Holiday 9-12 by ashrafp


									                                       Delhi Public School: Bulandshahr
                                       Holiday Home Work 2007 – 2008
                                                   Class – IX

English – – Cut and paste 5 news items. Underline all the verbs and mention the tense form used
            in it.
          – Write an article for the school magazine. Remember it should be an original one.
Hindi    – – o.kZ foPNsn ls „kCn cukb, &
                1½          d~ $ vk $ B~ $ v $ e~ $ vk $ .k~ $ M~ $ Å
                2½          „k~ $ j~ $ v $ e~ $ v $ l~ $ vk $ /k~ $ ;~ $ v
                3½          l~ $ v $ u~ $ r~ $ m $ y~ $ v $ u~ $ v
                4½          u~ $ b $ l~ $ l~ $ v $ M~- $ d~ $ vks $ p~ $ v
                5½          l~ $ v $ e~ $ Hk~ $ vk $ o~ $ o~ $ v $ u~ $ vk
            –fuEukfdar „kCnksa dk o.kZ foPNsn dhft, & lgkuqHkwfr]
             dykfHkK] ?k`.kkLin] ukfLrd] euq”;Ro
           – fuEu „kCnksa ls ewy „kCn rFkk milxZ vyx dhft, &
             lq;ksX;] mifLFkr] ifj.kke] laiknu] laLFkku] midj.k
           – fuEu „kCnksa esa ls ewy „kCn rFkk izR;; vyx dhft, &
             egRoiw.kZ] uxjh;] Åijh] iwohZ] vkdf”kZr] dfBure] fpg~fur]
             p<+kbZ] fpafrr
Sanskrit – – i;kZoj.k j{kk] tUrq‟kkyk] nhikoyh] ioZrh;LFky fo”k;ksa ij
ikap&ikap okD; laLd`r esa fyf[k,A
           – vkReu~] ukeu~] eul~] txr~ ds :iA lso~] „kd~] ds :iA
Urdu     – –

                          2 1                       2 1
Maths    – – If x = 2 1 and y =            , Find the value of x2 + y2 + xy.
                                      2 1
           – Evaluate: 2  3  5  2  3  5  2  3  5  2  3  5 
                                   1             1              1                   1
            – Prove that                                            .........            2
                               1 2          2 3           3 4                   8 9
            –    Draw the graph of any of the linear equation on the graph sheet (as big as possible)
                a) 3x + 2y + 1 = 0                          b)           2x + 3y – 1 = 0         c)   6x + 4y + 7 = 0
                d) 4x + 6y – 10 = 0                         e)           2x – 3 y + 11 = 0
                                                                     3                  3

            – Factorise : 1 2 x  5 y 2    5 y  3 z 
                                                          
                                                                     3   2 
                                                                     z  x
                              27                      3        4  4    3 
            – On a black char paper write remainder theorem or factor theorem (use stencils)
                              a 2  b2  a           a 2  b2
            – Express:                                             in the simplest form.
                              a 2  b2  b       a  a 2  b2
            – The volume of a cube is given by the expression x3 – 6x2 + 12x – 8. Find the side of
                the cube.

                                             (1)                                       P.T.O
Physics – – A driver decreases the speed of a car from 25 m/s to 10 m/s in 5 second. Find the
            acceleration of the car.
          – Make a chart of black colour and write any two derivations of Eqn of motion
            (v = u + at) (s = ut + 1/2 at2) (v2 = u2 + 2as)
          – On a 120 km track, a train travels the first 30 km at a uniform speed of 30 km/h.
            How fast must the train travel the next 90 km so as to average 60 km/h for the entire
          – Give four examples of bodies having non-uniform motion.
          – Differentiate distance & displacement and speed & velocity.
Chemistry –     Why does the temp of a substance remain constant during the change of state.
          –     Show that a Gas exert pressure.
          –     How does the water kept in an earthen pot become cold during summer.
          –     Give an experiment to show the presence of water vapours in air.
          –     Why the solid CO2 is called „dry ice‟?
          –     Show the inter conversion of three states of matter through a matter triangle.
          –     Write short notes on –
                   a)    Latent heat of Fusion.
                   b)    Diffusion in solid, liquid and gases.
                   c)    Brawnian Motion
                   d)    Particle Nature of Matter.

