EASED 2004 Sample Paper by WesleyL


Subtitle If Appropriate, 13pt. Italic

Author 1 and Author 2, Names in Times New Roman, 11pt
Affiliation (institution, postal address, phone, fax, email) in Times New Roman, 9pt. italic

Abstract:      Sample abstract text. When “Abstract” style is pressed, the abstract text will be
               automatically set to Times New Roman, 9pt. This is an example containing
               instructions for the preparation of IUTAM 100 Years Boundary Research...
               final papers. In order to publish in time, your paper has to strictly follow the
               format of this sample paper.

Key words:     Theme, methods, job, 9pt.


   Please follow these guidelines to the best of your possibilities. The
contribution should be submitted on single-sided A4 sheets (210 x 297 mm).
Use of Times New Roman font is strongly encouraged throughout the whole
   In order to ensure that a high quality publication will be produced,
authors are advised to prepare their manuscripts following the guidelines
details in this guide. Manuscripts are to be submitted in electronic format as
word (.doc) or Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf) files. The maximum
number of pages is 10. Figures and illustrations are included in the page
count. Section Titles should be set in Times New Roman, upper case, 13pt
and numbered using decimal digits.
   References should be numbered by the order in which they are called in
the text, with decimal digits in square brackets. Their paragraph format is
described in references [1], and [2 – 3]. List and number all references at the
2                      Author 1 and Author 2, Names in Times New Roman, 11pt

end of the paper. When citing references in the text, type the corresponding
number in square brackets as shown at the end of this sentence [3].
    There are some formats in this sample paper which you may be hard to
create by yourself. Thus it is suggested that you copy the contents of your
paper into the corresponding sections of the sample. Please do not modify
the header and footer of your paper. The header here automatically provides
continuous pagination.
    Body paragraphs (like this one) should be set in Times New Roman 11pt,
and justified. First line of the paragraph should be slightly indented (~5mm)
to the right. Line spacing is single-spacing. It is suggested that you could use
this template to edit your paper if you use word process, by selecting proper
styles for different sections for your paper.
    All text must be in a single-column format. For all pages, the top margin
should be 2.3 cm, the bottom margin be 5.94 cm, the left margin be 2 cm and
right margin be 7.59 cm.

1.1         Subsection title: heading 2

    Subsection titles should be set in Times New Roman, bold and 13pt size,
and numbered using decimal digits as shown. Sub-section headings should
be numbered 1.1, 1.2 etc. Heading title is in initial caps. Footnotes should be
avoided if possible.
    Equations should be set in Times New Roman, italic, 11pt size, and
horizontally and vertically centered. Like in (1), the numbering should be set
at the right hand side and bracketed,

                      E  mc

    Preferably, figures should be inserted in the text, after their call in the
discussion, and occupy the whole width of the text area. The same applies to
Tables. Figure and table captions should be set as described in Fig. 1 and
Table 1 respectively. The printed book will only have black and white
figures, and to avoid smudged gray areas in boxes, or fuzzy lines in graphs,
etc. it is best to use as little colour as possible. It is better to use different
types of shading if necessary at all. We will use your electronic files to print
from, and we will use as high a resolution a possible, but we cannot
guarantee that coloured lines, poor quality graphics etc. will show up really
sharp and clear.

Table 1. Sample table. Table captions should be set in Times New Roman, 9pt, and justified
Font size, pt Bold Caps Italic         Text                    Reference style
15            Yes     All              Paper title             Title, ttl
13                            Yes      Subtitle                Subtitle
Main Title in upper and lower case 11 pts size                                            3

Font size, pt   Bold   Caps   Italic   Text                     Reference style
13              Yes    All             Section title            Heading 1
13              Yes    All             Section title of         HeadingOther
                                       Appendix, References
13              Yes                    Subsection title         Heading 2
11                                     Authors names            Author
11                                     Main text                Normal
11                                     Equation                 Equation
9                                      Abstract, Key words      Abstract
9                             Yes      Labels of tables and     capLabel
9                                      Captions of tables and   Caption
9                                      Contents of tables       Table
9                                      Appendix                 Appendix
9                                      Notes                    Notes
9                                      References               References

Figure 1. Figure captions should be set in Times New Roman, 9pt, and centered to the figure
                        margins. This figure describes page-layouts.

   Figures, tables, equations, and references should be called in the text as
done in previous paragraphs.
4                       Author 1 and Author 2, Names in Times New Roman, 11pt

    Do not submit colour images in your papers unless specifically
instructed to do so, because colours photographs are only printed against
additional payment. As all figures and graphs will be reproduced in in black
and white, use of colour in the material contributors submit will result in loss
of quality in the final published work.


   Please make an extra effort to adhere to these guidelines as the quality
of the publication depends on you. Thank you for your co-operation and

     Should there be any doubt, please contact us via email: zhwang@nuaa.edu.cn

1. Your camera-ready paper and electronic version of the paper should be collected at the
2. References should be in a strict one-to-one correspondence between the names and years in
   the text and those on the list. For example, some useful work is obtained from books and
   theses such as [2]. Authone et al. [1] reported that this problem has been studied
   previously [3]. The list of references should appear at the end of the paper.

1.    Authone A, Authtwo B, Author CD. "Paper Title", Journal, vol. no., pp. 123-126, 2003.
2.    Wu E, Smith FG. Title of the Book, City, Publisher, 1995.
3.    Yamamoto KT. "Paper Title", Proc. of the Conference, City, State,
      Country, Nov. 12-16, 2002, pp. 42-48.

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