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					Dale Chihuly Art Project

• Students will design an elegant sculpture reminiscent of Dale Chihuly’s spectacular, luminous creations.

Glass Sculptor: One who produces sculptural artwork.

Would you like to create a form like Dale Chihuly that looks like glass? Well, now is your chance to make a sculpture that reflects the style of Dale Chihuly.

• Dale Chihuly is a glass sculptor born on September 20, 1941, in Tacoma, Washington. • Chihuly began his career at the University of Wisconsin, where he studied glassblowing as a graduate student with Harvey Littleton.

• He later went to the Rhode Island School of Design, where he established and taught in the Glass Department until 1983. Chihuly then returned to the Pacific Northwest, where he worked with the Pilchuk Glass Studio, which he helped to create in 1983. • It was at this studio that Chihuly began to explore the team approach to glass blowing that he discovered during his studies in Murano, Italy.

• The art of glassblowing involves heating glass to a very high temperature, where it begins to melt. • The glass blower then blows air through a long metal tube while turning the hot and heavy molten glass. This requires a great deal of skill, strength, and patience.

• An automobile accident in 1976 left Chihuly with the use of only one of his eyes. Soon after that, he began to work with William Morris, who became his chief gaffer (glass blower). • Morris was an exceptionally skilled craftsman and very strong. • These skills enabled Chihuly to design larger pieces.

• Chihuly’s art is usually based upon forms found in nature, particularly flower forms and sea forms. • Most of Chihuly’s installations are created to be illuminated, using the transparent qualities of colored glass to show off their elegant, organic forms.

Art time:
• To create a sculpture of your own, which includes bright colors and organic form, look closely at living natural forms such as flowers, seaweed, and sea creatures.

• • • • Paintbrush Glue Crayola Model Magic Colored tissue paper

Art time:
• Use Crayola® Model Magic® to make several shapes that these forms inspire, much as Chihuly designs with glass.

Art time:
• Press your forms together to create a sculpture. • Use a small amount of Elmer’s Glue to help tiny pieces of Model Magic® bond to your forms. • Dry overnight.

Art time:
• Cover your art area with newspaper. • Tear brightly colored tissue paper into small pieces. • Mix equal parts of glue and warm water in a small bowl to make a glaze.

Art time:
• With a paint brush, moisten a small part of your sculpture’s surface with the glaze. • Use your paintbrush to pick up a piece of tissue paper, and apply it to the moist surface. Coat the tissue paper with more glaze. • Overlap tissue paper slightly as you add it to the sculpture. • Cover the entire sculpture with color for a luminous, Chihulylike effect. Dry.


Please submit your sculpture in the next lesson.


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