Biology     –   What conditions should be kept in mind before selecting the crops for crop rotation.
            –   What do you mean by biological fixation of nitrogen.
            –   Mention the improved cross breeds of cow.
            –   How do biotic and abiotic factors affect crop production.
            –   How do you differentiate between capture fishing, Mariculture and aquaculture.

En. Edu.    – What is the importance of energy flow?
            – What do you think is the method of interaction between all the components present
              in a park.
            – Write note on Biomagnification.

Geography – – Prepare a project work of approximately. 20/25 pages with proper Index, content,
              acknowledgement, Biblography. Introduction page on any one of the following
              topics –
              Man made disaster –
              a)     Nuclear           b)    Biological         c)    Chemical disaster
              Common Hazards –
              a)     Earthquakes b)       Floods c)       Drought     d)    Fires

History & Civics
Assignment – Prepare an essay on your note book, collect pictures, paper cutting
cartoons etc and paste it on your book about the following –
1)    Democratic developmental process in France and abolition of Monarchy.
2)    Prepare an essay on your note book about the overthrow of democratic rule
      in chile, Burma, Pakistan etc. Also Justify the American war on Iraq.
                                 Delhi Public School: Bulandshahr
                                 Holiday Home Work 2007 – 2008
                                             Class – X

English – 1 Cut and paste 10 different topics on current affair. (from Newspaper)
          2 Write an article for school magazine. Make sure it is an original writeup of yours.
Hindi    – 1 o.kZ foPNsn ls ‘kCn cukb, &
                 1½       l~ $ vk $ e~ $ bZ $ i~ $ ;~ $ v
                 2½       j~ $ Å $ i~ $ vk $ u~ $ r~ $ v $ j ~ $ b $ r~ $ v
                 3½       x~ $ m $ «k~ $ t~ $ vk $ ;~ $ v $ j~ $ b $ r~ $ v
                 4½      o~ $ ,s $ t~ $ «k~ $ vk $ u~ $ b $ d~ $ v
                 5½      „k~ $ b $ d~ $ “k~ $ vk $ „k~ $ vk $ l~ $ r~ $ j~ $ bZ
             2   fuEukfdar ‘kCnksa dk o.kZ foPNsn dhft, & Lora=rk]
                 gR;kdkaM] O;fDrxr] O;k[;ku] /kqja/kj
             3   fuEu ‘kCnksa ls ewy ‘kCn rFkk milxZ vyx dhft, & ifjgkl]
                 ifjorZu] izfrewfrZ] nq:i;ksx] cspkjk
             4   fuEu ‘kCnksa esa ls ewy ‘kCn rFkk izR;; vyx dhft, &
                 vkjksgh] izfrHkkoku] ljdkjh] rSukrh] LokHkkfod] pykÅ]
                 ?kfV;k] izdkf‟kr] l`ftr
Sanskrit –   1   d`nUr] rf)r rFkk L=h izR;; dk pkVZA
             2   fo+|ky;L; okf”kZdksRlo%] ou&egksRlo%] ioZrh;&LFky] nhikoyh
                 fo”k;ksa ij laLd`r esa ik¡p&ik¡p okD; fuekZ.kA
Urdu     – –

