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					                      Cast a Vote for Agriculture
                         2004 Federal Election - Canada

Dear Federal Election Candidate:

Farmers are looking to our political leaders to work with us and develop
conditions that attract investment and create a favourable economic setting in
rural Canada.

In order to sustain vibrant communities and a vibrant agricultural industry, we
want you to consider the benefits that good decisions can create for the
Canadian farmer and rural communities when setting your party policies,
developing programs and making decisions.

Farmers and the communities they live in require your attention and serious

The farm community contributes to the Canadian economy, the rural landscape
and the health and safety of our citizens. In Ontario, the work of farmers and
related agricultural activities employ over 600,000 people, many in rural Ontario.
This work contributes in excess of $22 billion to Ontario every year. The Ontario
farmers’ investment and hard work on environmental improvements and food
safety benefit all of the citizens of Ontario, from sustaining water quality to on-
farm HACCP based programs that ensure safe food.

Canada’s farm strength is evident in the links that connect farms to our fellow
citizens and the Canadian economy. Canadian citizens pay a smaller fraction of
their incomes for food than most others in the developed world. Reasonable food
costs create reasonable industrial wages and contribute to the competitive
position of the nation. Having safe water and wholesome food removes a host of
worries that beleaguer most of mankind and allow the people of Canada to live
abundantly and in good health.

A country that cannot feed itself, cannot govern itself. Your support for Canadian
farmers makes governing possible.

The members of (name: County Federation) are pleased to provide you with the
enclosed booklet titled: “Cast a Vote for Agriculture”. We want you to feel free to
call on us for advice and assistance when you are making decisions that affect
farmers and rural Canada.


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