CHINOOK CENTRE:

The largest and busiest mall in Calgary, the Chinook Centre underwent an extensive expansion / renovation
in 2000. With over 250,000 sq ft of mosaics, glass, porcelain, ceramic wall, quartzite and slate tile being
installed on everything from existing quarry tile and cement terrazzo, to both new and old concrete slabs, the
challenges faced by all parties involved were many.

The vast array of types and sizes of tile and stone being installed on substrates in varying degrees of
condition, along with the fact that the entire mall was to remain open during the installation process, posed
particular challenges to the tile installer and to Flextile Ltd, the installation system supplier.

In order ensure a successful installation, a comprehensive project catalogue was developed by Flextile, which
included copies of all written correspondence, product recommendations, and site meeting minutes. Copies
of this catalogue were provided for each project participant, and were updated throughout the course of the
project. With Flextile providing their extended system warranty for this project, every effort was made to
ensure that all trades, along with the general contractor, respected the Flextile & TTMAC recommendations
and standards, which were specified.

Existing gypsum-based levelers and patching compounds were removed from both on grade and suspended
slab concrete substrates. A special fast setting cementitiuos patching mortar was developed by Flextile
specifically for this project, which enabled the installer to level and fill areas up to 4” thick, and have these
areas ready for mall traffic in a matter of hours, and tile installation in less than 8 hours. Flextile 59 Flex Flo
Self Leveler was also used for fast set leveling in areas requiring thinner applications.
Flextile’s pre-mixed 4:1 mortar mix was used throughout the project for leveling and shaping curved walls
and columns, and for sloping to drains.
Flextile WP980 Crack Isolation Membrane was used extensively to treat shrinkage and stress cracks up to
1/8” thickness on suspended slab and existing cement terrazzo substrates. Along with the use of specified
movement joint profiles, this system was successful in preventing crack transmission through to the tile.

The majority of porcelain and slate tile was installed using Flextile’s 53/44 -premium two-component high
solids latex mortar system. In areas such as storefronts or other fast-track areas, Flextile 58 Fast Set mortar
was used. Where a finer textured bond coat was required, such as the main floor feature replicating Alberta’s
Bow River using glass mosaic tile, Flextile 51 White mortar was used in conjunction with the 44 mortar
additive. Recommended installation methods and curing times were strictly enforced through regular site
inspections and consultation with the other trades.
Flextile 92 premium type 1 adhesive was used for wall tile installation in washrooms as well as on gypsum
board-constructed mall columns.
Flextile 500 & 600 Series Polymer Modified Grouts were used for the majority of floor & wall areas, with
FlexEpoxy 100 Epoxy grout being used in the food court.

A successful installation was realized through the efforts of all parties, highlighted by a close working
relationship between Flextile Ltd., Flesher Marble & Tile of Calgary, and the Calgary branch of Olympia Tile
International. The Chinook Centre continues to be a vibrant showcase for the city of Calgary, and a testament
to the products and creativity of the hardsurfaces industry.

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