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					Document # 3263                                                                                                            5/16/05
SCION                             tC                        2005 -            TAIL LIGHT ENHANCEMENT
Part Number: 00016-21550
Code: YU1
Kit Contents
Item #     Quantity Reqd.    Description                          Vehicle Service Parts (may be required for reassembly)
1          1                 RH Lamp Assy.                         Item #    Quantity Reqd.     Description
2          1                 LH Lamp Assy.                         1
3          1                 Hardware Bag                          2
Hardware Bag Contents
Item #     Quantity Reqd.    Description                          Legend
1          1                 Instruction Sheet
2          1                 Compliance Card                            STOP: Damage to the vehicle may occur. Do not
3          2                 TYC Stickers                               proceed until process has been complied with.
                                                                        OPERATOR SAFETY: Use caution to avoid risk of
Additional Items Required For Installation
                                                                        CAUTION: A process that must be carefully observed
Item #     Quantity Reqd.    Description
                                                                        in order to reduce the risk of damage to the
1                                                                       accessory/vehicle and to ensure a quality installation.
                                                                        TOOLS & EQUIPMENT: Used in Figures calls out the
Conflicts                                                               specific tools and equipment recommended for this
                                                                        REVISION MARK: This mark highlights a change in
Recommended Tools                                                       installation with respect to previous issue.
Personal & Vehicle              Notes
Protection                                                         Replacement bulbs are available locally or
Blanket                                                            through your TOYOTA Dealer.
                                                                   Description        Universal P/N           TOYOTA P/N
Special Tools                   Notes
                                                                   Reverse            921                     90981-11059
Installation Tools              Notes                              Tail/Stop          Non-serviceable         Non-serviceable
Socket                          10mm deep                          Turn Signal        7440                    90981-13043
Torque wrench                   36 lbf-in
                                                                   SPECIAL NOTE: Installation Sequences
Screw driver                    #2 Phillips
NRT or pry tool                                                    After TMS and Safety mandated preparatory steps have been
                                                                   taken, the installation sequence is the suggested method for
                                                                   completing the accessory installation. In some instances the
Special Chemicals               Notes                              suggested sequence is written for one associate to install and in
Glass cleaner                   VDC Approved                       others the sequence is given as part of a team accessory
                                                                   installation. Unless otherwise stated in the document, the
                                                                   associates may perform the installation steps in any order to
                                                                   make the installation as efficient as possible while maintaining
General Applicability                                              consistent quality.
                                                                   Also some items listed to be removed may not need to be removed
                                                                    if caution is taken to not damage vehicle.
Recommended Sequence of Application
If any other accessories are to be installed, it is recommended
they be installed in the order described below to ease
installation and/or avoid redundant work.
 Item # Accessory
 1a         Satellite Radio
 1b         Subwoofer
 2          Tail Light
 3          Ground Effects Kit

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          SCION                             tC                        2005 -            TAIL LIGHT ENHANCEMENT
          Care must be taken when installing this accessory to ensure damage does not occur to the vehicle. The installation of this
          accessory should follow approved guidelines to ensure a quality installation.

          These guidelines can be found in the "Accessory Installation Practices" document.

          This document covers such items as:-
              • Vehicle Protection (use of covers and blankets, cleaning chemicals, etc.).
              • Safety (eye protection, rechecking torque procedure, etc.).
              • Vehicle Disassembly/Reassembly (panel removal, part storage, etc.).
              • Electrical Component Disassembly/Reassembly (battery disconnection, connector removal, etc.).

                           Fig. 1A
                                                                          1. Vehicle Preparation
                                                                               (a) Open rear hatch.
                                                                        STOP   (b) Apply vehicle protection to the rear bumper
                                                                                   and rear cargo area. (Fig. 1a)
                                                                               (c) Remove battery negative terminal.

                                                                          2. Loosen Bumper
                                                                               (a) Starting with either side of the vehicle,
                                                                                   remove the screw in the hatch opening.
                                                                                   (Fig. 2a)
                                                                               (b) Remove the bolt from the wheel well.
                                                                                   (Fig. 2b)
                           Fig. 2A                          Fig. 2B
                                                                               (c) Remove the push fastener from the bottom of
                                                            Fig. 2D
                                                                                   the bumper near the wheel well. (Fig. 2c)
                                                                               (d) Pull outward on the sides of the bumper to
                                                                                   release. (Fig. 2d)
                                                                               (e) Repeat steps (a) through (e) on the opposite
                           Fig. 2C                                                 side of vehicle.