Maths    – 1 Check whether 6n can end with the digit 0 for any n Є N.
           2 Prove that there is no rational whose square is 6.
           3 Form a cubic polynomial with given zero α, β and γ, where
              α + β + γ = –1/6, αβ + βγ + γα = –6, αβγ = –1
           4 Solve by cross multiplication process –        ax + by = 3ab, a2x + b2y = a + b
           5 Using quadratic formula, solve the following equations in „x‟ –
              a2b2x2 – (4b4 – 3a4)x – 12a2b2 = 0
           6 If 2b = a + c, show that the equation (b – c) x2 + (c – a) x + (a – b) = 0 has equal roots.
           7 200 logs are stacked in a manner such that 20 logs are in the bottom row, 19 in the row
              above that, 18 in the row above it and so on. In how many rows are there 200 logs placed
              and how many logs are there in the top row?
           8 For what values of „p‟, the quadratic equation 2x2 + px +3 =0 has real roots.
           9 Draw a line segment of length 10.4cm and divide it in the ratio 5:8. Measure the two parts.
           10 Draw a line segment AB=8.4 cm. Locate a point C on AB such that AC = 3/4 of BC. Give
              justification of the construction.
Physics – 1 On a white chart draw all the ray diagrams of image formation by concave mirror.
          2 An object of size of 7.0 cm is placed 27cm, in front of concave mirror of focal length 18
            cm. At what distance from the mirror should a screen be placed, so that a sharp focused
            image can be obtained/ Find the size and nature of the image.

                                               (1)                                           P.T.O
          3 An object 5.0 cm in length is placed at a distance of 20 cm in front of a convex mirror of
            radius of curvature 30 cm. Find the position of image its nature and size.
          4 Define lateral inversion and lateral displacement.
          5 Write the laws of reflection and refraction.
Chemistry 1 Fresh milk has a pH of 6. How do you think the pH will change as it turns into curd?
          2 Under what soil condition do you think a farmer would spread or treat the soil of his field
            with quick lime (CaO) or slaked lime (Ca(OH)2) or chalk (CaCO3).
          3 Why should curd and sour substance not be kept in brass ad copper vessels?
          4 Give two examples from everyday life situations where redox reactions takes place.
          5 What is the role of pH in decay of teeth?
          6 Give reason of the following –
            1) Dry HCl gas doesn‟t change the colour of the dry litmus paper.
            2) A person suffering from hyperacidity is advised to take ant-acid tablets or suspension.
          7 Do basic solution also have H+ (aq.) ions? If yes, then why are these basic?
          8 Name any four acids which are present in fruits or other food materials.
Biology   1 Observe fish in an aquarium –
               a)      Count the number of times the fish opens and closes its mouth.
               b)      Compare this to the number of times you breath in and out in a minute.
          2 What do you mean by “Blood Pressure”? Write down some condition or situations in
            which your blood pressure increases with the increased heart beat.
          3 Study the effect on a green potted plant placed in a dark room for about 5-6 days. Write
            down the conclusion.
          4 Do this activity and write down conclusion –
               i) Take two pot with soil in it.
               ii) Put plant in pot A with a polythene covering.
               iii) Put a stick or twig without leaf in pot B and cover it.
               iv) Place them under sunlight for 5- 6 hours.
          5 Count and write down the heart beat per minute of a baby, a young and of an old person of
            your family.
Geography – 1 Suggest the initiative taken by the government to ensure the increase in agricultural
            2 What is Globalisation? Describe its impact upon Indian Agriculture.
            3 Define the term -
               1)      Green Revolution              2)     Gene revolution
               3)      White Revolution              4)     Sericulture
               5)      Horticulture                  6)     Food security
            4 Make a table showing the climate requirement and areas of distribution of the following
               corps in India – Jute, Cotton, Rubber, Tea, Cofee, Sugarcane, Rice and wheat.
            5 What are the major problems faced by the Indian Agriculture today?
            6 How can the challenges passed due to globalization or problems faced by the Indian
               Agriculture be solved.
            7 “The situation of food security is not going to last long”. Give reasons.
History & Civics
                   Prepare an essay on following questions -
                1. Compare the way of Nationalist Movement in India and in Europe. (collect, cartoons,
                   paper cutting, picture etc and paste it on your note book)
2 Explain any two ethnic or regional problem which threatened the „Secularism and
  brotherhood of India.
3 Explain in detail how was the Majoritarianism created conflict between the people of
  Sri Lankan.
  (Do Q.No. 1 & 2 in History note book and 3 is in Political Science notebook)
                                        Delhi Public School: Bulandshahr
                                        Holiday Home Work 2007 – 2008
                                                    Class – XI
English   –   1    Cut and paste 10 Newspaper reports on different topics. Make a study of the language & style used in
              2    Write an article for school magazine. Make sure it is your own creation.
Maths –   –   1    Draw the graphs of the following function on graph paper –
                   i) y = sin x, ii) y = tan x, iii) y = cosec x iv) y = sin (π/2+x) v) y = sin 3x vi) y=3 sinx
              2    The length L (in centimetres) of a copper rod is a linear function of its Celsius temperature C. In an
                   experiment, if L=124.942 when C=20 and L=125.134 when C=110 express L in term of C.
              3    Find the equation of the straight line passing through the point (4, 2) and (–2, 8) and convert it in to –
                   i) Normal form         ii) Intercept form iii) Symmetric form                  iv) Slope Intercept form
              4    Show graphical representation of –
                   i) Z1 x Z2 (Product of two complex numbers) ii) Z1/Z2 (division of two complex numbers)
Accountancy 1      Define Accounting, what are its objectives and limitations.
            2      What are the attributes of Accounting?
            3      Explain the nature of Accounting standards?
            4      What are the modifying Accounting Principles? Explain.
            5      Write a short note on :
                   a) The cost principle       b) The matching principle c) The verifiable objective principle
              6    Brief the Accounting cycle with examples.
              7    Write a short note on Accounting terms.
              8    Practical question No. 1 to 28 of chapter “Accounting Equation” from the book of T.S. Grewal (Sultan
                   Chand & Sons).
Physics       1    What is the unit of pressure if the unit of mass is kg, the unit of length is metre and unit of time is
                   minutes. ( 1/360 dyne/cm2)                                              L
              2    The period of oscillations of a simple pendulum is given by T= 2 g . The value of L is about 10 cm
                    and is known 1 mm in accuracy. The period of oscillation is about 0.5 sec the time of 100 oscillation is
                   measured with a wrist watch of 1 sec resolution. What is the accuracy in determination of g. ( 5%)
              3    The velocity of a particle depends upon the time t according to the equation:
                   Determine the units of a, b, c and d. What physical quantities they represents. v  ab  bt 
                                                                                                                   d t
              4    If a composite physical quantity in terms of moment of inertia I, force F, velocity V, work W and
                   length L is defined as: Q = (IFV2/WL3).
                   Find the dimension of Q and identify it. (MT–2)
              5    A gas bubble from an explosion under water oscillates with a period T, proportional to padbEc
                   where p  pressure, d – density of water and E is the total energy of explosion. Find the value of a, b
                   and c.
                                                                                           (a= - 5/6, b = ½, c = 1/3)
              6    A bullet fired into a target loses (1/n)th of its velocity after penetrating a distance x into the target. How
                   much further will it penetrate. d  (n  1) x

