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									Destiny                                                                   “What does it mean to be a
                                                                          woman?” That’s a loaded question,
                                                                          and Katrina Zeno, cofounder of
                                                                          Women of the Third Millennium,
                                                                          has made it her life’s work to
                                                                          answer it. In June, Zeno saw the
                                                                          publication of her first book, Every
                                                                          Woman’s Journey: Answering “Who
                                                                          Am I” for the Feminine Heart.

                                                                          An open invitation
                                                                          In 1995, John Paul II issued an
                                                                          open invitation to women as he
                                                                          called for a “new feminism” with

                                                                          Evangelium Vitae. In response to
                                                                          this encyclical, the group Women       lies in what he called the “genius of
                                                                          Affirming      Life      hosted    a   women.” Her book seeks to define        Katrina Zeno speaking at events
                                                                          Washington, D.C., conference in        this term as “the distinctive way a     sponsored by the Couple to Couple
                                                                          1996. “The gist of this conference     woman makes a gift of self in all her   League.
                                                                          was that the women agreed they         feminine fullness and originality as
                                                                          needed to further reflect and work     God intended her to be from the
                                                                          out what the ‘new feminism’ was,”      beginning.”                             we are. We create a culture wher-
                                                                          said Zeno. There wasn’t really a            Women are called to take this      ever we are, in the home, in the
                                                                          solid consensus at the conference      God-given genius and use it to          workplace, in society and in the
                                                                          as to what the new feminism was,       transform our culture. Zeno points      Church. I think that John Paul II
                                                                          so they gave a charge to the           out that the terms “genius of           realized that if he could create a
                                                                          women to go out and at the grass-      women” and “new feminism” are           gentle revolution among women,
                                                                          roots level work this out.             intimately connected: “John Paul        then he knew he would create a sig-
                                                                              Zoë Romanowsky-St.Paul,            II spoke repeatedly in his writings     nificant revolution in the Church
                                                                          Katrina’s close friend, had attended   about the unique ways that              and in the world.”
                                                                          the conference and returned to         women make gift of self and men              Katrina’s idea of women as cul-

                                                                          Steubenville, Ohio, where she          make a gift of self. So the genius of   turemakers is truly revolutionary
                                                                          shared her experience with Zeno.       women is that quality given to us       in a society so bent on the tram-
                                                                          Both women were stirred by this        [women] by God from the begin-          pling of women’s nature through
                                                                          charge and gathered weekly for six     ning… To me then, the new femi-         contraception, abortion, pornogra-
                                                                          months to pray about how they          nism is the visible public              phy and same-sex relations, which
                                                                          could respond to the pope’s invita-    expression of that.”                    highlights the importance of
                                                                          tion. The result was Women of the           Many may ask, and rightly so,      WTTM’s work. Katrina also
                                                                                                                 why a “new feminism”? Why did           understands that her work is

             Destiny, Vocation, Faith—
                                                                          Third Millennium.
                                                                              The main work of WTTM lies         John Paul specifically address          bound up in the work of the pro-
                                                                          in education through books, tapes      women and ask them to more              life movement. “WTTM’s purpose
                                                                          and conferences that inspire           deeply explore their nature?            is “to invite men and women and

     Women of the Third Millennium                                        women to build a culture of life by         “John Paul II recognized that      the world to look at the dignity of
                                                                          taking John Paul’s teachings to        women are the heartbeat of soci-        the human person in a new and,
                                                                          others across the country.             ety,” Katrina explained. “As women      hopefully, healing way. Isn’t that
                                                                                                                 go, so the culture goes. In our pre-    the role of the pro-life movement?
                                                                                                                 sent age women feel that it is offen-   WTTM is trying to give language
                                                                          Genius of women                        sive to be called a homemaker or a      and illumination to the view of the
                                               By Anna Hatke                                                     housewife, so why not call our-         human person that under-girds all
                                                                          Katrina believes that the heart of
                                                                          John Paul’s call for a new feminism    selves ‘culturemakers’? That’s who      pro-life work,” said Zeno.

