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					                                   UCSD Art & Architecture Library

                                  Slide Cataloging Manual updated 9/16/02

Table of contents

Country Codes ................................................................................................................ 2
First Line Classifications/Medium Codes ....................................................................... 16
Architecture Reference ................................................................................................. 21
Architecture ................................................................................................................... 22
           Secular Interiors:............................................................................................................... 24
           Secular Exteriors: ............................................................................................................. 25
           Greek Architecture ............................................................................................................ 27
           Christian Architecture ....................................................................................................... 28
Modern Architecture (post 1860) ................................................................................... 32
Sculpture ....................................................................................................................... 48
           Groups of Figures ............................................................................................................. 50
           Single Figures ................................................................................................................... 50
Painting ......................................................................................................................... 52
           Painting diagrams ............................................................................................................. 58
Vase Painting ................................................................................................................ 60
Manuscripts ................................................................................................................... 61
   Schedule of Manuscript Types .................................................................................................. 64
Prints ............................................................................................................................. 66
Photography.................................................................................................................. 69
Minor Arts...................................................................................................................... 72
Special Societal Groups ................................................................................................ 77
   Pre-Columbian .......................................................................................................................... 77
        Central America (Pre-Columbian) 1st & 2nd Line ............................................................ 78
        Maya 2nd Line .................................................................................................................. 78
        Mexico (excluding Maya) .................................................................................................. 80
        South America (Pre-Columbian) 1st & 2nd Line ............................................................... 81
   Native North America (cutter and region) .................................................................................. 83
        3rd Line ............................................................................................................................. 88
        Tribal Africa (cutter and sub-group) .................................................................................. 91
        3rd Line ............................................................................................................................. 94
   Oceania (cutter and region) ....................................................................................................... 98
        3rd line ............................................................................................................................ 101
History ......................................................................................................................... 105
Religion ....................................................................................................................... 107
Signs & Symbols ......................................................................................................... 109
Medicine...................................................................................................................... 110
Military Science ........................................................................................................... 111
Vehicles ...................................................................................................................... 113

                              Country Codes
0          World
00         Country Unknown                    AD
00         Baroque                    B266    AD   1600 – 1800 AD
00         Gothic                     G684    AD   1150 – 1400 AD
00         Late Gothic                G684L   AD   1400 – 1500 AD
00         International Style        I62S    AD
00         Mannerism                  M281    AD   1525 – 1600 AD
00         Middle Ages                M489    AD
00         Middle Ages (Early)        M489E   AD   520 – 1025 AD
00         Post-Modern                P858M   AD
00         Renaissance: Early         R393E   AD   1410 – 1500 AD
00         Renaissance: High          R393H   AD   1500 – 1525 AD
00         Renaissance (Northern)     R393N   AD   1500 – 1600 AD
00         Rococo                     R683    AD
00         Romanesque                 R758    AD   1050 – 1200 AD
00         Romanesque (Northern)      R758N   AD   1025 – 1220 AD
00A        Palaeolithic                       BC
00B        Mesolithic                         BC
00C        Neolithic                          BC
1.1        Pacific Ocean                      BC
1.1N       Pacific Ocean (North)              BC
1.1S       Pacific Ocean (South)              BC
1.2        Pacific Ocean                      AD
1.2N       Pacific Ocean (North)              AD
1.2S       Pacific Ocean (South)              AD
2.1        Atlantic Ocean                     BC
2.1S       Atlantic Ocean (South)             BC
2.2        Atlantic Ocean                     AD
2.2N       Atlantic Ocean (North)             AD
2.2S       Atlantic Ocean (South)             AD
3.2        Indian Ocean                       BC
3.2        Indian Ocean                       AD
4.1        Arcitc Ocean                       BC
4.2        Arctic Ocean                       AD
5.1        Antarctic Ocean                    BC
5.2        Antarctic Ocean                    AD
6.1        Arabian Sea                        BC
6.2        Baffin Bay                         BC
6.3        Baltic Sea                         BC
6.4        Barents Sea                        BC
6.5        Bering Sea                         BC
6.6        Beaufort Sea                       BC
6.7        Bay of Bengal                      BC
6.8        Black Sea                          BC
6.9        Carribean Sea                      BC
6.10       Caspian Sea                        BC
6.11       Chukchi Sea                        BC
6.12       East Siberian Sea                  BC
6.13       Great Lakes                        BC
6.14       Greenland Sea                      BC
6.15       Gulf of Guinea                     BC
6.16       Hudson Bay                         BC
6.17       Sea of Japan                       BC

6.18       Kara Sea                           BC

6.19       Labrador Sea        BC
6.20       Lake Victoria       BC
6.21       Laptev Sea          BC
6.22       Mediterranean       BC
6.23       North Sea           BC
6.24       Norwegian Sea       BC
6.25       Sea of Okhotsk      BC
6.26       Persian Gulf        BC
6.27       Philippine Sea      BC
6.28       Red Sea             BC
6.29       South China Sea     BC
6.30       Tasman Sea          BC
6.31       Weddell Sea         BC
7.1        Arabian Sea         AD
7.2        Baffin Bay          AD
7.3        Baltic Sea          AD
7.4        Barents Sea         AD
7.5        Bearing Sea         AD
7.6        Beaufort Sea        AD
7.7        Bay of Bengal       AD
7.8        Black Sea           AD
7.9        Carribean Sea       AD
7.10       Caspian Sea         AD
7.11       Chukchi Sea         AD
7.12       East Siberian Sea   AD
7.13       Great Lakes         AD
7.14       Greenland Sea       AD
7.15       Gulf of Guinea      AD
7.16       Hudson Bay          AD
7.17       Sea of Japan        AD
7.18       Kara Sea            AD
7.19       Labrador Sea        AD
7.20       Lake Victoria       AD
7.21       Laptev Sea          AD
7.22       Mediterranean Sea   AD
7.23       North Sea           AD
7.24       Norwegian Sea       AD
7.25       Sea of Okhotsk      AD
7.26       Persian Gulf        AD
7.27       Philippine Sea      AD
7.28       Red Sea             AD
7.29       South China Sea     AD
7.30       Tasman Sea          AD
7.31       Weddell Sea         AD
10         Asia                BC
11         Central Asia        BC
11N        Nepal               BC
11S        Scythia             BC
11T        Tibet               BC
12         China               BC
12/1       China: Neolithic    BC   5000 – 2000 BC
12/2       China: Hsia         BC   2205 – 1766 BC

12/3       China: Shang        BC   1766 – 1122 BC
12/4       China: Chou         BC   1122 – 221 BC
12/5       China: Ch‟in        BC   221 – 206 BC
12M        Mongols             BC
13         Japan               BC

13/0          Japan: Prehistory                      P924     BC   before 100,000
13/1          Japan: Pre - Jomon Culture             P924     BC   100,000 - 7,000
13/2          Japan: Jomon Culure                    J75.5    BC   8th - 4th M. BC
13.1          Korea                                           BC
13.1/1        Palaeolithic Korea                              BC
13.1/2        Neolithic Korea                                 BC
13.1/3        Bronze / Iron Age Korea                         BC
14            India                                           BC
14/1          India: Pre - Buddhist & Indus Valley            BC
14/2          India: Maurya Dynasty                           BC   322 – 185 BC
14/3A         India: Sunga                                    BC   185 – 72 BC
14/3B         India: Early Andhra                             BC   72 – 25 BC
14/4A         India: Satavahana Dynasty                       BC   200 BC - AD
14/4B         India: Indo - Greek Dynasty                     BC   200 BC - AD
14.1          S.E. Asia                                       BC
14.1B         Burma                                           BC
14.1C         Cambodia                                        BC
14.1C/0       Prehistoric Period                              BC   Pre - 1st C. AD
14.1CE        Ceylon                                          BC
14.1I         Indonesia                                       BC
14.1M         Malayasia                                       BC
14.1P         Philippines                                     BC
14.1T         Thailand                                        BC
14.1V         Vietnam                                         BC
14.8          Mediterranean Region                            BC
14.9          Near East/Middle East                           BC
14CE          Ceylon                                          BC
14P           Pakistan                                        BC
15            Persia                                          BC
15            Near East                                       BC
15            Persia                                 P466.5   BC
15/2A         Persia                                 P466.5   BC
15/2B         Persia                                 P466.5   BC   3rd Millenium
15/2C         Persia                                 P466.5   BC   end 2nd Mill.
15/2CL        Persia (Luristan)                      P466.5   BC   2nd Mill. BC
15/2DTK       Persia (Toprak Kale)                   P466.5   BC   early 1st Mill.
15/2D         Persia                                 P466.5   BC   early 1st Mill.
15/3          Persia: Parthian                                BC
15/3          Persia: Achaemenid                     A175     BC   553-330 BC
15/4          Persia: Sassanian                               BC
15/4          Persia: Parthia                        P466.5   BC   250 BC- AD
15/5          Persia: Sassanian Empire               S252     BC   c. 224 - 651 AD
15/6          Persia: Post-Sassanian                          BC
15/2B         Persia: Bahrain                                 BC
16            Mesopotamia                                     BC
16            Assyria                                A851     BC
16/1          Mesopotamia: Pre-historic              P924     BC   before 3500 BC
16/2          Mesopotamia: Protoliterate             P967     BC   3500 – 3000 BC