                                                        (2n  1)
              7    A motor car takes 10s to travel 100 m and 5 sec to travel next 100 m find its acceleration assuming it to
                   be uniform and the distance traveled in subsequent 5 sec interval. (a=4/3 m/s2, s=133.3 m)
              8    A stone is droped from a high altitude and 2S later another is projected vertically downward with a
                   speed of 39.5 m/s when and where will the second stone overtakes the first. (After 1 sec at a depth of
                   44.1 m below)
              9    Six forces F1 …….f6 of equal magnitude are acting along the sides of a regular hexagon. Find the
                   resultant force and direction of F1 + F2 + F3 + F4 + F5 + F6. (2√3 F,N,θ = –300 from x axis)
              10   what angle should a body be projected with a velocity 24 m/s just to pass over obstacle 16 m high at a
                   horizontal distance of 32 m. (g=10 m/s2) (480.40‟or 670.54‟)
              11   A bomber flying upwards at an angle of 530 with the vertical releases a bomb at an altitude of 800 m.
                   The bomb strikes the ground 20 sec, after release calculate –
                   a) The velocity of the bomber at the time of release of the bomb.
                   b) Maximum height attained by bomb.
              12   Horizontal distance traveled by the bomb before it strikes the ground.
              13   Velocity of bomb just when it strikes the ground. (Ans u=100 m/s, H=980m, R=1600m, vel = 161.3
                   m/s, θ = 290.45‟)
                                                          (1)                                                     P.T.O
               14 A shot is fired from a gun on the top of a cliff 90 m high with a vel of 8 m/sec at an elevation of 300.
                  Find the horizontal distance b/w vertical line through the gun and the point where the spot strikes the
                  ground.(Ans 400 √3 m)