14   Celebrate Life   September–October 2005                                                                                                         September–October 2005 Celebrate Life   15
Spiritual motherhood                      those who follow behind him. We               them to be as persons.”
                                          have to take his work and continue                The 20th century of selfish
Now abortion is so commonplace            to explore it and make him acces-             feminism dragged women down—
that the nature of women is lost on       sible to the world,” Katrina stated.          but it’s not too late. In this new
our culture. Zeno believes that the           This spiritual motherhood is              century, we can begin anew by
answer to this dilemma awaits us          what brings every woman to see                seeking to answer the question,
in      spiritual      motherhood.        how she is called to make a gift of           “What does it mean to be a
“Motherhood is knit into the very         self no matter what her vocation.             woman?” In seeking the answer,
structure of a woman’s being, and         WTTM is out there to spread the               let us rise above our self-centered
so the way that a woman makes a           word to all women: single, married,           culture and fallen nature by look-
gift of self that a man cannot is         widowed, young and old, that they             ing to resources promoting the
through motherhood. While only            have this unique ability to nurture           truth. Thankfully, grassroots orga-
some women are called to biologi-         others. According to Zeno, spiritual          nizations like Women of the Third
cal motherhood, every woman—              motherhood is of particular impor-            Millennium make John Paul II’s
without exception—is called to            tance to single women. “A single              new feminism a mission, further
spiritual motherhood. Spiritual           woman has the incredible privilege            helping us to grow in holiness and
motherhood is nurturing the emo-          of pouring herself out to a non-selec-        nurture society.
tional, moral, cultural and spiritual     tive group of people. This is the call        Anna Hatke is a freelance writer from
life of others. The difficulty in         of a single woman’s life. A woman             Front Royal, Va. The book Every Woman’s
reading John Paul II is that he           sees others with her heart and in             Journey: Answering “Who Am I” for the
throws out these terms and doesn’t        doing so tries to nurture them into           Feminine Heart by Katrina Zeno can be
define them. That is the work of                                                        ordered from American Life League by
                                          the wholeness of who God created              calling 866-538-5483.

 Pro-life Book Review by Judie Brown
 Silent Witness:                                               Fuhrman took care to examine all of Michael’s actions and
 The Untold Story of Terri Schiavo’s Death                     behavior after February 25, 1990, wanting to see if he could
 by Mark Furhman                                               detect possible criminality. He found that Michael Schiavo is a
                                                               very dubious character with a peculiar behavior patterns. For
 Police detective turned author Mark Fuhrman does not dis-     example, of the various statements he made concerning the
 appoint the reader. He presents a step-by-step analytical     minutes surrounding Terri’s collapse, one can find no consis-
 examination of the time surrounding                                          tency. Fuhrman exposes much that leaves the
 Terri’s collapse 15 years prior to her                                       reader wondering.
 death. He traces a timeline to the best of                                       The book reveals every detail involved in
 his ability. He makes it clear that a great                                  the steps a detective takes searching for
 deal remains a mystery.                                                      clues and sorting through information. His
       Fuhrman is not a pro-life advocate; he                                 interviews expose many facets of Terri’s mar-
 is a detective. Fuhrman dispels rumors                                       riage, according to how others perceived or
 and sets the record straight about what                                      recall it. Since Michael refused to speak with
 could have happened in the hours follow-                                     Fuhrman, second-hand opinions are the basis
 ing Terri’s collapse. He is the first to admit                               for what is reported. Clearly, some of that is
 today (2005) that nobody is going to find                                    laced with attitudes that reflect sorrow, love
 all the answers because there were only                                      and anger.
 two people who knew the facts—one is                                                 Fuhrman wonders if Terri will ever
 dead and the other refuses to talk.                                          receive justice. Don’t we all.
       Fuhrman’s analysis of Michael                                            Judie Brown is president
 Schiavo does not paint a pretty picture,                                       of American Life League.
 but as Fuhrman points out, though he does not like Michael,   Mark Fuhrman, William Morrow Publishing, 2005, 255 pp.
 this does not make Michael a murderer.

16   Celebrate Life   September–October 2005

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