16/3          Mesopotamia: Early-Dynastic            E12D     BC   3000 – 2340 BC

16/4        Mesopotamia: Akkadian Period      A315      BC   2340 – 2180 BC
16/5        Mesopotamia: Neo-Sumerian         N438S     BC   2150 – 2000 BC
16/6        Mesopotamia: Isin-Larsa Period    I81L      BC   2025 – 1763 BC
16/7        Mesopotamia: Babylon/1 Dyn.       F527B     BC   1792 – 1595 BC
16/8        Mesopotamia: Kassite Dynasty      K19       BC   1595 – 1155 BC
16/9        Mesopotamia: Middle Assyrian Period M627A   BC   1350 – 1000 BC
16/10       Mesopotamia: Late Assyrian Period L351A     BC   1000 – 612 BC
16/11       Mesopotamia: Neo-Babylonian Period N438B    BC    612 – 539 BC
16.1        Syro-Mesopotamia                            BC
17          Arabia                                      BC
18          Syria                                       BC
18          Phoenician                        P574      BC
18J         Jordan                                      BC
18L         Lebanon                                     BC
18LI        Libya                                       BC
18P         Palestine (Pre-Islamic)                     BC
18Y         Yemen                                       BC
19          Anatolia (Turkey/Asia Minor)                BC
19.1        Armenia                                     BC
19.1A       Azerbaijan                                  BC
19.1G       Georgia                                     BC
19.21       Afghanistan                                 BC
20A         Africa                                      BC
20          Cross Cultural                              BC
21          Egypt                                       BC
21          Egypt                                       BC
21          Egypt, Predynastic                E32       BC   4000 – 3200 BC
21/1        Egypt, Old Kingdom (Dyn. I)       E32       BC   3200 – 2270 BC
21/2        Egypt, Old Kingdom (Dyn. II)      E32       BC   3200 – 2270 BC
21/3        Egypt, Old Kingdom                E32       BC   3200 – 2270 BC
21/4        Egypt, Old Kingdom                E32       BC   3200 – 2270 BC
21/5        Egypt, Old Kingdom                E32       BC   3200 – 2270 BC
21/6        Egypt, Old Kingdom                E32       BC   3200 – 2270 BC
21/7        Egypt, 1st Interim Dyn. VII       E32       BC   2280 – 2131 BC
21/8        Egypt, 1st Interim Dyn. VIII      E32       BC   2280 – 2131 BC
21/9        Egypt, 1st Inter. Dyn. IX         E32       BC   2280 – 2131 BC
21/10       Egypt, Inter. Per. 1-Dyn. X       E32       BC   2280 – 2131 BC
21/11       Egypt, Middle Kingdom-Dyn XI      E32       BC   2280 – 2131 BC
21/12       Egypt, Mid. Kingdom-Dyn. XII      E32       BC   2131 – 1785 BC
21/13       Egypt, Inter. Per. 2-Dyn. XIII    E32       BC   1785 – 1580 BC
21/17       Egypt, Inter. Per. 2-Dyn. XVII    E32       BC   1785 – 1580 BC
21/18       Egypt, New Kingdom-Dyn. XVIII     E32       BC   1580 – 1085 BC
21/19       Egypt, New Kingdom-Dyn. XIX       E32       BC   1580 – 1085 BC
21/20       Egypt, New Kingdom-Dyn. XX        E32       BC   1580 – 1085 BC
21/21       Egypt, Decadence Per.-Dyn. XXI    E32       BC   1085 – 715 BC
21/22       Egypt, Decadence Per.-Dyn. XXII E32         BC   1085 – 715 BC
21/23       Egypt, Decadence Per.-Dyn. XXIII E32        BC   1085 – 715 BC
21/24       Egypt, Decadence Per.-Dyn. XXIV E32         BC   1085 – 715 BC
21/25       Egypt, Late Period-Dyn. XXV       E32       BC   730 – 332 BC
21/26       Egypt, Late Period-Dyn. XXVI      E32       BC   730 – 332 BC
21/27       Egypt, Late Per.-Dyn. XXVII       E32       BC   730 – 332 BC
21/29       Egypt, Late Period-Dyn. XXIX      E32       BC   730 – 332 BC

21/30       Egypt, Late Period-Dyn. XXX     E32         BC   730 – 332 BC
21/P        Egypt, Ptolemaic                E32         BC   332 – 30 BC
21/R        Egypt, Roman Period             E32         BC
22A         Algeria                                     BC
22M         Morocco                                     BC
30          Europe                                      BC

30AS        Anglo-Saxon                             AD
30C         Celtic                         C393     BC
30CHS       Hiberno-Saxon                           AD
30G         Germanic                                AD
30H         Hallstatt Culture              H193C    BC   8th – 6 C. BC
30L         La Tene Culture                L351C    BC   5th – 1 C. BC
30O         Ostro-Gothic                            AD
30SC        Scythian                                AD
30V         Visigothic                              AD
30VK        Viking                                  AD
31          Greece                                  BC
31/0A       Greek: Lower Palaeolithic               BC   600,000-
                              100,000 BC
31/0B       Greek: Middle Palaeolithic              BC   100,000-33,000
31/0C       Greek: Upper Palaeolithic               BC   33,000 - 8,000
31/0D       Greek: Mesolithic                       BC   8,000 - 7,000
31/1        Crete                                   BC
31/0E       Greek: Neolithic                        BC   7,000 – 2700
31/1A       Greek: Early Bronze Age                 BC   2800 – 1900 BC
31/1B       Greek: Middle Bronze Age                BC   1900 – 1580 BC
31/1C       Greek: Late Bronze Age                  BC   1580 – 1100 BC
31/3A       Greek: Proto-Geometric         P967     BC   11th - 10th C.
31/3B       Greek: Geometric               G346     BC   9th - 8th C. BC
31/4        Greek: Archaic                          BC   720 – 480 BC
31/4A       Greek: Archaic painting        A669     BC   720 – 650 BC
31/4A       Greek: Archaic sculpture       A669     BC   700 – 660 BC
31/4B       Greek: Archaic painting        A669     BC   650 – 550 BC
31/4B       Greek: Archaic sculpture       A669     BC   660 – 580 BC
31/4C       Greek: Archaic painting        A669     BC   550 – 520 BC
31/4C       Greek: Archaic sculpture       A669     BC   580 – 535 BC
31/4D       Greek: Archaic painting        A669     BC   520 – 480 BC
31/4D       Greek: Archaic sculpture       A669     BC   535 – 480 BC
31/5        Greek: Transitional            T772     BC   480 – 450 BC
31/6        Greek: High Classical          H638     BC   450 – 400 BC
31/7        Greek: Late Classical          L351     BC   400 – 330 BC
31/8        Greek: Hellenistic             H477     BC
31/8A       Greek: Hellenistic             H477     BC   330 – 250 BC
31/8B       Greek: Hellenistic             H477     BC   250 – 160 BC
31/8C       Greek: Hellenistic             H477     BC   160 – 30 BC
31.2        Greek: Aegean Islands                   BC
31.3        Crete                                   BC
31.3        Minoan Crete                   C995     BC
31.3        Helladic                       H476     BC
31.3        Minoan                         M666     BC   5000 – 1100 BC
31.3        Neolithic Minoan               M666A    BC   5000 – 3100 BC
31.3        Sub-Neolithic Minoan           M666A1   BC   3100 – 2500 BC
31.3        Early Minoan                   M666Aa   BC   2800 – 2500 BC

