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 13$#._l^+ FairPoint (former Verizon) To:, CC: "amanda" <>, "ray" <>,, "melanie barkl" <> s ACARLIN ecyaxc Fairpoint communications Careerbuilder 9jqzd9 Monster xmriwbpxmon17 snowball2 Careerbuilder a1b2c3d4e5 Monster xmriwbpxmon24 operations9 dstoer 230monroe Jack Downing - WorldbridgePartners Monster :U/N : xmriwbpxmon15 P/W : fantastic Monster :U/N : xmriwbpxmon16 P/W : glorious Monster :U/N : xmriwbpxmon17 P/W : snowball2

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Linkedin : liverpool Linkedin : satya5572 Linkedin : nj_mld_1301 intitle:linkedin -intitle:answers -intitle:updated intitle:blog -intitle:directory (outsourcing OR offshoring) (sales OR "business development") ("data conversion" OR "data processing" OR "data entry") -adp -payroll -recruitment -recruiter PCR Website: PCR PCR PCR PCR PCR PCR PCR PCR Main Database Chad McLaughlin guest password All Main Database Jon Fisher guest password All Main Database Ed Kmak guest password All Main Database Erin Gavin guest password All Main Database Jack Schiltz guest password All (Main Database) Main Database Charlie Kiolbasa guest (Main Database) All Main Database Bill Smith guest password All Deanna Database Deanna Stoer alan deanna Deanna sunshine1 All All All Zoominfo All Friday All

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Fairpoint communications INternet Research Li PCR Entries Rollup -------------------------------------------------------------------------Tuesday, June 3, 2008 Melanie Barkl" < Please stop working on the CSR search. We have a new search that needs to be worked on nightly. There are 3 locations and each location will need to be on a separate roll up. Please name rollups AM Portland, AM Burlington and AM Manchester. Would like you to spend half your day on this search. Search Criteria: Locations - Portland, Maine (and surrounding area) Burlington, Vermont (and surrounding area) Manchester, New Hampshire (and surrounding area) Must have Bachelor's Degree Sales experience in telecommunications could be selling voice, data, broadband, or e-commerce Since I am getting very few results Please advice if I can expand this search to all US.,, "jack schiltz" <> "amanda" <>,, "melanie barkl" <> "email * *"

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