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									Anaemia is diagnosed by a blood test (blood). A vitamin B12
deficiency increased mostly red blood cells.

Anemia due to vitamin B12
deficiency - diagnosis

Blood test
The anemia is diagnosed by a blood test (blood). A vitamin B12
deficiency usually enlarged red blood cells (erythrocytes). Due to
its appearance the doctor changed red blood cells also known as
Megalozyten. Often reduced the number of blood platelets
(thrombocytes) and white blood cells (leukocytes).Also determines the
mirror of vitamin B12 in the blood.

Further investigation
Is the diagnosis "Anemia due to vitamin B12 deficiency" (pernicious
anemia), you must determine the cause. The main question is whether
the intrinsic factor is missing or the inclusion of vitamin B12 in
the small intestine is disturbed. For this, circumstances, PAION
(Gastroscopy) as well as the so-called Schilling Test are necessary:

The Schilling test can detect a defect recording (absorption) by the
small intestine.The patient maintaining injected radioactively marked
vitamin B12 in the muscle. Then track how much is excreted in the
course of 24 hours with the urine (normal: > 10%; impaired vitamin
intake of less).

To prevent an accumulation of radioactive vitamins in the body the
patient receives a more shot - by the way, two hours after injection
this time unlabeled vitamin B12.Thus the body tissues with vitamin
B12 is saturated, nothing is enriched by the radioactive connection.
Sometimes you can demonstrate antibodies to intrinsic Fakctor in the
blood.Because the blood cells are formed in the bone marrow, an
investigation of the bone marrow is sometimes useful when a vitamin
B12 deficiency anemia.

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