31.3        Early Minoan                   M666Ab   BC   2500 – 2200 BC
31.3        Early Minoan                   M666Ac   BC   2200 – 2000 BC
31.3        Middle Minoan                  M666Ba   BC   2000 – 1850 BC
31.3        Middle Minoan                  M666Bb   BC   1850 – 1700 BC
31.3        Middle Minoan                  M666Bc   BC   1700 – 1500 BC

31.3        Late Minoan                     M666C    BC
31.3        Late Minoan                     M666Ca   BC   1550 – 1450 BC
31.3        Late Minoan                     M666Cb   BC   1450 – 1400 BC
31.3        Late Minoan                     M666Cc   BC   1400 – 1100 BC
31.3        Sub-Minoan                      M666D    BC
31.3        Minoan (Haghia Triada)          M666H    BC
31.3        Minoan (Knossos)                M666K    BC
31.3        Minoan (Malia)                  M666Ma   BC
31.3        Minoan (Phylakopi)              M666P    BC
31.3        Minoan (Akrotiri, Thera)        M666Ta   BC
31.3        Minoan (Zakros)                 M666Za   BC
31.3        Mycenae                         M995     BC
31.3        Mycenaean                       M995A    BC   1570 – 1500 BC
31.3        Mycenaean                       M995B    BC   1500 – 1400 BC
31.3        Mycenaean                       M995Ca   BC   1400 – 1300 BC
31.3        Mycenaean                       M995Cb   BC   1300 – 1200 BC
31.3        Mycenaean                       M995Cc   BC   1200 -
                           1150/1100 BC
31.3        Sub-Mycenaean                   M995D    BC   1150/1100 -
                             1050/1000 BC
31.3        Mycenaean                       M995M    BC
31.3        Mycenaean (Pylos)               M995Py   BC
31.3        Mycenaean (Tiryns)              M995T    BC
31.31       Greek: Asia Minor                        BC
31.4        Cyprus                                   BC
31.4        Cyprus (Neolithic)              C997Aa   BC   6500 – 5250 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Neolithic)              C997Ab   BC   5250 – 4950 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Neolithic)              C997Ac   BC   4950 – 3200 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Neolithic)              C997Ad   BC   3200 – 3000 BC
31.4        Cypurs (Chalcolithic)           C997Ba   BC   3000 – 2500 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Chalcolithic)           C997Bb   BC   2500 – 2300 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Early Bronze)           C997Ca   BC   2300 – 2000 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Early Bronze)           C997Cb   BC   2000 – 1900 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Early Bronze)           C997Cc   BC   1900 – 1800 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Middle Bronze)          C997D    BC   1800 – 1600 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Late Bronze)            C997Ea   BC   1600 – 1400 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Late Bronze)            C997Eb   BC   1400 – 1230 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Late Bronze)            C997Ec   BC   1230 – 1050 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Cypro-Geometric)        C997Fa   BC   1050 – 950 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Cypro-Geometric)        C997Fb   BC   950 – 850 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Cypro-Geometric)        C997Fc   BC   850 – 700 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Cypro-Archaic)          C997Ga   BC   700 – 600 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Cypro-Archaic)          C997Gb   BC   600 – 475 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Cypro-Classical)        C997Ha   BC   475 – 400 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Cypro-Classical)        C997Hb   BC   400 – 325 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Hellenistic)            C997Ia   BC   325 – 150 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Hellenistic)            C997Ib   BC   150 – 50 BC
31.4        Cyprus (Roman)                  C997Ja   BC   50 BC - AD 150
31.4        Cyprus (Roman)                  C997Jb   BC   150 - 250 AD
31.4        Cyprus (Roman)                  C997Jc   BC   after 250 AD

31.41       Italy (Greek)                            BC
31.5        Sicily (Greek)                           BC
31.5A       Albania                                  BC
31.5B       Bulgaria                                 BC
31.5R       Romania                                  BC
31.5Y       Yugoslavia                               BC
31.6        Egypt (Greek N. Africa)                  BC
32          Italy                                    BC

32.1          Sicily                                 BC
32.2          Sardinia                               BC
32.3          Malta, Gozo                            BC
32EI          Etruria                                BC   8th C. BC or
32EI          Etruria                                BC
32EI          Etrusco/Italic                         BC
32EI/0        Etrusco/Italic                         BC   8th C. BC or
32EI/1        Etrusco/Italic                         BC   699 – 600 BC
32EI/2        Etrusco/Italic                         BC   599 – 500 BC
32EI/2A       Etrusco/Italic                         BC   c. 500 – 490 BC
32EI/3        Etrusco/Italic                         BC   499 – 400 BC
32EI/3A       Etrusco/Italic                         BC   5th - 4th C. BC
32EI/4        Etrusco/Italic                         BC   399 – 300 BC
32EI/4A       Etrusco/Italic                         BC   4th - 3rd C. BC
32EI/5        Etrusco/Italic                         BC   299 – 200 BC
32EI/5A       Etrusco/Italic                         BC   c. 200 – 180 BC
32EI/6        Etrusco/Italic                         BC   199 – 100 BC
32EI/6A       Etrusco/Italic                         BC   2nd - 1st C. BC
32EI/7        Etrusco/Italic                         BC   99 BC - AD
32LY          Lycian                                 BC
32R           Roman Italy                            BC
32R/0         Roman Empire
32R/0         Roman: Republican (6th C. BC)   R426   BC   509 – 27 BC
32R/0A        Roman: Republican (5th C. BC)   R426   BC   509 – 27 BC
32R/0B        Roman: Republican (4th C. BC)   R426   BC   509 – 27 BC
32R/0C        Roman: Republican (3th C. BC)   R426   BC   509 – 27 BC
32R/0D        Roman: Republican (2th C. BC)   R426   BC   509 – 27 BC
32R/1         Roman: Republican               R426   BC   509 – 27 BC
32R/2         Roman: Julio-Claudian           J94C   BC   27 BC - AD 69
32R/3         Roman: Flavian                  F589   BC   69 - 98 AD
32R/4         Roman: Trajanic                 T768   BC   98 - 117 AD
32R/5         Roman: Hadrian                  H132   BC   117 - 138 AD   A.D. in
32R/6         Roman: Antonines                A635   BC   138 - 192 AD   695 14
32R/7         Roman: Severan                  S498   BC   193 - 235 AD
32R/8         Roman: Third Century            T445   BC   236 - 284 AD
32R/9         Roman: Tetrarchy/ Constantine   T348   BC   285 - 337 AD
32R/10        Roman: Fourth Century           F781   BC   338 - 399 AD
32R/11        Roman: Fifth Century            F469   BC   400 - 499 AD
32R/12        Roman: Sixth Century            S625   BC   500 - 599 AD
32R/13        Roman: Seventh Century          S497   BC   600 - 699 AD
32R/18        Roman: Thirteenth Century       T447   BC   1200 - 1299 AD
32R/18P       Roman Palestine                        BC   37 BC – 638 AD
32R/32        Roman Sicily                           BC
32R/33        Roman Germany                          BC
32R/33.4      Roman Switzerland                      BC

32R/35        Roman France                           BC
32R/36        Roman Spain                            BC
32R/37        Roman Britain                          BC
32R/39        Roman Balkans                          BC
32R/40        Roman Asia Minor                       BC
32R/41        Roman Greece                           BC
32R/42        Roman Eastern Provinces                BC
32R/43        Roman North Africa                     BC
32R/43z       Roman Egypt (Fayum)                    BC
32RZ          Romano-Provincial                      BC
32Z           Late Antique/ Early Christian          BC

33          Germany                       BC
33.1        Austria                       BC
33.2        Hungary                       BC
33.3        Czechoslovakia                BC
33.4        Switzerland                   BC
34          Netherlands                   BC
34.1        Belgium                       BC
35          France                        BC
35.1        Brittany (Normandy)           BC
36          Spain                         BC
36.1        Portugal                      BC
36.2        Mallorca (Balearic Islands)   BC
37          England                       BC
37.1        Wales                         BC
37.2        Scotland                      BC
37.3        Ireland                       BC
38          Sweden                        BC
38.1        Norway                        BC
38.2        Denmark                       BC
38.3        Iceland                       BC
39          Russia                        BC
39.1        Finland                       BC
39.2        Poland                        BC
40          North America                 BC
41          Canada                        BC
42          United States                 BC
42.1        Cuba                          BC
43          Mexico                        BC
44.1        Costa Rica                    BC
44.2        El Salvador                   BC
44.3        Guatemala                     BC
44.5        Nicaragua                     BC
44.6        Panama                        BC
45          West Indies                   BC
45.1        Bahama                        BC
45.2        Dominican Republic            BC
45.3        Haiti                         BC
45.4        Jamaica                       BC
45.5        Leeward Islands               BC
45.6        Puerto Rico                   BC
45.7        Tobago                        BC
45.8        Trinidad                      BC

