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									                                                                                         >>>   REFERENCES

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 BEST IN THE WEST                                                          PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY
 Portland State is one of the best colleges and universities in the West   serves as a center of opportunity
 according to e Princeton Review, which selected PSU as one of 123         for nearly 28,000 undergraduate
 institutions it recommends in its “Best in the West” review. In the       and graduate students. Located
 pro le on Portland State, e Princeton Review gives PSU a “Green           in Portland, Oregon, one of the
 Rating” of 90 out of 99 for its environmentally related policies,         nation’s most livable cities, the
 practices, and course o erings.                                           University’s innovative approach to
                                                                           education combines academic rigor

 PRESIDENT’S HIGHER EDUCATION                                              in the classroom with field-based

 COMMUNITY SERVICE HONOR ROLL                                              experiences through internships and

 Portland State was included on the national 2009 President’s Higher       classroom projects with community

 Education Community Service Honor Roll with Distinction by the            partners. The University’s 49-acre

 Corporation for National and Community Service. Selection                 downtown campus exhibits a

 recognizes PSU’s commitment to service and civic engagement on            commitment to sustainability with

 our campus and in our nation.                                             green buildings, while many of the
                                                                           213 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral
                                                                           degrees incorporate sustainability
                                                                           into the curriculum. PSU’s motto,
 Portland State’s MBA program was named rst in the Northwest
                                                                           “Let Knowledge Serve the City,”
 and 25th in the world on a list of the top 100 business schools in
                                                                           inspires the teaching and research of
 the 2009-2010 edition of the Beyond Grey Pinstripes survey. Along
                                                                           an accomplished faculty whose work
 with programs at Stanford, UC Berkley, and Yale, Portland State
                                                                           and students span the globe.
 has demonstrated signi cant leadership in integrating social,
 ethical, and environmental issues into its MBA program.

 Portland State was ranked ninth in a 2009 survey naming the 25
 “Best Neighbor” colleges and universities in the United States.
    e “Saviors of our Cities” report ranked academic institutions
 that have demonstrated and documented long-standing cooperative
 e orts with community leaders to rehabilitate the cities around
 them, to in uence community revitalization and cultural renewal,
 and to encourage economic expansion of the local economy, urban
 development, and community service.

  Portland State University
  PO Box 751
  Portland, Oregon 97207
                                                                                                                     >>>    BEST COLLEGES

America’s Best Colleges
     Portland State University was ranked seventh among “Up-and-Coming”
     national universities to watch by U.S. News & World Report in its “America’s
     Best Colleges 2009” edition. e colleges and universities recognized were
     identi ed as schools that have recently made the most promising and
     innovative changes in academics, faculty, students, campus, or facilities.

     For the eighth consecutive year, Portland State University ranked among the
     nation’s best colleges in ve categories that lead to student success by U.S.
     News & World Report in its “America’s Best Colleges” 2010 edition.

FIRST-YEAR EXPERIENCE                              SERVICE LEARNING                                    SENIOR CAPSTONE
Orientation can go only so far in making fresh-    In service-learning programs, required (or for      Whether they’re called a senior capstone or go by
men feel connected. Many schools now build         credit) volunteer work in the community is an       some other name, these culminating experiences
into the curriculum rst-year seminars or other     instructional strategy. What’s learned in the eld   ask students nearing the end of their college
academic programs that bring small groups          bolsters what happens in class, and vice versa.     years to create a project of some sort that inte-
of students together with faculty or sta on a                                                          grates and synthesizes what they’ve learned. e
                                                     Brown University
regular basis.                                                                                         project might be a thesis, a performance, or an
                                                     Duke University
                                                                                                       exhibit of artwork.
   Duke University                                   Indiana University–Purdue University
   Indiana University–Purdue University              Niagara University                                  Alverno College
   James Madison University                          Portland State University                           College of Wooster
   Ohio State University                             Stanford University                                 Elon University
   Portland State University                         Tulane University                                   Georgia Institute of Technology
   Stanford University                               University of Maryland                              Harvard University
   University of Maryland                            University of Michigan                              Kalamazoo College
   University of Notre Dame                          University of Notre Dame                            Massachusetts Institute of Technology
   University of Texas                               University of Pennsylvania                          Portland State University
   Partial list of 24 institutions.                  Partial list of 22 institutions.                    Princeton University
                                                                                                         Reed College
LEARNING COMMUNITIES                               INTERNSHIPS                                           Southern Illinois University
In learning communities, students typically take   Schools nominated in this category require            Stanford University
two or more linked courses as a group and get      or encourage students to apply what they’re           Worcester Polytechnic Institute
to know one another and their professors well.     learning in the classroom to work in the real         Yale University
Some learning communities are also residential.    world—through closely supervised internships          Partial list of 17 institutions
                                                   or practicums, or through cooperative education,
   Georgia State University
                                                   in which one period of study typically alternates
   Indiana University
                                                   with one of work.
   Indiana University–Purdue University
   Iowa State University                             Drexel University
   Miami University                                  Kettering University
   Portland State University                         New York University
   Syracuse University                               Northeastern University
   University of California–Santa Cruz               Portland State University
   University of Maryland                            Purdue University–West Lafayette
   University of Michigan                            Rochester Institute of Technology
   Partial list of 26 institutions.                  Partial list of 18 institutions.

PSU is an affirmative action/
equal opportunity institution.

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