DRA (DOC) by ashrafp


									             APEC Center for Technology Exchange and Training for SMEs
                              Organizational Workshop
                                 March 13-15, 1996
                                 Manila, Philippines


I.      Opening Ceremonies

        A.       Welcome Remarks

        B.       Keynote Address

II.     Meeting Proper

        A.       Adoption of the Agenda

        B.       Overview of the ACTETSME

III.    Information, Technology and Training Needs and Opportunities in the
        Asia Pacific Region (Session I)

IV.     Programs and Services of Existing Networks in the Different
        Economies (Session 2)

V.      Activities and Services of ACTETSME and Mechanism for Delivery Of
        Services (Session 3)

VI.     Appropriate Organization to Undertake Projects in ACTETSME
        (Session 4)

VII.    Adoption of the Summary Report


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