45.9        Virgin Islands                BC
45.10       Windward Islands              BC
46          Guianas                       BC
46.1        Bermuda                       BC
47          South America                 BC
47.1        Argentina                     BC
47.2        Bolivia                       BC
47.3        Brazil                        BC
47.4        Chile                         BC
47.5        Colombia                      BC
47.6        Ecuador                       BC
47.7        Paraguay                      BC
47.8        Peru                          BC
47.9        Uruguay                       BC
47.10       Venezuela                     BC
48          Multi-cultural                BC

50           Asia                                        AD
50/70        Eurasia                                     AD
50A          Australia                                   BC
50NZ         New Zealand                                 BC
51           Central Asia                                AD
51N          Nepal                                       AD
51T          Tibet                                       AD
52           China                                       AD
52/1         China: Han                                  AD   206 BC - AD 220
52/2         China: Three Kingdoms                       AD   220 – 280 AD
52/3         China: Six Dynasties                        AD   222 – 589 AD
52/4         China: Western Chin                         AD   265 – 420 AD
52/5         China: Northern & Southern                  AD   386 – 589 AD
52/6         China: Sui                                  AD   589 – 618 AD
52/7         China: T‟ang                                AD   618 – 907 AD
52/8         China: Five Dynasties                       AD   907 – 960 AD
52/9         China: Liao                                 AD   907 – 1125 AD
52/10        China: Sung                                 AD   960 – 1279 AD
52/11        China: Chin                                 AD   1115 – 1234 AD
52/12        China: Yuan                                 AD   1280 – 1368 AD
52/13        China: Ming                                 AD   1368 – 1644 AD
52/14        China: Ch‟ing                               AD   1644 – 1912 AD
52/15        China: Chinese Republic                     AD   1912 AD -
52Z          China: Caves                                AD
52.1         Taiwan                                      AD
52.10        Mongolia                                    AD
52.2         Hong Kong                                   AD
52M          Mongolian Empire                            AD
53           Japan                                       AD
53/1         Japan: Yayoi                        Y35.9   AD   400 BC - AD 200
53/2         Japan: Protohistory                 P967    AD   4th - 6th C. AD
53/3         Japan: Asuka Period                 A861    AD   6th - 7th C. AD
53/4         Japan: Hakuho Period                H156    AD   7th C. AD
53/5         Japan: Nara (Tempyo) Period         N218    AD   8th C. AD
53/6A        Japan: Heian Period                 H465    AD   794 – 1185 AD
53/6B        Japan: Late Heian (Fujiwara) Per.   H465    AD   10th - 12th C.
53/7         Japan: Kamakura (Momoyama) Per. K15         AD   1185 – 1600 AD

53/8         Japan: Muromachi (Ashikaga) Per. M977       AD   14th - 16th C.
53/9         Japan: Azuchi-Monoyama Period       M733    AD   1568 – 1603 AD
53/10        Japan: Edo (Tokugawa) Period        E24     AD   1600 – 1868 AD
53/11        Japan: Meiji Period                 M512    AD   1868 – 1912 AD
53/12        Japan: Taisho Period                T135    AD   1912 – 1926 AD
53/13        Japan: Showa Period                 S559    AD   1926 AD -
53.1         Korea                                       AD
53.1/1       Three Kingdoms Period                       AD
53.1/1       Kaya Period                         K23     AD   ? - 562 AD
53.1/1       Koguryo Period                      K78     AD   37 BC - AD 668
53.1/1       Paekche                             P126    AD   18 BC - AD 660
53.1/1       (Old) Silla Period                  S584    AD   57 BC - AD 668
53.1/1       Kingdom Unknown                     T531    AD
53.1/1       Unified Silla Period                U58     AD   668 – 935 AD
53.1/3       Koryo Dynasty                       K85     AD   918 – 1392 AD
53.1/4       Yi Dynasty                          Y511    AD   1392 – 1910 AD
53.1/5       Annexation of Korea                         AD   1910 – 1945 AD

53.1/6       Republic of Korea                             AD   1945 AD -
54           India                                         AD
54/1         India: Late Andhra Period                     AD   50 – 320 AD
54/2         India: Kushan Dynasty                         AD   2nd - 6th C. AD
54/2A        India: Ikshvaku Dynasty                       AD   175 – 200 AD
54/3         India: Gupta                                  AD   320 – 600 AD
54/5         India: Post-Gupta & Hindu Dynasties           AD
54/5A        India: Post-Gupta & Hindu Dynasties           AD
54/5C        India: Post-Gupta & Hindu Dynasties           AD
54/5D        India: Post-Gupta & Hindu Dynasties           AD
54/5E        India: Post-Gupta & Hindu Dynasties           AD
54/5F        India: Post-Gupta & Hindu Dynasties           AD
54/5G        India: Post-Gupta & Hindu Dynasties           AD
54/5H        India: Post-Gupta & Hindu Dynasties           AD
54/5A        India: East India                             AD
54/6         India: Sultanate Period                       AD
54/7         India: Mughal Period                          AD
54/7A        India: Rajasthan (Rajput)                     AD
54/8         India: British Period to Present              AD
54/Z         Caves (India)                                 AD
54.1         S.E. Asia                                     AD
54.1B        Burma                                         AD
54.1Bo       Borneo                                        AD
54.1C        Cambodia                                      AD
54.1C/1      Cambodia: Funan Period                        AD   1st C. AD – 630
54.1C/2      Cambodia: Chenla Period                       AD   600 – 800 AD
54.1C/3      Cambodia: Formative Period                    AD   800 – 875 AD
54.1C/4      Cambodia: Early Angkor Period                 AD   875 – 1000 AD
54.1C/5      Cambodia: Middle Angkor Period                AD   965 – 1100 AD
54.1C/6      Cambodia: Classical Angkor Period             AD   1100 – 1220 AD
54.1C/7      Cambodia: Post-Bayon Period                   AD   1220 – 1431 AD
54.1C/8      Cambodia: Post-Angkor Period                  AD   15th - 17th C.
54.1CE       Ceylon (Sri Lanka)                            AD
54.1I        Indonesia                                     AD
54.1I        Java (Indonesia)                      J41.5   AD
54.1J        Java                                          AD

54.1M        Malayasia                                     AD
54.1P        Philippines                                   AD
54.1S        Singopore                                     AD
54.1T        Thailand                                      AD
54.1V        Vietnam                                       AD
54.9         Near East/ Middle East                        AD
54P          Pakistan                                      AD
55           Iran                                          AD
55/59        Middle East                                   AD
56           Iraq                                          AD
57           Arabia                                        AD
57SA         Saudi Arabia                                  AD
57K          Kuwait                                        AD
58           Syria                                         AD
58.1         Bethlehem                             B563    AD
58I          Israel                                        AD
58J          Jordan                                        AD
58L          Lebanon                                       AD
58LI         Libya                                         AD

58O          Oman                               AD
58P          Palestine (Post-Roman)             AD   638 – 1948 AD
58Y          Yemen                              AD
59           Asia Minor (Turkey)                AD
59           Constantinople             C758    AD
59.1A        Azerbaijan                         AD
59.1         Armenia                            AD
59.1G        Georgia                            AD
59.1Af       Afghanistan                        AD
59.3         Byzantine                          AD
59.4         Crusades                           AD
59.5         Hiberno-Saxon              H624S   AD
59.51        Medieval                           AD
59.6         Anglo-Saxon                A589S   AD
59.7         Merovingian                M567    AD
59.8         Carolingian                C282    AD
59.2         Early Christian                    AD
60           Africa                             AD
61           Egypt                              AD
61C          Coptic                             AD
62A          Algeria                            AD
62Gam        Gambia                             AD
62Cam        Cameroon                           AD
62Ch         Chad                               AD
62CR         Central African Republic           AD
62Da         Dahomey                            AD
62E          Ethiopia                           AD
62Gh         Ghana                              AD
62Gu         Guinea                             AD
62GuB        Guinea-Bissau                      AD
62IC         Ivory Coast                        AD
62Li         Liberia                            AD
62M          Morocco                            AD
62Mal        Mali                               AD
62Mau        Mauritania                         AD