Chemistry      1 Express each of the following in SI units –
                 i) 93 million mile                   ii) 5 feet 2 inches              iii)     100 miles per hour
                 iv) 14 pounds per square inch        v) 46 C
              2 Calculate number of atoms of each type in 3.42 g of sucrose.
              3 A compound has the following composition – Mg = 9.76%, S= 13.01%, O = 26.01%, H2O = 51.22%
                 What is its empirical formula?
              4 Write the electronic configuration of following ions –
                 a) H–               b) Na+           c) O2–          d) F–
              5 Explain the exceptional electronic configuration of chromium and copper.
              6 The mass of an electron is 9.1 x 10–31 kg. If its K.E. is 5.0 x 10–25 J. Calculate its wavelength.
              7 Compare the relative stability of the following species and indicate their magnetic properties:
                 O2, O2+, O2–, O22–
              8 Define hydrogen bond. Is it weaker or stronger than Vanderwaals forces?
              9 Use MOT to explain why Be2 doesn‟t exist?
              10 Explauin hybridization in Ethane, Ethane and Ethyne.
Biology       1 What is cancer? Which month we celebrate as cancer control month. Write about various treatment of
              2 Collect the photographs of a members of the following phylcm –
                 a) Annelida         b) Aves          c) Mammalia             d) Reptile          e) Arthropoda
                 Also write a short note on its daily activity.
              3 Write down some specific features of medicinal plants. Give some examples also.
              4 Write a very short note on “Human Genome Project”.
              5 Prepare a biology project in your notes copy.
Business Studies
              1 Write the Basic differences Between – Business, Profession, Employment
              2 What is the difference between partnership & sole proprietorship.
              3 What do you mean by Bank? What are the different types of Bank? Explain their features.
              4 What is warehousing? Explain features of an ideal warehouse & what are the types of warehouses.
                 Explain them.
Economics     1 Prepare a project file on MNC‟s (Multi National Companies). How it help‟s in developing countries &
                 how they are known as largest corporation & concentration of wealth. (Explain the concept of top five
Computer      1 From your textbook, do the following question in your fair copy under the heading “Holiday
                 Chapter             Page No.s                                Question No.(s)
                 1                   31                                       2, 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 21, 24, 25 28
                 2                   102-103                                  6, 7, 13, 16, 17
                 Write notes on : (Using Internet)
                 i) Wi-fi                             ii) CDAC                iii) Super Computers
IP            1 From your textbook, do the following question in your fair copy under the heading “Holiday
                 Chapter             Page No.s                                Question No.(s)
                 1                   53-54                                    26, 33, 1-21
                 2                   74                                       1-12
                 3                   129                                      1-10
Physical Education
              1 Make a chart on the following points related to the game or sport of your choice –
                 a) Detail History                             b) General Rules
                 c) Fundamental Skills                         d) Sketch of the field/court
                                                          Delhi Public School: Bulandshahr
                                                          Holiday Home Work 2007 – 2008
                                                                     Class – XII
English –   1   On the occasion of world Habitat Day a Poster Making Competition is being held. The topic is „Our Neighbourhood‟.
                    Design a poster about the same conveying the idea how we can make our surroundings and neighbourhood worth
                    living. You can use slogans to make it meaningful.
                2 Your school is celebrating its silver Jubilee. For the occasion design a poster highlighting your school‟s motto, its
                    achievements, and plans for the future. Make it meaningful and attractive with the help of visuals.
                3 Paste ten classified Advertisements (matrimonial) in your notebook.
                4 Write an article (one any topic) for your school magazine. It should be an original one
                                           x                                              x
Maths       –   1   If f(x) =                        , then show that (fofof)(x) =
                                 1  x2                                1  3x 2
                2   Discuss the countinuity of function [1 – x] + [ x – 1] at the points x = -1 , 0 and 1.6.

