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GENERAL FUNCTION Provides technical support for comprehensive planning activities. Develops, and implements planning studies, reports and recommendations pertaining to land use and environmental impact. Receives, evaluates and processes land use applications and amendments to city zoning ordinance in accordance with established procedures. REPRESENTATIVE ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Note – This list is intended only to illustrate the various types of work that may be performed. The omission of specific statements does not exclude them from the position. ) Coordinates processing of land use applications and preparation of planning studies and reports with other city departments, including public works, parks, fire, police, and federal, state and other local agencies as required. Prepares planning reports including recommendations and supporting data for approval and submission to Planning Commission and City Council. Conducts technical research studies and prepares statistical reports and recommendations for drafting or revising local legislation and plans, projecting trends, monitoring socioeconomic changes, or informing the public. Provides information to property owners, investors, real estate developers and other interested parties pertaining to land use applications, ordinances, codes and related planning information. Collects, interprets, and prepares reports and recommendations on court decisions affecting city planning. Attends and makes presentations to the Planning Commission, City Council and other committees regarding specific projects and staff findings and recommendations. Attends city, federal, state, and local area planning meetings relative to planning assignments to review and coordinate development and planning activities. Prepares graphics and maps for written reports and presentations; maintains rezone map files. Prepares plans and implementing measures in response to federal and state land use and environmental laws such as the Growth Management Act, Shoreline Management Act, Environmental Protection Act, and Endangered Species Act. Other Duties – Regular attendance is an essential requirement – Performs related work as assigned and/or required KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES (Entry Requirements) Knowledge of: Principles practices, regulations, and techniques in the field of municipal land use planning. State planning statutes and general familiarity with legal foundations of planning. Research methods and ability to compile and analyze original data. Basic knowledge of economics, finance, and sociology as applied to city planning, zoning, code enforcement, and community development. Basic knowledge of cartography, graphic design and the use of Geographic Information Systems.

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Skill in: Personal computers, word processing, spreadsheet, and database software. Ability to: Write clear and concise reports and plans. Organize and participate in public involvement processes and to communicate ideas to the public effectively. Establish and maintain effective working relations with public officials, planning staff, the development community and citizens. QUALIFYING EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE (Minimum Requirements) Bachelor of Arts degree in planning or a related field such as geography, economics, political science or environmental studies, or any combination of experience and education which provides the applicant with desired skills, knowledge and ability required to perform the job. Valid Washington State driver’s license. Special Requirements PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS Work is sedentary in nature and requires a high degree of concentration, logical reasoning or creative thought and sustained periods of concentration involving more than normal mental strain. Field trips and attendance at public hearings are necessary parts of this position. Ability to see, with or without corrective lenses, to read the fine print and detect shades of color. Ability to hear, with or without a hearing aid, and speak clearly to converse on the telephone and at the counter. Enough manual dexterity to write clearly. WORKING CONDITIONS Work is performed primarily in an office environment, but also requires driving to meetings and making site visits. Attendance at meetings may require working evening hours. LEGAL and REGULATORY EMPLOYMENT CONDITIONS Fair Labor Standards Act: The classification is non-exempt under the laws of fair Labor Standards Act minimum wage and overtime provisions. Representation: The classification is included in the bargaining unit pursuant to the Recognition Article of the current labor agreement between the City of Bremerton and the Teamsters Local 589. Civil Service: The classification is included in the City's Civil Service System. Appointment and Removal Authority: The position is filled by appointment by the Department Head. Removal is by action of the Department Head in conformance with Civil Service Rules. This classification specification does not constitute an employment agreement between the City and employee. It is subject to change by the City, with approval by the Civil Service Commission, as the needs of the City and requirements change.

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