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					                                                                                   News Release
   Amdocs and Syndesis to Provide Integrated Flow-Through Ordering
                 and Provisioning for Data Networks
Joint solution automates full service fulfillment and enables growth of advanced data services

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 15, 2000-- Amdocs (NYSE: DOX - news), the world's leading provider
of customer care, billing and order management solutions to the communications and Internet industry, and
Syndesis, the industry leader in automated provisioning for the New Public Network, announced that they will
provide an integrated flow-through ordering and provisioning solution for IP and broadband data networks.
Through the integration of their products, Amdocs and Syndesis will expedite the ordering and provisioning of
advanced data services provided by carriers, and will provide carrier-grade, fully automated, fully integrated
management of ordering and provisioning through service creation and activation.

The joint solution combines Amdocs' Order Management System (OMS) with Syndesis' NetProvision(TM)
software suite. OMS is part of Amdocs' Ensemble customer care, billing and order management platform for
voice and IP. OMS can be provided as an individual component, or as part of a fully integrated end-to-end
Ensemble solution. NetProvision(TM) is Syndesis' software suite that allows carriers to automate service
provisioning in multi-vendor networks. The NetProvision suite allows providers to reliably scale to meet
existing customers' needs and to attract new customers with high-value differentiated services - including Web-
enabled and self-care capabilities.
Neil Baimel, co-founder and CEO of Syndesis: ``With the integrated and automated solution offered by Amdocs
and Syndesis, services ordered by customers are provisioned quickly and successfully. Moreover, automation
facilitates the handling of larger volumes, allowing carriers to scale easily and reliably. Automation also enables
carriers to deliver the growing requirement for IP, broadband, such as DSL and optical network services.''

Norman Rafalowitz, Senior Vice President of International Marketing at Amdocs, explained how the need arose
for integrated ordering and provisioning solutions: ``In recent years, network providers have established
sophisticated IP/broadband networks for advanced data services such as xDSL, Frame Relay and ATM. The
integration of our ordering product with Syndesis' provisioning offering helps the market utilize these advanced
network capabilities, offering network infrastructure systems that can bring new products to the mass market,
swiftly and efficiently, while also expediting revenue flows for the carrier.''

About Amdocs
Amdocs is the world's leader in customer care, billing and order management systems for communications and
Internet service providers. Amdocs has an unparalleled success record in project delivery of its mission-critical
products. With over 7,300 information systems professionals deployed worldwide, Amdocs supports a global
customer base. For more information visit our Web site at

About Ensemble
Ensemble(TM) is Amdocs' platform for customer care, billing and order management. Ensemble supports
convergent multi-service operations, including voice, data and IP services in wireline and wireless
environments. The system utilizes a scaleable, multi-tier, client-server UNIX platform and has been proven to
support the high-volume performance requirements of leading carriers.
About Amdocs' Order Management System (OMS)
The OMS multi-service environment utilizes a scaleable, multi-tier, client-server UNIX platform that has been
proven to support the high-volume performance requirements of leading carriers. OMS utilizes a workflow
engine to provide process flow-driven negotiation and order capture in one dialog session. Using a knowledge-
driven product catalogue, it offers immediate information about product offerings, product availability, price
plans, and sales aids, enabling the service negotiation process to be conducted and completed in real-time.

OMS provides a single point-of-sale, eliminating the need for separate ``stovepipe'' systems for different lines of
business. OMS' service provisioning controller enables order decomposition, flexible pre-defined management
of the delivery process and detailed order tracking. OMS is equipped with a mediation layer to facilitate
integration with each carrier's legacy environment and network systems. OMS presents a clear interface to the
customer and streamlines the ordering process.

About Syndesis
Syndesis ( is automating the New Public Network with market-leading provisioning
software. The company's NetProvision(TM) software suite empowers communications providers to dynamically
deliver customized and differentiated services to subscribers, thereby generating incremental revenues and
improving efficiency. Headquartered near Toronto, Canada, the company's software is used by major service
providers around the globe. Both Cisco Systems and Lucent Technologies license and resell the software under
their own private brands, Cisco Provisioning Center and OneVision Alliance Configuration Manager,

About NetProvision
The NetProvision suite is comprised of 3 core product families - Administration, Creation and Activation - that
work in concert to provide communications providers with a complete provisioning solution. NetProvision
Administration products allow providers to make the decisions - about network operations, resource
management and customer service - they need to generate accurate, reliable and up-to-date information about
their network and services. Providers have the ability to perform large-scale operations to quickly move, change
or upgrade differentiated services efficiently. NetProvision Creation products enable providers to create custom
and complex end-to-end services. Services such as high-speed Internet access, corporate extranet/intranet IP and
Virtual Private Network (VPN) as well as complex bundled services, including combined Voice and Data over
DSL, provide readily differentiated service offerings and help build a sustainable competitive advantage.
NetProvision Activation products help service providers manage the deployment of new services efficiently and
consistently, allowing them to provision network services end-to-end employing zero-touch, bi-directional,
flow-through provisioning.

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