62Ng         Niger                              AD
62Ni         Nigeria                            AD
62RO         Rio de Oro                         AD
62SA         South Africa                       AD
62Se         Senegal                            AD
62SL         Sierra Leone                       AD
62SU         Sudan                              AD
62T          Tunisia                            AD
62To         Togo                               AD
62UV         Upper Volta                        AD
64.2         West Africa                        AD
69I          Islamic                            AD
70           Europe                             AD
71           Greece                             AD
71.2         Aegean Islands                     AD
71.3         Crete                              AD
71.4         Cyprus                             AD
71.5         Balkans                            AD
71.5A        Albania                            AD
71.5B        Bulgaria                           AD
71.5R        Romania                            AD
71.5Y        Yugoslavia                         AD
72           Italy                              AD

72.1         Sicily                             AD
72.2         Sardinia                           AD
72.3         Malta                              AD
73           Germany                            AD
73.1         Austria                            AD
73.2         Hungary                            AD
73.3         Czechoslovakia                     AD
73.4         Switzerland                        AD
74           Netherlands                        AD
74.1         Flanders (Belgium) [Flemish]       AD
75           France                             AD
75.1         Brittany (Normandy)                AD
76           Spain                              AD
76.1         Portugal                           AD
76.2         Mallorca (Balearic Islands)        AD
77           England                            AD
77.1         Wales                              AD
77.2         Scotland                           AD
77.3         Ireland                            AD
77.4         Falkland Islands                   AD
78           Sweden                             AD
78.1         Norway                             AD
78.2         Denmark                            AD
78.3         Iceland                            AD
78.4         Arctic                             AD
79           Russia                             AD
79.1         Finland                            AD
79.2         Poland                             AD
80           North America                      AD
80/87        North & South America              AD

81           Canada                             AD
82           United States                      AD
82/0         United States: Dist. of Columbia   AD
82/1         United States: Alabama             AD
82/2         United States: Arizona             AD
82/3         United States: Arkansas            AD
82/4         United States: California          AD
82/5         United States: Colorado            AD
82/6         United States: Connecticut         AD
82/7         United States: Delaware            AD
82/8         United States: Florida             AD
82/9         United States: Georgia             AD
82/10        United States: Idaho               AD
82/11        United States: Illinois            AD
82/12        United States: Indiana             AD
82/13        United States: Iowa                AD
82/14        United States: Kansas              AD
82/15        United States: Kentucky            AD
82/16        United States: Louisiana           AD
82/17        United States: Maine               AD
82/18        United States: Maryland            AD
82/19        United States: Massachusetts       AD
82/20        United States: Michigan            AD
82/21        United States: Minnesota           AD
82/22        United States: Mississippi         AD
82/23        United States: Missouri            AD
82/24        United States: Montana             AD
82/25        United States: Nebraska            AD

82/26        United States: Nevada           AD
82/27        United States: New Hampshire    AD
82/28        United States: New Jersey       AD
82/29        United States: New Mexico       AD
82/30        United States: New York         AD
82/31        United States: North Carolina   AD
82/32        United States: North Dakota     AD
82/33        United States: Ohio             AD
82/34        United States: Oklahoma         AD
82/35        United States: Oregon           AD
82/36        United States: Pennsylvania     AD
82/37        United States: Rhode Island     AD
82/38        United States: South Carolina   AD
82/39        United States: South Dakota     AD
82/40        United States: Tennessee        AD
82/41        United States: Texas            AD
82/42        United States: Utah             AD
82/43        United States: Vermont          AD
82/44        United States: Virginia         AD
82/45        United States: Washington       AD
82/46        United States: West Virginia    AD
82/47        United States: Wisconsin        AD
82/48        United States: Wyoming          AD
82/49        United States: Alaska           AD
82/50        United States: Hawaii           AD
82.1         Cuba                            AD
83           Mexico                          AD
84           Central America                 AD
84.1         Costa Rica                      AD
84.2         El Salvador                     AD
84.3         Guatemala                       AD
84.4         Honduras                        AD
84.5         Nicaragua                       AD
84.6         Panama                          AD
85           West Indies                     AD
85.1         Bahama                          AD
85.2         Dominican Republic              AD
85.3         Haiti                           AD
85.4         Jamaica                         AD
85.5         Leeward Islands                 AD
85.6         Puerto Rico                     AD
85.7         Tobago                          AD
85.8         Trinidad                        AD
85.9         Virgin Islands                  AD
85.10        Windward Islands                AD
85.11        Polynesia                       AD
86           Guianas                         AD
86.1         Bermuda                         AD
87           South America                   AD
87.1         Argentina                       AD
87.2         Bolivia                         AD
87.3         Brazil                          AD
87.4         Chile                           AD
87.5         Colombia                        AD
87.6         Ecuador                         AD
87.7         Paraguay                        AD
87.8         Peru                            AD
87.9         Uruguay                         AD
87.10        Venezuela                       AD

91        Australia        AD
92        New Zealand      AD
93        Antarctica       AD
98        Multi-cultural   AD

                  First Line Classifications/Medium Codes
ART & ART HISTORY                                                  000-900

        1.      Reference                                          0
                       Maps                                        0       (+country code)
                       Charts                                      0C              “
                       Flags                                       0F              “
                       Signs & Symbols                             0S              “

        2.      History of Cartography                             099              “

        3.      Anthropological Reference                          0/               “

        4.      Archeological Reference                            0/               “

        5.      Architecture                                       1
                        architectural reference                    1/00  (+country code)
                        garden reference                           1/00g         “
                        architects                                 1/            “
                        cities, sites                              1             “
                        modern (projects w/more                    1__pr         “
                        than one architect)

        6.      Sculpture                                          2
                        coins                                      2__c    (+country code)
                        ice                                        2__i            “
                        medals                                     2__m            “
                        tablets                                    2__t            “

        7.      Painting                                           3
                           Advertising Art                         3__a (+country code)
                           Book & Magazine Illus.                  3__b         “
                           Book & Magazine Cover                   3__bc        “
                           Calligraphy                             3__bzc       “
                           Cartoons                                3__c         “
                           Comics                                  3__cc        “
                           Cards-Greeting                          3__cg        “
                           Cards-Playing                           3__cp        “
                           Drawings                                3__d         “
                           Manuscripts                             3__m         “
                           Manuscript Covers                       3__mc        “
                           Mosaics**                               3__mo        “
                           Prints                                  3__p         “
                           Posters                                 3__po        “
                           Billboards                              3__pob       “
                           Stained Glass**                         3__sg        “
                           Tapestry                                3__t         “
                           Computer Art                            3__zc        “
                           Film                                    3__zf        “
                           Video                                   3__zv        “

**Divided by site as well as artist--Use a Z before the Cutter number to separate the artists from
sites (e.g. Tiffany 382sg, ZT565.2LC).

        8.      Photography                                        399ph

This section is an exception to the use of country designation - First line for all of photography is
the same, with the second line providing divisions.

       9.     Minor Arts                                             4
Use when material takes precedence.
                       Stonework                                     4__a (+country code)
                       Jade                                          4__aj        “
                       Rock Crystal                                  4__ar        “
                       Carved Gems, Cameos                           4__as        “
                       Ceramics                                      4__c         “
                       Metalcraft (inc. jewelry)            4__d            “
                       Enamel                                        4__e         “
                       Glass                                         4__g         “
                       Ivory                                         4__i         “
                       Leather                                       4__l         “
                       Paper                                         4__p         “
                       Wallpaper                                     4__pw        “
                       Textiles                                      4__t         “
                       Appliques                                     4__ta        “
                       Carpets                                       4__tc        “
                       Clothing (fashion design)                     4__tcl       “
                       Embroidery                                    4__te        “
                       Lace                                          4__tl        “
                       Quilts                                        4__tq        “
                       Fiber Art                                     4__tzf       “
                       Wood                                          4__w         “
                       Lacquer                                       4__wl        “

        10.      Minor Arts - by object                              5
                         Interior Design                             5__d    (+country code)
                 599d is used for “generic” examples of design.
                         Installations                               5__di            “
                         Furniture                                   5__f             “
                         Housewares                                  5__h             “
                         Machines                                    5__m             “
                         Tools                                       5__t             “
                         Toys                                        5__to            “
                         Vehicles                                    5__v             “

        11.      Minor Arts - Miscellaneous                          7
                         Body Art                                    7__b    (+country code)
                         Food Art                                    7__f            “

        12.      Special Societal Groups                             8
                         Tribal Africa                               860
                         Mexico                                      871-873
                         Maya                                        873M
                         Central America                             874
                         South America                               875
                         Oceania                                     880
                         Australia                                   881
                         Melanesia                                   882
                         Micronesia                                  883
                         New Guinea                                  884
                         Polynesia                                   885
                         Indonesia                                   886
                         Native North American                       890
                         West Indies                                 891.5
                         Amish cutter# Am517                         899A

                          Shakers Cutter #Sh527                899S

       13.     Festivals & Ceremonies                          8__f     (+country code)

       14.     Cultures                                        8
                       Amish                                   899A
                       Shakers                                 899S

       15.     Performance Art                                 9        (+country code)

       16.     Conceptual Art                                  9__c     (+country code)

       17.     Mail Art                                        9__cm(+country code)

         18.      Mixed Media                                   999z
Like photography, Mixed Media is exempt from being classified by country. The second line
is the separator.

