Sogeti Transiciel wins The Clipsat Trophy Paris November The

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					Sogeti-Transiciel wins The 2004 Clipsat Trophy

Paris, 25 November 2004

The Telecom Valley® Association awards its 11th Clipsat Trophy to Sogeti-Transiciel. This prize is a
reward for an internationally-oriented centre of excellence in the Telecommunications and Information
Technologies fields.

The CLIPSAT (CLIent Partenaire SATisfait – Satisfied Client Partner) Trophy rewards the level of service
established between a supplier and its clients. It is based on objective evaluations of performance.

The choice of winner: “it’s the clients who say the nicest things about them”. As evidence, the jury relied
on many testimonials from Sogeti-Transiciel clients who objectively rated this locally-oriented IT service

Sogeti-Transiciel is present in the telecommunications, aeronautics, aerospace, defence, energy,
transport and industrial production processes sectors. It applies advanced technologies for the
completion of large projects: developments of real-time systems, software engineering and advanced IT,
simulation, theoretical studies (physics and mathematics), networks and telecommunications, and offers
services of support for project management of major programmes. Telecommunication services that
were evaluated are mainly performed by the Sophia Antipolis office, with clients such as HP, Alcatel
Space, IBM, Texas Instruments, Equant and France Telecom.

About the Telecom Valley® Association

The Telecom Valley® Association, whose registered office is situated in Sophia-Antipolis (France), was
founded in 1991 and currently has more than 70 members representing around 10,000 jobs in total.
Telecom Valley® is a significant player in regional high-tech development in France, recognised
Its objective is to promote development of an internationally-oriented centre of excellence, in the
Telecommunications and Information Technologies fields, by combining the expertise of its members,
start-ups, SMEs, international groups, research and higher education centres, standard-setting bodies
and regional institutions,

The work handed to the winner was specially created by Rémy Tassou, a French artist who devotes
himself to creating works from “cyber-trash” (old computer parts).

About the Sogeti-Transiciel Division

The SOGETI-TRANSICIEL (subsidiaries of Capgemini) Local Professional Services Division offers locally-
geared information technology services for large companies based on three business segments:
• Consulting and integration of management applications solutions (Application Services),
• Technical infrastructure and exploitation of information technology production (Infrastructure Services),
• Scientific engineering, technical and industrial information technology, mechanics and electronics in
major industrial R&D projets (High Tech Consulting).
In total, SOGETI and TRANSICIEL now combine 14,000 staff in 11 countries.