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									                 Consult 21 Broadband and LLU Working Group
                                  Meeting No 6
                        July 18 2005, BT Centre, London
                            Meeting Notes and Actions
Industry:                                          BT Wholesale:
Gavin Young                  Bulldog (Chair)       Andy Wyatt            Co-Chair
Jemma Dunn                   AOL                   Paul Barratt          LLU
Julian Holmes                AOL                   Cleo Carris Jones     Datastream
Mike Burbidge                BT Global Services    Ynyr Roberts          IPStream
Gillian Duff                 BT Retail             Bill Jones
Abbie Reynolds               C&W                   Allison Seidlar
Peter Lawson                 C&W                   Tom Saville           (Notes)
Dave Simpson                 Easynet
Nicholas Scallan             Energis
John Lee                     Energis
Paul Hart                    Energis
Andrea Sheridan              Energis
John Lonergan                Energis
Dave Bratt                   MCI
Yew Lee                      MCI
Andy King                    NTL
Jeremy Penston               Pipex
Andrew Forgham               Synetrix
John Geraghty                Telewest
Karen Hardy                  Thus
Robin Vernon                 Tiscali
Louise Lancaster             Viatel
Aurelie Canales              Wanadoo
Kristiaan Barker             Wanadoo
David Arnold                 Wanadoo
Peter Young                  Your Comms
Dave Clarkson                Ofcom

Meeting Notes:

See accompanying Slide Packs.

       Topic                    Detail                                Action
1/11   Datastream &             Datastream and IPstream               Ongoing
       IPstream                 consultation ongoing. Industry to     Industry
       consultation             contact Tom Saville if they wish to
                                discuss 21CN Datastream or
                                IPstream on a bilateral basis.
                                Several bilaterals held in the past 3
                                months and some industry
                                requirements captured.

3/15   Product performance      Industry was actioned to contact     Discharged
                                Tom Saville if they relied upon some
                            performance parameter or feature
                            that currently exceeds or varies from
                            the performance listed in SINs and
                            SPINs. One response received.
                            Industry to respond by next WG
                            latest. No further input.
3/15a Product Performance   BTW to also respond if any feature      Ynyr Roberts
                            of the broadband network was            Ongoing
                            known to be considerably outside the
                            current specifications. BTW will
                            report at the September Meeting.
3/19   IPstream Migration   BT currently intended to test the       Project Plan
       Process              IPstream migration process during       Ongoing
                            Q3 (end Dec 05) and Q4 (end Mar
                            06). BT will confirm more detail at
                            that stage
3/21   Costs and Pricing    BT does not yet have an agreed          Project Plan
                            internal plan on 21CN product costs     Ongoing
                            or pricing. Product costs pricing
                            are not yet available. When that plan
                            becomes available, it will be shared
                            in this forum.
4/2    MSAN Interconnect    Following Paul Griffin’s well           Tom Saville
                            received presentation, Tom Saville      Ongoing
                            was actioned to update the BB/LLU
                            WG when MSAN Interconnect
                            commercials were being discussed.
5/3    Industry             Robin Vernon (Tiscali) volunteered      Discharged.
       Requirements for     to lead a team from Industry to agree
       new product to       a Requirements Document for a new
       replace Datastream   product to replace Datastream on
       on 21CN              21CN. Target date: Present to next
                            BB &LLU WG on 18 July 2005
5/4    Proposal for “new    BTW to circulate the draft              Discharged.
       Datastream”          requirements and proposals for
                            21CN Datastream within a week
5/5    Milestone Plan       Andy Wyatt presented a report           Discharged
                            showing future milestones for the
                            Working Group. The meeting
                            agreed to split the report into two:
                            Migration of current products and
                            Launch of new products.
5/6    Amendments to        BT agreed to insert new milestones      Discharged
       Milestone Plan       for :
                            Publish outline product description
                            for 21CN Datastream
                            Roll out plan by geography
5/7    Issues for the       Andy Wyatt agreed to raise with the     Discharged
       Steering Group       Steering Group:
                            5/7/1. Industry require a list of Metro
                            Nodes by September 2006
                            5/7/2. Industry wishes to be
                            consulted on the method of cost
                            allocations on BT’s 21CN.
6/1   Introduction          Gavin Young opened the meeting
                            and welcomed several new people to
                            the Working Group
6/2   Action Point Update   Tom Saville updated the meeting on
                            the progress of previous action
6/3   Impact of TSR on          a) Andy Wyatt explained the
      this Working Group            internal BTW reorganisation
                                    and that he could no longer
                                    chair the meeting as he was
                                    now employed in the
                                    downstream part of BTW’s
                                    business. Paul Barratt would
                                    now cover LLU; Cleo Carris
                                    Jones would cover Bitstream
                                    and Datastream (Upstream)
                                    and Ynyr Roberts would
                                    cover IPstream
                                b) Andy explained that the          Industry
                                    Steering Group was
                                    reviewing the future Working
                                    Group structure. Industry to
                                    input their views on the
                                    future structure of WGs and
                                    of the BB/LLU WG in
                                    particular to Tom Saville
                                    within 2 weeks.
6/4   LLU                   Paul Barratt presented an update on     Paul Barratt
                            LLU. (see Slide Pack)
                            Paul Barrat to consider presenting
                            Shared MPF and Full MPF plans on
                            2 separate slides.

