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									Saudi Arabia receives five of its citizens detained
in Yemen
      Almotamar.net - Almotamar.net has Thursday learnt
      from government sources that Yemen has handed over
      five Saudi citizens to Saudi Arabia. They were in
      detention in Yemen.

      The source said that citizens Majid al-Zahrani,
      Mohammed al-Qarashi, Sad al-Blushi, Mohammed al-
      0Qahtani and Mohammed Baleid returned on Tuesday to
      their country following a court judgment issued the
      beginning of last November acquitting them from charges
      for which they were detained in a prison.

      The specialized appeals section in Yemen at the beginning
      of last November decided the acquittal of 19 persons
      accused of forming an armed gang, among them five
      Saudis while it condemned six of them on charges of
      planning to attack Arab interests in Yemen and
possessing forged official documents.
It is worthwhile mentioning that Yemen and Saudi Arabia
have an agreement of security cooperation according to
which they exchange persons wanted in issues of terror,
security and other crimes from both countries.

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