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									DSP MERRILL LYNCH MUTUAL FUND DSP Merrill Lynch Bond Fund, DSP Merrill Lynch Equity Fund and DSP Merrill Lynch Liquidity Fund (The Schemes) Usage of Personal Identification Number (PIN) - Terms and Conditions

1.The Personal Identification Number (PIN) facility is available to only those Unit Holders of DSP Merrill Lynch Bond Fund and DSPMerrill Lynch Equity Fund (herein after referred to as Unit Holder(s) who indicate their desire to avail of this facility and who also indicate their Bank Account No., Name of the Bank and Branch in the application for purchasing Units of the Scheme. 2. Computer Age Management Services Ltd. (the Registrar) 1E, Lakshmi Bhawan, 609, Anna Salai, Chennai - 600 006, advises such Unit Holders the PIN together with the detailed terms and conditions subject to which its usage is permitted. 3. Unit Holders may use the PIN to request a purchase (to be followed with Cheque/DD immediately) redemption and address change and Switching by calling the Investor Service Centre at Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. 4. The Unit Holder will be asked for PIN before the request is accepted. In the interest of the Unit Holder, the Service Centre officials reserve the right to ask for a fax confirmation of the request and any additional information about the Account of the Unit Holder. 5. The usage of PIN facility by the Unit Holder is subject to the following terms and conditions : a) The Registrar communicates the PIN to the Unit Holder by post and entirely at the risk of Unit Holder. b) The Unit Holder(s) shall not disclose the PIN to any person nor should the PIN be written down where any other person may discover it. c) DSP Merrill Lynch Mutual Fund or the Registrar shall not take any liability or responsibility arising out of the unauthorised usage/unauthorised transactions conducted by using the PIN facility including access on to CAMS Internet Website. All transactions with the use of the PIN will be the sole responsibility of the Unit Holder(s). d) It shall be the sole responsibility of the Unit Holder to ensure adequate protection and the confidentiality of the PIN and any disclosure thereof to any other person shall be entirely at the Unit Holders risk. e) The Unit Holder(s) shall take responsibility for all the transactions conducted by using the PIN and the Unit Holder will abide by the record of transactions generated by the Fund or the Registrar. f) DSP Merrill Lynch Mutual Fund and Registrar shall not accept any responsibility for the unauthorized usage of the PIN. g) DSP Merrill Lynch Mutual Fund, may at its absolute discretion, issue a new PIN to Unit Holder(s) on these terms and conditions or such terms and conditions as the Fund may deem fit. Based on my/our signature(s) I/We acknowledge my/our understanding and acceptance of all of the terms and conditions listed above. Signatures

___________________ First Account Holder

_____________________ Second Account Holder

_____________________ Third Account Holder

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