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					Healthy Golden Retriever Dogs
Submitted by Gerald Njuguna
07th November, 2010

Nairobi, Kenya, 11.07.2010 - Golden Retriever Dogs may look cute and innocent, but without
the proper house training, he can become quite a nuisance. When you adopt a dog, start training
him early to go to the bathroom outside and not on your carpet. Golden retrievers are smart and
obedient dogs, so with consistency, house training can be easy. Once your dog has a clean bill
of health, start the lessons. When dogs are very young, they don't have the ability to hold their
urine and bowel movements. A dog is one of the best family pets because of their friendliness
and loyalty to the owners.

Regarding Golden retriever potty training, pick a spot for your dog to relieve himself. Wherever
you train your dog to go to the bathroom, keep it consistent. Golden retrievers are creatures of
habit and will be more successful if you keep the routine the same.

Golden retrievers do not like publicity when attending to their needs thus their privacy should
be enhanced at all costs. Ensure that the place has got some dirt or grass to help it clean itself
after the whole process to avoid embarrassing smell. Clean the place using water and vinegar or
any other detergent to remove the smell.

Grooming golden retriever dogs is an interesting process and that all areas should get attention
– teeth, nails, eyes, ears as well as skin and cleaned in the appropriate way. The first thing is to
get all the necessary equipment. One of the golden rules in this regard is never shave a golden
retriever. Their heavy coat keeps the dog safe from effects of extreme heat and cold.

Bathe him with a good quality shampoo and brush the teeth. Pay close attention to the eyes and
ears, removing all build-up of particles to avoid occurrence of bacteria. Grooming the dog will
also include clipping of nails at least once every week to prevent them from twisting.

Golden Retriever Kennels are always supposed to be kept clean. Before putting your dog in
Golden Retriever kennels, you should also consider enough space is there. They are mandatory
for all Golden Retriever Kennels since the dogs need to be immunized and regularly checked
for pests and diseases. If by any chance you need to breed the dogs, you should ensure that you
build your Golden Retriever kennels in a location where you are sure of getting a breeder.

About gives you a complete idea about concern and care that you have to
provide for GoldenRetrieverDogs and the ways to make your dog happy. Detailed information
about various ways of training and maintenance of GoldenRetrieverDogs can be obtained from
this website.

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