B: REFERENCE                                                   9A - Z

       1.      Art Documentary Reference                       9AR
               Conferences                                     9AR/C
               Movements                                       9AR/M
                       De Stijl

       2.      Theories                                        9AR/TH
               Color                                           9AR/Thc
               Perspective                                     9AR/ThPer
               Proportion                                      9AR/ThPro
               Technigue                                       9AR/ThT
               Time Lines                                      9AR/Til
               Color                                           9AR/ZCol
               By Individual Country                           9AR/ (+ country code)
               (ie. United States       9AR/82)

       3.      Theater                                         9H99th
               History of Costume                              9DH    (+ country code)
               Costume                                         9DC            “
               Dance                                           9DD

       4.      History                                          9H
               A.      General World History                    9H/__ (+ century)
               (primary wars and global history)
               B.      History - Specific Country               9H/    (+ country code)
                       divided into:
                                Events General: Civil Rights, Demonstrations,
                                Disasters, Politics
                                Events Specific: Depression, Immigration, Women‟s

       5.      Literature                                      9L       (+ country code)
       Writers (photographs, etc.) and references about them and their works.

6.    Music                           9M

7.    Religion                        9Rel/

8.    Science                         9S
                 Scientists           9S/    (+ country code)
                 Astronomy            9S/Ast
                 Astronautics         9S/Asta
                 Biology              9S/Bio
                 Botany               9S/Bot
                 Geology              9S/Geo
                 Medicine             9S/Med
                 Meteorology          9S/Met
                 Military Science     9S/Ms
                 Technology           9S/Tec
                 Zoology              9S/Zoo

9.    Social Science                  9SS
              Social History          9SS/Soch (+ country
                 Social Pathology     9SS/Socp (+ country

10.   Psychology                      9SSP

11.   Anthropology                    9Ta/    (+ country code)

12.   Geography                       9Tg/    (+ country code)

13.   Recreation/Sports               9Trs/   (+ country code)

14.   Vehicles: General               9V      (+ country code)

                 Vehicles Aircraft    9Va     (+ country code)

                 Vehicles: Motor      9VM     (+ country code)

                 Vehicles: Rail       9VR     (+ country code)

                 Vehicles: Seacraft   9VS     (+ country code)

Second Line Classifications:

1.      Division by Alphabetical Artist Last Name, City, Etc.

          Use Cutter Alphabetic-Order Table for numeric division. These should be expanded with
decimals in consideration of any possible future additions. (This can be determined with the aid of
Benezit). Further differentiation will be made with placement of the artist‟s first name initial (or
letters: James = Jam) after the appropriate Cutter Number.

                 Examples:                Glenny, Alice R.          G558.2A
                                          Glenny, Anna              G558.2An

2.      Division for Anonymous Works by Date and Country.

       All anonymous works are placed under the country‟s name with the exception of
photography (see Photography Expanded sheets). Use the country and the century.

                 Example:                 Painting, Anonymous, U.S., c.1850

                                          850( )

3.      Division for Works Connected with, but not by, Artist:

        For works associated with the artist alway CAPITALIZE the first letter.

                        Attributions            Peale, James (?)
These are handled as if they were works by the artist, but with a question mark after the artist’s

                         Assistant                           A
                         After the Artist                    Af
                         Copy                                C
                         Follower of                         F
                         Circle/School of                    Sc
                         Style of                            St
                         Workshop/Studio of                  W

It is important to make these capitals because there might be other divisions for a particular artist,
i.e. frescoes with a f. These letters are on the second line after the Cutter division.

        Examples:        fresco by Peale, John                      P358Jf
                         fresco by Pleale, James School of          P358JScf

                                Architecture Reference


The call number should look like this:

        1st line:        1/00ne          Natural Events
        2nd line:        1EMeq           Code for event (see below)
        3rd line:        82/6            Country Code
        4th line:        SDi954(a)       Abb. for city/site, year, incrementation

Codes for the second line of the call number:

        1EM     Earth Movements
                av     avalanches
                eq     earthquakes
                sb     subsidences
        2F      Fires
                ff     forest fires
        3FL     Floods
                ls     landslides
        4ST     Storms
                bl     blizzards
                ds     duststorms
                hu     hurricanes
                is     ice storms
                ms     monsoons
                ss     sandstorms
                to     tornadoes
                ts     thunderstorms
                tw     tidal waves
                ty     typhoons
                ws     windstorms


Specific Classifications
       This group should fall in the drawer before the general views. They are really .9 as
       opposed to General View of 1.2

       90      Building Plans (Ground)
       91      Building Plans (Sections)
               91a      Longitudinal
               91b      Cross
               91c      Court
               91d      Isometric
               91e      Axonometric
       92      Building Plans (Elevations)
               92a      Main Facade
               92b      Slides
               92i      Interiors
       93      Model (Exterior)
       94      Model (Interior)
       95      Construction Details
               95ord orders
               95ba      bases
               95cap capitals
               95flu     fluting
                      etc., etc.
       96      Architects' Drawings
       97      Reconstructions (views, drawings of reconstructions)

General Classifications
1Pr    Projects
1V     Overall view of city/complex/etc.
1VC    General view of construction
10     Ruins, View of excavation, discovery of site, etc.
11     Urban Renewal (i.e. Paris)
12     General view, aerial view
13     City Walls, Streets, Fortifications, Moats, Sidewalks
14     Gates, Triumphal Arches (when closed with architecture), Arcades,
15     Obelisks, Columns, Monuments, Standing Stones, Monoliths
16     Bridges, Ports, Lighthouses, Harbors
17     Aqueducts, Dams, Cisterns, Sewers, Wells
18     Plaza, Place, Public Squares, Gardens, Cemeteries, Loggia, Propylaea, Fora, Agora,
       Courts, Stoa, Basilicas (non-religious), Parks, Rostra, Colonnades
19     Fountains, Watershoots, Falls, Canals, Man-Made Bodies of Water

2      Temple, Church, Synagogue, Rock-cut Temples (cave), Pagodas, Mosques, Ziggurats
20     Campanile
21     Baptistery
22     Monasteries
       22A     Abbeys
       22P     Priories
23     Monastery Complexes, Missions
       23.1    Convents
       23.2    Vihara (Monk cells)

25   Minarets, Turrets, Towers
26   Tombs, Tomb Towers, Mausolea, Pyramids, Tholos, Crypts, Cenotaphs, Stupas
27   Chapels, Rock-cut Chapels, Grottos
28   Cellas, Catacombs (28C when no precise catacomb named)
29   Shrines, Altars, Burning Ghats, Funeral Pyres, Tea Houses (ceremonial)

3    Palaces, Castles, Chateaux, Royal Estates
30   Imperial Halls
31   Royal Complexes
35   Royal Villas
37   Royal Pleasure Edifices
39   Royal Hunting Lodges

4    Large Houses
40   Townhouses
41   Housing Projects
42   Residences

43   Apartment Buildings, Dorms, Insula
     43.1    Apartment Complexes (w/ businesses or multiple apartment names)
44   Row Houses
45   Tents
46   Barns, Greenhouses, Conservatories, Farm Buildings, Botanical Gardens
47   Hotels
48   Communal Houses, Villages, Haciendas
49   Caves, Primitive Abodes
     49.1    Gazebos, Playhouses, Treehouses
     49.2    Roundhouses, Storage Facilities

5    Schools
50   Various Buildings w/ University (i.e. Harvard Hall, Auditorium, Dorm)
52   Archives
53   Libraries
55   Learned Societies
56   Research Centers
57   Observatories

