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									Many ancient
Greeks believed in
Greek gods. Do
you? You might be
able to name
some of them. The
King of the gods
will tell you about
Greek civilization
and then he will
introduce other
Hi ! I am Zeus the King of
Gods. If someone upsets
  me, I hit them with a
        lightning bolt!

  I am also the Weather God. I like
 to change girlfriends even though
  I have a wife.(That means I have
          a lot of children)
            Don’t tell her!
What should I tell you about

             City States: Athens
                and Sparta!
Athens was the ‘center of
education’ in Greece. All boys
went to school and learnt
reading and writing instead of
war education.
   Girls learned at home and learned how to run
    a home and how to be good wives and
   On the other hand, boys that were 7-14,
    attended a day school outside the home.
    There, they memorized Homeric poetry and
    learned to play the lyre. They learned drama,   B
    public speaking, reading, writing, math, and    o
    perhaps even how to play the flute. After       y
    middle school, they went to a four year high    s
    school and learned more about math,
    science, and government. At 18, they
    attended two years of military school.
                         Sparta is
                         one of the
                         main Greek
Sparta was the ‘world
of war’ in ancient
Greece. Boys AND girls
trained to be solders.
   The goal of education in was to produce
   Spartans believed in a life of discipline, self-
    denial, and simplicity. They were very loyal to
    the state of Sparta.
   Every Spartan, male or female, was required to
    have a perfect body.
   When babies were born in ancient Sparta,
    Spartan soldiers would come by the house and
    check the baby. If the baby did not appear
    healthy and strong, the baby was taken away,
    and left to die on a hillside, or taken away to
    be trained as a slave.
                            Curled hair held
                             in place with
                            scented wax or

Chiton             Pinned

                    I fight in
                 lines, not in

                    I wear a helmet, a
                 breastplate, greaves(leg
                 protectors) and sandals
                  and hold a spear and

                 I always fight with Spartans! They are
                   my absolute enemy because they
                  didn’t help us when we fought with
                  the Persians. It was very hard for we
                   stood for 4 days and the force was
                 great but at the end we won with our
                 clever skill and the best general in the
Solder Clothes
              Helmet: to
              protect the

                        Breastplate: to
                          protect the
                          chest and
 Spear: to                 ‘breast’.
protect and
                         Shield: to protect the other
                      solders(to make a wall of shields)
 The Athenians stood for 4 days waiting
  for the messenger they sent to come
 There was bad news. The Spartans were
  having a moon festival.
 The solders in the Persian war were all
  Athenians because the Spartans didn’t
  want to help.
   The Spartans surrounded the Persians.
AND                                    Apple


                               Guess which foods
                               were available in

Bergamot oranges
Olives (yes, olives are a fruit)
Pears and more!!!

 Greeks rarely ate meat for they thought that
  killing animals was wrong. Even if some people
  ate some, they would give most of it to the gods
 You eat meat in your lunch nearly every day!
  What would you think if you stopped eating
   It was said that after the Greek hero
    Pelops won a chariot race against King
    Oenomaus to marry Oenomaus's
    daughter Hippodamia, Pelops
    established the Games.
 They did running, jumping, throwing the
  javelin, and a discus in the Olympics.
 They also liked to play field hockey.
 Did you Know? Boys played sports
  naked so girls were not allowed to watch
  the Olympic Games!
 Did you Know? Spartan girls played
  sports naked and Athenians wore
              King of Gods(and Weather God)
    Who is Zeus?

 Did Spartans read? No. They didn’t.
 Were there any Cake in Greece?
 No! They didn’t know how to make it.
Liked my PowerPoint? Very
  interesting, yes? Let me
   introduce some of my
  ‘friends’ before I leave!

     Zeus                Demeter


    Snapshot from Zeus’s Family Tree
 Hera was the sister and wife of Zeus. This
  was not a normal arrangement for the
  Greeks but it was OK for gods.
 She was also a child of Rhea and
  Chronos. She’s the marriage goddess.
 Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love,
  beauty, and sexuality.
 There are two stories of her birth: one
  was that she was born when Cronus cut
  off Uranus' organs and threw them into
  the sea, and she popped up through the
  sea foam.
   As the goddess of the harvest, Demeter
    had many jobs including changing the
    seasons, fertilising the soil and preparing
    the best grains for the good farmers.
 After she arrived with Hades at the
  Underworld, her name was not Kore
 She is the Queen of the Underworld and
  Queen of the Night.
           I am a child of Zeus and
         Demeter. I ate 4 seeds that
          forced me to go back to
              the Underworld for 4
         months. I didn’t know they
                had this power!
If a 5 year old heard of Zeus,
they would be very scared.

  He’s GONE!

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