                3   Diff. wrt x : y = sin 1  x 2
                                        d  x a2  x2 a2              x
                4   Show that :                        sin 1         a x
                                                                           2   2

                                        dx 
                                              2       2              a
                                 5 x  12 1  x 2   
                5   y=   sin 1                      find dy
                                        13                dx
                                                    

                6   y = logsinxcos x find dy/dx

                    If tan– 1  x  y  = α show that
                                 2   2                                  dy x(1  tan  )
                7                                                       
                                  x2  y2                             dx y (1  tan  )
                                  x       
                8   y = (x cos x) + (x sinx )1/x find dy/dx.

                9   If x7/3 y2/3 = (x + y)3 show that dy/dx=y/x
                                                                                              d2y     dy
                10 If x= a cos θ + b sin θ and y = a sin θ – b cos θ show that: y 2              2
                                                                                                   x    y0
                                                                                              dx      dx
                11 Define Rolle‟s & Lagrange‟s theorem. Show its geometrical interpretation.

                12 If x cos α + y sin α = p is a tangent to the curve –

                    xm yn = a m+n, show that pm+n mm nn = am +n (m+n)m+n cosm α sinnα
                                                           x2     y2 x2        y2
                13 Show that the curves                        2           2
                                                                      1 and         1 intersect orthogonally.
                                                         a  b 
                                                          2        a  b           2

                                                                                   3
                14 Find the equation of normal to the curve y=sin2x at the point , .
                                                                                      
                                                                                 3 4
                15 Tangents are drawn from origin to the curve y= sin x. Prove that their point of contact lie on the curve x2y2 = x2 – y2.
Physics     1   A careless students draws the electric lines of force in some cases as shown in fig. Point out the mis concept in each case
                    a)                     b)                           c)                         d)