6    Museums
60   Clubs
61   Benevolent Societies (YWCA)
62   Zoos, Aquariums, Menageries
63   Campus: Military and others
65   Geodesics
66   Futuristics
68   Multipurpose Complexes

7    Public Amusement, Public Pavilions, Stadiums (7St)

70    Resorts
71    Theaters, Halls, Megaron, Arts Complexes
72    Open Air Amphitheatres
73    Gymnasiums
74    Baths, Pools, Lakes, Hot Springs, Ponds, Lagoons, Latrines
75    Fairs, Expositions, Market Places, Merchants' Exchanges, Design Centers
76    Race Tracks, Stadia, Bull-Fighting Rings, Equestrian Centers
77    Casinos
78    Municipal Recreation
79    Restaurants, Dining Areas

8     Government & Municipal (Capitals, Courts of Law, etc.), Embassies
80    Army Buildings, Fortresses, Naval Stations
81    International Organizations (United Nations)
82    Hospitals, Asylums, Jails, Police Stations, Fire Stations
83    Railway Stations, Railroads, Airports, Freeways, Subways
84    Guild Halls, Town Halls
85    Banks, Treasuries, Stock Markets
86    Factories, Warehouses
      86.1     Electrical Power Plant
      86.2     Technology Parks
      86.3     Industrial Parks
      86.4     Mines & Mining Camps
87    Telephone, Radio, Television, Newspaper Buildings
88    Stores and Shops
89    Office Buildings
      89Z      Parking Garages

91    Houseboats
92    Storage Buildings

Secular Interiors:

      (i)1    Entrance Hall, Vestibule, Atriums
      (i)11   Corridor, Hallway
      (i)12   Gallery, Loggia, Balcony, Clerestory
      (i)13   Stairway
      (i)18   Courtyard of Palazzi, etc. when enclosed (indoors)
              (given an (h) in exterior cataloging outdoor courts)
      (i)19   Colonnade

      (i)2    Main Hall, Living Room
      (i)22   Parlor
      (i)23   Salon

      (i)3    Drawing Room, Music Room, Reception Room
      (i)32   Audience Hall, Conference Room, Court Room

      (i)4    Library, Den, Studio, Lounges, Offices

      (i)5    Dining Room

      (i)6    Kitchen
      (i)61   Pantry, Pottery or Silver Rooms
      (i)62   Storage Room

      (i)7    Bedroom

        (i)71   Guest Room
        (i)72   Dressing Room

        (i)8    Bathroom

        (i)9    Gallery, Ballroom, etc.


        When more than one floor, use (i1), (i2), etc. then keep the regular breakdowns given
        above for individual rooms.

        Example: 2nd floor bedroom        (i2)7

        For parts of rooms, add an abbreviated letter code.

        c       Ceilings
        cc      Closets, Cupboards
        d       Doors, Archways
        f       Floors
        fi      Fireplaces
        h       Hallway
        i       Illumination, Lamps, Lights
        n       Niches
        sc      Screen
        sk      Skylights
        st      Stove
        w       Walls
        wp      Wall Paintings

        Examples:        Bedroom door = (i)7d
                         Kitchen = (i)6wl...(2,3,4 for other walls)
                         Dining Room Floor = (i)5f
                         Bathroom Ceiling = (i)8c

        When more than one floor, use (i1), (i2), etc., then keep the regular breakdowns given
above for individual rooms.

        Example:         2nd floor bedroom window = (i2)7wi

Secular Exteriors:
        (a)     Front
        (b)     Side to left of front
        (c)     Side to right of front
        (d)     Back of building
        (g)     Roof

        For these parts of exteriors, add an abbreviated letter code.

        b       Balconies
        d       Driveways
        g       Gates
        p       Porches
        pl      Parking Lots
        s       Sculpture
        sw      Sidewalks, paths, etc.
        t       Towers

        w         Walls

        Examples:         Front Parking Lot = (a)pl
                          Rear Driveway = (d)d
                          Left Porch = (b)p

Front                     (a)1
Front Entrance    (a)2
Left Entrance             (b)2
Right Side Ext.   (c)1
Right Entrance    (c)2                                picture of a house
Back                      (d)1
Back Entrance     (d)2
Front Porch               (a)p
Roof                      (g)

Greek Architecture

East Exterior           (a)
North Exterior          (b)                    Opisthodomos   (ib)
West Exterior           (c)                    Ceiling        (ib)9
South Exterior          (d)
                                               Treasury       (ia)6
East Front              (a)1                   Ceiling        (ia)9b
Columns                 (a)1d
Lower 1/2 column        (a)1d1a                Naos           (ia)
Upper 1/2 column        (a)1d1b                Ceiling        (ia)9a
Capital                 (a)1d1c
Misc. Capital           (a)1dc                 Pronaos        (ai)
Crepidoma               (a)1e                  Ceiling        (ai)9
Akreterion              (a)1e
Pediment                (a)2                   West petron    (ic)
Entablature             (a)3                   Anta           (id)
Cornice                 (a)3b
Frieze*                 (a)3c
Triglyphs*              (a)3ca
Metopes*                (a)3cb
Architrave              (a)3d
Base/Podium             (a)4
East Peristyle          (a)p
E. Peristyle Frieze     (a)p3b
E. Peristyle Ceiling    (a)p9

* For peristyle friezes, use numbers
corresponding to those marked with
an * above.
Example: West Peristyle Frieze/detail 1st on
left = (c)p3b1

Christian Architecture

            (a)6                                                (a)7


      (a)5a right
      (a)5b center
      (a)5c left


                             (a)3       (a)2    (a)4


                                    West                  (a)
                                    South                 (b)
                                    East                  (c)
                                    North                 (d)
                                    Tower                 (e)
                                    Roof                  (g)

                                      Whole Facade (a)1

                   (a)3                   (a)2                 (a)4

                     EXTERIOR: PORTALS/TYMPANUMS

(a)2a1   left jamb (side pieces of windows, doors)
(a)2a2   right jamb
(a)2a3   trumeau (vertical stone central support for doorway pediment)
(a)2a4   overall-lintel, tympanum, archivolt
(a)2a5   lintel
(a)2a6   tympanum (semi-circular space above lintel in arched doorway)
(a)2a7   left archivolt (lowest of the three divisions of a beam)
(a)2a8   right archivolt


    (a)         (ai)                          (ia)                                          (c)


                                                                                    W       E


(ai)             Narthex (atrium) (room at west end before entering church)
(ia)             Nave: general view (main body of church, for congregation)
(ia)1            Altar
(ia)2            Bays (series of uniform divisions of the nave or roof)
(ia)3            Crossing (intersection between nave, chancel and transepts)
(ia)4            Choir
(ia)5            Ambulatory/Apse (semi-circular end of a church, walkway)
(ia)6            North Aisle(s) (side division of the nave)
(ia)6g           N. Aisle Galleries (upper storey over the aisle)
(ia)7            South Aisle(s)
(ia)7tri         Triforium (arcaded passage above the nave)
(ia)8            Attached Chapels
(ia)8s           Sacristry (room for keeping vestments, sacred vessels)
(ia)9            Ceiling/Vaults
           9a             Nave
           9b             Crossing
           9c             Altar/Choir
           9d             Chapels
           9e             Dome
(ia)9f           Floors
(ia)c            Misc. Capitals
(ia)d            Columns, Piers, Pendentives, Pillars
(ia)s            Misc. Sculpture
(ia)t            Misc. Tympana, Lunettes, Spandrals
(ia)w            Windows
(ib)             South Transept (area intersecting with the nave of the crossing)
(ib)a            South Transept Aisle(s)
(ib)g            South Transept Galleries
(ic)             Lady Chapel
(id)             North Transept

(ip)        Crypt/Tombs
/c          Cloister
/ch         Chapter-house (administrative meeting place for the church)

                             Modern Architecture (post 1860)

For Single Architect:

         Enter Architect‟s name in cutter number field. Keep the first and second call number line the
same. Third line enter the code for what type of structure it is, an acronym for the structure name,
followed by (a). Use (b) if there already exists an identical structure code and name for the same
architect, but is a different structure. The fourth line codes are for what is represented, for example the
roof or garden followed by a 1 for first view,        2 for second view, etc. Occasionally there wil be more
info needed, such as living room door. A / should follow after the divisions and before the components.

