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					Veterinary Ayurveda
In general there is belief regarding ayurveda is that it is only medical science .But in reality ayurveda also have branches like vrukshayurveda – agreeculture , hasti & ashwayurveda – veterinary ayurveda .In ancient period of kings horse , elephants are integral part of human society ,so one ayurveda branch was developed & active in those days . Now a day’s also animals are integral part of our family& farmers. Ayurveda believe that animals are part of our family to whom we relate more emotionally as they can’t able to talk in human language. So expressions are expressed through emotions .That’s why animal therapy originated. Indian spiritual tradition also human relatedness to animals like Shiva – snake, ganesha – mouse, kartikeya-peacock, Krishna-cow, rama-monkey, gurudatta – cow, dog & many more. That’s why ayurveda believes animals having body & anatomy different but mind, soul are same. That’s why ayurvedic medicines are also same safe & effective to veterinary as like humans .Unique, universal ayurvedic concept like pulse diagnosis also applied to animals to diagnose root cause to their diseases. In veterinary science pathology like liver cirrhosis, renal failure to which science have no solution . With that many untreatable animal diseases have good, safe, natural solution through ayurveda. Dr Sachin call; 9960224989, email;

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