                2  At what points is the electric dipole field intensity parallel to the line joining the charges?
                3  An electron and proton are brought near how does the potential energy of system changes.
                4  A charge q is placed just outside a closed surface. What is the electric flux through the surface.
                5  If the plates of a parallel plate capacitor suddenly connected to teach other by a wire. What will happen.
                6  What will happens to the energy stored in a capacitor if after disconnecting the battery the plates of a charged
                   capacitor are moved farther.
                7 In a parallel plate capacitor the capacitance increases from 4μf to 80μf. On introducing the dielectric medium between
                   the plates. Calculate dielectric constt. of the medium.
                8 A charge q is placed at the centre of a cube. What would be the flux through one face.
                9 What is the effect of dielectric on charge of a parallel plate capactor.
                10 A tiny particle is given a positive charge does its mass increases or decrease. Give reason.
                11 S1 and S2 are two hollow concentric spheres enclosing charges q1 and Q2 respectively.
                        i)        What is the ratio of electric flux through S1 & S2.
                        ii)       How will the electric flux through the sphere S1 change if a medium of dielectric constt. S is introduced
                                  in the space inside S1 in place of air.
                12 A steam of electrons traveling with speed vm/s at right angles toa uniform electic field E is deflected in circular path
                   of radius prove that - e  v2
                                                         m       rE           (1)                                            P.T.O
               13 An oil drop of 12 exess electrons is held stationary under a constant electric field of 2.55 x 10 4 N/C in Millikan‟s oil
                  drop experiment. The density of the oil is 1.26 gm/cm3. Estimate the radius of the drop (g =9.80 m/s2, e = 1.60 x
               14 Two charged conducting spheres of radii a and b are connected to each other by a conducting wire, What is the ratio of
                  i) charges on the spheres ii) Electric field at the surfaces of two spheres.
               15 A hollow charged conductor has a teny hole cut into its surface show that electric field in the hole is I/2ε0 n where n
                  unit vector, I surface charge density.
               16 Two identical point charges Q. Q are kept at a distance r apart. A third point charge q is placed on the line joining the
                  above two charges such that all three charges are in equilibrium. What is the magnitude sign and position of third
               17 Prove that there will be no change in the resistance of an Eureka wire when its radius is halved and the length is
                  reduced to one forth of its original length.
               18 Specific resistance of copper silver and constantan are 1.18 x 10 –6 n cm, 1.0 x 10–6 n cm and 48 x 10–6 N respectively
                  which one is best electrical conductor and why.
               19 Calculate the total energy stored in the capacitors in the given network.
               20 An electric motor operating on a 50 V dc supply draws a current of 12 A. If the efficiency of motor is 30% estimate
                  the resistance of the winding of the motor.
               21 Two bulbs marked 220V-100 w and 220V – 50 W and connected in series to 220 V mains find the ratio of heat
                  generated in chem.
Chemistry – 1) Complete the following reaction -
                  i) XeF6 + PF5  …………                       ii) NH3 + NaoCl …………               iii) XeF2 + KF  …………
                  iv) XeF2 + SbF5 …………                      v) BrO3– + F2 + OH–  ……            vi) IO3– + I + H+  …………
                  vii) P4 + NaOH + H2O ……                   viii) Ca3(PO4)2 + 6SiO2 ……         ix) P4O10 + 10C  …………
                  x) 2NaBr + H2SO4  …………
               2) Arrange the following in the order of property indicated for each set -
                  i) F2, Cl2, Br2, I2 (↑ing Bond Engergy)
                  ii) HCl, HF, HI, HBr(↑ing Bond strength & acidic character)
                  iii) NH3, PH3, ASH3, SbH3 (↓ing basic strength)
                  iv) HOCl, HOBr, HOI (↓ing Acidic strength)
                  v) HClO4, HClO3, HClO2, HClO (↑ing Acidic Strength)
                  vi) H2O, H2S, H2Se, H2Te (↑ing Bond Angle)
                       Also give the reason for each set.
               3) Answer the following -
                  a) Transition elements from the coloured compound.
                  b) of the d4 species, Cr2+ is strongly reducing agent while Mn3+ is strongly oxidizing.
                  c) Following the E0 value for the couples M2+/M OR M3+/M2+.
                       Cr3+/Cr2+ = – 0.4V           Cr2+/Cr = – 0.9 V          Mn3+/Mn2+ = +1.5V            Mn2+/Mn = – 1.2 V
                           3+   2+                    2+
                       Fe /Fe = +0.8V               Fe /Fe= – 0.4 V
                       Answer the following questions –
                       i) The stability of Fe3+ in solution as compared to that of Cr3+ or Mn3+.
                       ii) The case with which Fe can be oxidized as compared to similar process for either Cr or Mn.
                  d) SF6 is known but SCl6 not.
                  e) Why the IE of 5d series element is greater than those of 3d or 4d series element.
                  f) NF3 can‟t be hydrolysed while NCl3 easily.
                  g) N2, Co and CN are isoelectronic but CO and CN are reactive while N 2 not.
                  h) PCl5 known while NCl5 does not.
                  i) H3PO3 is diprotic/dibasic while H3PO4 is triprotic/tribasic acid
               4) What do you know by Lanthenoid Contraction. Give the consequences of it.
               5) i) Why Ce(III) can easily oxidized to Ce(IV).
                  ii) Why Eu2+ more stabile than Ce4+.
                  iii) Why Cu2+ is more stable than Cu+.
               6) Describe the various kinds of Isomerism in coordination compounds.
               7) How would you account the following –
                  i) [Co(NH3)6]3+ is an inner orbital complex while [Ni(NH3)6]2+ is outer orbital complex.
                  ii) [Fe(CN)6]3– is weekly paramagnetic while [Fe(CN)6] is diamagnetic.
                  iii) [Ni(CO)4] is tetra hedral while [Pt(NH3)2Cl2] is square planar.
               8) Describe the shape of diff oxyacid of phosphorus and Xenon-oxy-fluoride.
Biology        1 A person possesses XXY chromosomes because of a chromosomal abnormality, name the disorder from which he may
                  be suffering. Give four symptoms.
               2 A chemical PTC(phenyl thiocarbomide) is a water soluble compound. It can be tasted by some persons called taster
                  and other called non-taster. You have to develop a pedigree chart up to Iind generation if a taster male (Tt) has a non
                  taster wife.
               3 Paste any five new researches related with biotechnology in your notes copy.