                                                                          3. Remove Taillight

                                                            Fig. 3B
                                                                               (a) Starting with either side of the vehicle,
                                                                                   remove the tail light access cover by pressing
                                                                                   on the release tab. (Fig. 3a)
                                                                               (b) Release the wire harness mount from the
                                                                                   mounting stud by pulling straight back on the
Fig. 3A
                                                                                   mount. (Fig. 3b)

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          SCION                           tC                     2005 -             TAIL LIGHT ENHANCEMENT
                                                                        (c) Unplug the tail light connector.
                                           Push here                            (1) The tail light connector is located directly
                                                                                    on the back of the taillight. (Fig. 3c)
                                                                                (2) The release tab is located close to the
                                                                                    lamp housing
Fig. 3C                         Fig. 3D                                         (3) Press down on the release tab. (Fig. 3d)
                                                                                (4) On the driver side the release tab is
                                                                                    located on bottom of the connector. On
                                                                                    the passenger side it is located on the top.
                      Fig. 3e                          Fig. 3f
                                                                        (d) Remove the (3) mounting nuts. (Fig. 3e)
                                                                                (1) Access to the upper mounting nut will
                                                                                    require bending of the trunk liner
                                                                        (e) Remove the tail light assembly by pulling
                                                                            straight back. (Fig. 3f)
                                                                                (1) Pull back firmly to release snap fasteners.
                                                                                (2) Pull the bumper and the light assembly
                                                                                    back together as a unit.
                                                                        (f) Release the tail light from the bumper and
                                                                            remove. (Fig. 3g)
                                                                        (g) Repeat steps (a) through (d) on the opposite
                                                       Fig. 3g              side of the vehicle.

                                                                    4. Install Taillight.
                                Fig. 4A                                 (a) Make sure the wire harness has been pulled
                                                                            back through hole to ensure the wires are not
                                                                            pinched between the light and the sheet
                                                                            metal. (Fig. 4a)
                                                                        (b) Pull back on the bumper to gain clearance
                                                                            and insert the tail light into the cavity.
                                                                        (c) Align the tail light mounting studs through
                                                                            the holes and push the light forward into the
                                                                                (1) Make sure to align the side fastener as
                                                       Fig. 4b                      you push the light forward. (Fig. 4b)

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          SCION                 tC       2005 -          TAIL LIGHT ENHANCEMENT
Fig. 4c               Fig. 4d                    (d) Align the bumper to the alignment tab on the
                                                     light. (Fig. 4c)
                                                 (e) Push the bumper forward.
                                                 (f) Align the bumper side tabs with the slots and
                                                     press inward to engage. (Fig. 4d)
                                                 (g) Torque the mounting nuts to 36 lbf-in
                                                     (30 lbf-in min / 37 lbf-in max)
                                                 (h) Re-install the (2) upper bumper screws and
                                                     the (2) wheel well screws. Do not over
                                                 (i) Re-install the (2) lower push fasteners.
                                                 (j) Connect the taillight connector to the vehicle
                                                 (k) Re-stall the wire harness mount onto the
                                                     mounting stud.
                                                 (l) Reinstall the access covers.
                                                 (m) Repeat steps (a) through (l) on opposite side
                                                     of vehicle

                                             5. Post Installation
                                                 (a) Place stickers (2), and
                                                     Compliance Card in glove box.
                                                 (b) Reconnect battery negative terminal and
                                                     torque to 36 lbf-in.
                                                 (c) Perform function checks. See last page for
                                                     Functional Verifications.

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SCION                       tC                   2005 -            TAIL LIGHT ENHANCEMENT
Checklist - these points MUST be checked to ensure a quality installation.
       Check:                                                    Look For:
Accessory Function Checks

       Brake Light                                               If any of the lamps do not function properly

       Turn Signal Light                                         check the connector for full engagement.

       Reverse Light

       Tail/Park Light

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