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Futures Crude: About Crude Oil Prices


Back to investing platform, especially to futures markets, as you see, we will narrow the topic at crude oil futures. Joining into this trading floor, traders or investors need to keep track with changes both commodity futures prices in general and crude oil prices in particular, since markets are interactive to each other. However, because of the limited time, we will first of all check out the oil market. And here, "The Fundamentals Affecting on Changes in Crude Oil Prices."

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									The Fundamentals
  Affecting on
 Crude Oil Prices
Supply and Demand
Domestic demand and global demand
both affect on crude oil price.

Over the last decade, emerging markets
like China and India have increased
demand for crude oil and so this led many
speculators to suggest that demand would
outpace supply.
  On the domestic side, the regular
  reports from the EIA on refining
  activity and crude oil supply have
direct impact on crude oil price and
also crude oil futures price volatility.

 Released weekly, EIA reports and
     API reports are often key
fundamental influences on crude oil
         futures markets.
 That sounds strange that weather
  can affect oil price, but it will.

  Storms in the Gulf region of the
United States as well as the North Sea
can halt production of crude oil both
   on drilling platforms as well as
 refineries which may be shut down
   anticipating the arrival of a bad
Events like Hurricane Katrina stand
 as strong examples of how weather
may have a direct impact on crude oil
Refinery Repairs or
   I think you can predict this
      fundamental already.

 When pipelines or refineries are
shutdown for any reason, this can
disrupt supply and cause crude oil
        prices to fluctuate.
      You have just viewed some
fundamentals that affect on crude oil
  prices. There are some more but I
can’t list out here for you because of
   the limited spaces. Just discover
more from the resource. By the way,
    keep up with the oil and other
    futures market prices for your

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