                 4    Draw few representative chromosomes, name them, colour their segments and draw a schematic representation of
                      DNA fingerprinting.
                                                               (2)                                                         P.T.O
                   5    Take about 200 pea seeds in astray and separate out yellow round wrinkled yellow green round and wrinkled green.
                        Find out their app. Ratio.
                   6    Write down comparative features of Apes and man.
Accountancy        –    Double Entry Book Keeping (T.S. Grewal)
                        Part I & II Sultan Chand & Sons, New Delhi
                   1    1 to 38 from the ch “A/C for not for profit organizations”
                   2    21 to 24 from the ch. “Financial statements of a company”.
                   3    5 to 6 , 7, 8, 19, 20 from the ch. “Comparative statements and common size statements”
                   4    93 to 123 from the ch. “Accounting Ratio.”
                   5    Project file for the given Topic.
Business Studies
                   1    “Anything minus management is nothing”. Explain the importance of management in the light of this statement?
                   2    “Management and administration mean the same thing”. Explain the view.
                   3    “Management is regarded as a perfect Science”. Do you agree? Explain in brief any five reasons.
                   4    Explain the place of middle level management pointing out their function in brief.
                   5    “Co-ordination is the essence of management”. Explain this statement with the help of examples.
                   6    How do the principles of “Scalar chain” and “Unity of command” help in solving problem faster.
                   7    Do the comparative study of the contribution of Taylor & Fayol.
                   8    Differentiate between method study & motion study.
                   9    How the impact of changes initiated by the govt. of India influence the working of Indian business.
                   10   Write a short notes on following -
                        a) Privatisation       b) Globlisation c)          Liberlisation
                   11   Explain briefly any five factors which affect the capital structure of a business enterprises.
                   12   Explain with examples “Trading on Equity”.
                   13   Write a short notes on “Fixed capital & working capital”?
                   14   Explain the principles of capital structure.
Economics          1    Solve 20 questions (statement Based) of price Elasticity of Demand.
                   2    Solve 30 question based on National Income by –
                        i) Income Method       ii) Value added Method iii) Expenditure Method
                        (From T.R. Jain & Johri or from any other reference book)
                   3    Write a Short Note on „Giffen Paradox”.
                   4    Explain ten points of factors affecting price Elasticity of Demand.
Computer           1    From your textbook, do the following question in your fair copy under the heading “Holiday Homework”.
                        Chapter                Page No.s                                      Question No.(s)
                        1                          89                                         78, 87, 92
                                                   90                                                    19
                                                   91                                                    20
                                                   92                                         21, 22, 23
                                                94 – 95                                       25, 26
                                                96 – 97                                       29, 30, 31
                                                99 – 100                                      12, 25
                        2                      136 – 137                                      3, 5, 6, 7, 8
                                               138 – 139                                      13, 14, 15
                        3                      160                                            12, 13, 15
                        4                      225 – 228                                      11, 12, 13, 14, 15
                                               227 – 228                                      6, 7, 8, 9
IP                 1    From your textbook, do the following question in your fair copy under the heading “Holiday Homework”.
                        Chapter                Page No.s                                      Question No.(s)
                        1                      31                                             2, 3, 6, 7, 8
                        2                      70                                             10, 16, 20, 22 Type C  3
                        3                      90                                             1 to 22
Physical Education
                1 Make a plan of circuit training with the help of picture. Comparing 8-10 stations.
                2 According to you which one is the best mean of fitness development & why write with in 500 words.
      31                                              2, 3, 6, 7, 8
                        2                       70                                              10, 16, 20, 22 Type C  3
                        3                       90                                              1 to 22
Physical Education
                1 Make a plan of circuit training with the help of p icture. Co mparing 8 -10 stations.
                2 According to you which one is the best mean of fitness development & why write with in 500 wo rds.

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