Methodology to Implement the PPP(On DBFOT Basis) Road Project by kjanand2001

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									                    Methodology to Implement the PPP
                     (ON DBFOT BASIS) ROAD project
Name of Project--- lanning with -- Shoulder of----------------- on BOT ---Basis under DBFOT pattern.
Length-----km                                                                   Project Cost----------- lakhs

        Step 1- Selection of contract.

       There are two type of PPP project in India (I) PPP (DBFOT) annuity Basis. (II) PPP (DBFOT), Toll

       Identify the annuity/Toll Basis contract on the basis of Risk factor.

       The following risk factor is involved is written below

                                                     BOT TENDER

                                                                               DBFOT(Toll Basis)
                   DBFOT(Annuity basis)
                                                                    Risk- Expenditure has incure and toll
            Risk-xpenditure has to incur initially                             has to collect.
          later as per contract Annuity should be
                            paid.                                     There is risk in collection in Toll.
                          Less Risk                               For a viable project there is a chance of
                                                                                good profits.

       a. For annuity contract-Initially heavy expenditure will incur, later as per contract annuity
          should be paid by GOVT. Toll/Fees/Levy should be collected by Govt.O&M should should be
          carried out by own for the contract periods.

       b. For (BOT) Toll Basis-Initially heavy expenditure will incur after completion of the project Toll
          Unable to manage Toll Collection then there is a chance of heavy losses.

             Note-If toll is not collected due to political r
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