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					Water Fuel Cell Technology To Intensify Your Car?
If you believe that the water fuel cell technology is not capable of the performance of your car needs to be, you may need to think again. It might
acquire a paradigm shift, but we have acted, and whether you are in a place to these points to save energy and reduce the acquisition of almost 60%.
They are easy to install, but people seem not to know.

The person credited with the research of water fuel cells is Stanley Meyer. He was a researcher in the U.S. who unfortunately died before he could see
his idea of entering the market. In fact his claim that these cells can power a car were fired for fraud, because it went against the laws of
thermodynamics. In 1996 a court in Ohio, came to this conclusion!

Fortuitously, the concept of a permanent source of energy from water fuels cells did not die with Stanley Meyer, who died in 1998. His idea was that
the detachment of hydrogen and oxygen molecules, the hydrogen is used as as energy sources and the reconstruction of the system with oxygen to
create water molecules.

It would be nice, if Mr. Meyer to witness his concept come to success, but it is life! The fact that the court saw the fraud, researchers did not stop to
maintain the momentum of ideas.

There are many speculations about the concept of water fuel cells, but it's reality and nobody can put their hands on them, not a big secret.

It is amazing that this alternative energy source to a car or other machinery for the issue is not fully accepted in the mainstream. Gas prices are
unbelievably high, and this gas is the source of energy available, but it seems to be slow in adoption.

The advantages of using alternative energy sources are vital. We all know this. However there seems to be some reluctance on the part of the buyer,
most likely by the myths that make use of these cells reduces the functioning of the car. Apparently not so!

Gas prices are going to continue to increase even more in the future. The environment is being damaged quite dramatically, not only by pollutants
from motor vehicles powered by gas, but also by the fact that fossil fuels are diminishing in supply, so more mining than ever is taking place in a
search for this. This alternative energy solution, is ready and available, we just need to make use of it.

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