6/5   Datastream            Cleo Carris Jones presented an
                            update on Datastream. (see Slide
                               a) Datastream will continue
                                   structurally as now. Industry
                                   should see no change as a
                                   result of 21CN.
                               b) BTW would present the list       Cleo Carris
                                   of Datastream product           Jones
                                   enhancements pre 21CN at
                                   the 29 September Working
                             Group meeting.
                         c) BTW would commence
                             consultation on Datastream      Cleo Carris
                             withdrawal at the 29            Jones
                             September Working Group
                         d) Cleo presented a timeline for    Tom Saville
                             a future Upstream product
                             (Bitstream). BTW would
                             present a CRD (Customer
                             Requirements Document),
                             covering the full Industry
                             requirements capture on new
                             Datastream, at the 29
                             September Working Group.
6/6   Migrations     Noted Industry concern on               Tom Saville
                     Migrations between LLU-                 Industry
                     Datastream - IPstream, any
                     combination. Both legacy products
                     and new products. BTW to consider
                     setting up a sub-group on this issue.
                     Industry to respond within 2 weeks
                     on how they’d like this issue
                     covered. BTW to report back at the
                     meeting on 29 September 2005.
6/7   IPstream       Ynyr Roberts presented an update on
                     IPstream. (see Slide Pack)
                         (a) IPstream will migrate to
                             21CN unchanged, including
                             all developments on the Feb
                             2005 Road Map.
                         (b) Ynyr would produce a full       Ynyr Roberts
                             list of IPstream products
                             which would remain on the
                             legacy network , not
                             transferring to 21CN
                         (c) IPstream bilateral meetings
                             on customer requirements
                             were offered. Customers to
                             contact Tom Saville.

6/8   Datastream –      a) Robin Vernon, Tiscali, on
      Industry             behalf of 11 companies,
      Requirements         presented Industry’s
                           requirements of future 21CN
                           Datastream. See Slide Pack.
                        b) Cleo Carris Jones and Tom         Cleo Carris
                           Saville to organise and           Jones & Tom
                           facilitate two technical          Saville
                           workshops to develop this set
                                    of requirements further.
                                    These dates, in August and
                                    September, to be agreed this
6/9    Back-haul            Tom Saville to raise with the          Tom Saville
                            Steering Group: LLU backhaul,
                            Bitstream backhaul, IPstream
                            backhaul and Multi-services
                            backhaul - their commercials and
                            their links to the future network
6/10   Agreement of RAG     Due to the current lack of technical
       Report to Steering   and commercial detail of the new
       Group                21CN products, the WG RAG status
                            remains Red.
6/11   Next Meeting         The next meeting of the Broadband      Tom Saville
                            and LLU WG will be held on 29
                            September 2005 for a minimum of 3
                            hours. Time and location to be

Tom Saville
Consult21, Broadband and LLU
BT Wholesale Industry Development
22 July 2005

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