kotak Securities Bank Account update Form by pankajbatra


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									To, Kotak Securities Ltd. Sub: Application For Updating Bank Details Dear Sir/Madam, I request you to kindly link my bank details mentioned below to my kotaksecurities.com trading account and / or DP account. Bank Details: Account No Account Type Bank Name Account Holders Name CRN No.(mandatory for kotak bank A/c) My Details Client id User id Demat Account No. I would like to link my bank account to: (tick any one) • • • Trading Account Trading Account & DP both Only DP Date:

I am attaching the following documents required for updating my bank details: • • Cancelled cheque leaf of my bank account. Banker's verification letter as the cheque leaf is not personalized.

I have also posted a Query on kotaksecurities.com through the Solve Your Query option in the Customer Service section. I have mentioned my trading, DP & Bank account details in the same. My Query Number is: ________________________.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully (Signatures of all the account holders)

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