        The Call number should look something like this:

        1/75             architect/country
        L474             architect cutter number
        7dSmh(a)         Single built work/dwelling single/My house/first
        4ST1/rDR1        Social/sitting rooms/first one/door/first one

For projects by more that one architect:

         Enter architect‟s name in Cutter number field. Add the extension “pr” at the end of the first line
of the call number. Write over the architect‟s cutter number in the second line and enter in the code for
the project followed by (a). The third and fourth line are the same as for a single architect.

        The call number should look something like this:

        1/75pr           architect/country/project
        6cmci(a)         complex/commercial/Citadel/first
        7CM1/            single built work/mercantile/first store
        nST1             service/stairway/first view

Views, Reference, and Renderings

          Views of a city, there is no cutter number. Enter a city cutter number on the second line. The
third line will contain the reference code followed by      a 1, for the first view.

        The call number should look something like this:

        175              architecture site/country
        P123             city cutter number
        1VA1             reference/aerial view/first view

For reference and renderings the call # should look something like this, depending on whether the relation
is to the architect, or a project:

        1/75             Architect/Country
        L474             Architect Cutter #
        1Po1             Reference/Portraits/First one

         1/75           Architect/Country
         L474           Architect Cutter #
         7DSmh(a)       Single-Built Work/Single Dwelling/My House/First
         96A1           Renderings/Interior Perspective Drawing/First One

         1/75pr         Architect/Country/Projects
         6RLcn(a)       Complexes/Religious Structures/Church North/First
         8GW1/          Open Spaces/Water Gardens/First One
         93a            Model Exterior/First One

To indicate increments, a number will follow letters, and lowercase letters follow numbers.


100             Prehistoric Architecture
1/00            Architecture Reference
1/00b           Architecture: Biography
1/00c           Architectural Construction
1/00d           Architectural Drawings
1/00g           Landscape Garden Reference
1/00m           Architecture: Materials
1/00p           Architectural Publications
1/00s           Architectural Safety
1/00t           Architectural Technology
1/00th          Architectural    Theory/Analysis
1/00u           Urban Planning/Studies
1/82            Architecture by Architect
182             Architecture by Site
182pr           Architecture by Project


The Dewey Decimal Numbering typical of third lines in the regular system does not apply here. Number
codes are sequential.

90-99           Architect‟s renderings

1               Reference

2               Urban Planning

3               Construction (site-specific only)

4               Projects (i.e. unrealized works)

The classifications above can be uses before or after the codes below.


90        Building Plans (Ground)

91        Building Plans (Sections and Projections)
          A       longitudinal
          B       cross
          C       court
          D       isometric
          E       axonometric
          F       oblique

92        Building Plans (Elevations)
          A       main facade
          B       sides
          I       interiors

93        Model (Exterior)

94        Model (Interior)

95        Construction Details
          ord    orders
          bas    bases
          cap    capitals
          col    columns
          flu    fluting

96        Architect‟s Drawings of Finished Products
          a, b, c, etc. (if not perspective drawing).
          A        perspective drawings (interior)
          B        perspective drawings (exterior)
          C        diagrams

97        Reconstructions (views, drawings of reconstructions)



1         REFERENCE

MP        maps
PH        photographs
PO        portraits
PR        projects
RF        reference (documentary, historical)
RI        restorations & renovations (interior)
          for buildings dated after 1860
RX        restorations & renovations (exterior)
          for buildings dated after 1860

RZ               artist‟s representations, not architect‟s
VA               aerial views
VC               general view of construction
VG               general views
VP               partial views
VW               views

4              PROJECTS -- General Classifications
               In this case “Projects” means unrealized works, and not, as in the medium “1pr,” a work
created by more than one major architect.

AA               settlements
AC               complexes
AS               single built works
AO               open spaces
BD               building divisions
EC               elements and components
SP               special building types
SY               systems

                 2nd and 3rd lines (depending on if it is anonymous or not)
                 follows this order:

                 The code should read 4AS(a) or 4aspb(a) if there is a name given to the project.

                 This should be followed by an additional code, i.e. 96B1 if it is a perspective drawing.

5                SETTLEMENTS -- General Classifications

AG               agglomerations
BW               bodies of water
CC               communes & collectives
CT               cities
IR               Indian reservations
MA               metropolitan areas
PC               planned communties
PT               ports
SB               suburbs
SP               space colonies
TN               towns
UT               utopias (ideal cities)
VL               villages
ZZ               other

6                COMPLEXES -- General Classifications

Codes for Single Built Works (7) can be used if it is not listed here.

AG               agricultural
AR               amusement/recreation/art/expositions
CM               commercial
CT               cities
DT               detention
ED               educational
FN               funerary

GV        government (civilian)
HW        health and welfare
IN        industrial
MD        media (film, broadcast, print)
ML        military
MP        multi-purpose
OF        office
RC        recreation
RD        residential
RL        religious
RS        research
TR        transportation
UR        urban districts
UT        utility
ZZ        other

7         SINGLE BUILT WORKS -- General Classifications

AG        agricultural structures
CD        commercial buildings (dining)
CF        commercial buildings (financial)
CM        commercial buildings (mercantile)
CO        communications structures
CS        commercial buildings (service)
CT        commercial buildings (technical)
DG        dwellings (for groups)
DM        dwellings (multiple)
DS        dwellings (single)
DZ        dwellings (movable)
ED        education buildings
EX        exhibition buildings
FT        fortifications
FU        funerary
GS        gate structures (entrance buildings)
GV        government buildings (non-military)
HS        hydraulic structures
HW        health and welfare
IH        information handling structures
IN        industrial structures
IT        institutional buildings
MA        monuments (architectural)
ME        memorials
MI        military buildings
MP        multi-purpose buildings
OB        out-buildings
OF        office buildings, administration
PA        performing arts structures
PB        public buildings
PH        public accommodations
RC        recreation structures
RG        religious structures
RS        research structures
SB        societies‟ buildings
SC        social and civic buildings

SF             storage facilities
SH             shelters
TS             transportation structures
WB             workshop buildings
UT             utility
VH             vehicles
ZZ             other

8              OPEN SPACE -- General Classifications

GL             gardens (landscape)
GW             gardens (water)
MU             musallas
NP             nature preserves
PK             parks
QD             quadrangles
RF             refuse areas
SC             sculpture
SQ             squares, plazas
SR             sports and recreation spaces
TR             transportation spaces
YD             yards
ZZ             other


Precede these codes with a slash. Codes preceded by a slash will come before codes preceded by a
period. (ZZ can be used for miscellaneous in any category).

/a             Building divisions

AC             arcades
BY             bays
CL             cells
CO             colonnades
DP             departments
EB             back elevations
EF             front elevations (facades)
EL             side elevations (left of main facade)
ER             side elevations (right of main facade)
ES             street elevations
EZ             exterior (miscellaneous details)
FW             foundation walls
IV             interior (general view)
GD             garden elevations
GL             galleries
IZ             interior (miscellaneous details)
LF             lofts
RF             roofs
RM             rooms
RT             rotundas

/b             Accessory

AC        attics
AL        alcoves
AN        annexes
AP        appentices
AT        atriums
BA        balconies
BO        booths
CG        cages
CR        carports
CT        courtyards
DK        decks
EL        ells
EX        extensions
HC        hemicycles
HY        hyphens
LE        lean-tos
LG        loggias
OA        open-air rooms
PO        porches
PR        porticoes
PT        patios
RT        rooftops (as usable space)
SP        stoops
ST        stalls
SU        suites
TR        terraces
WN        wings

/c        Entrances

AT        anterooms
EH        entrance halls
LB        lobbies
LD        loading docks
MD        mud rooms
VB        vestibules

/d        Social

BR        ball rooms
CR        common rooms
CS        conservatories
DN        dens
DR        drawing rooms
FL        Florida rooms
FR        family rooms
HL        halls
LB        libraries (rooms)
LO        lounges
MG        megarons
PL        parlors
RA        reception areas
SL        salons
SO        solars

SR        staff rooms
ST        sitting rooms (living rooms)
TG        T‟ang

/e        Refreshment (eating and drinking)

BH        banquet halls
BN        breakfast nooks
BR        breakfast rooms
CF        cafeterias
CL        cocktail lounges
DA        dining alcoves
DH        dining halls
DN        dinettes
DR        dining rooms
LR        lunchrooms
PA        picnic areas
PR        pump rooms
RS        rathskellers
SR        supper rooms

/f        Sleeping & Private

BR        bedrooms
BT        birthing rooms
DM        dormitories
DR        dressing rooms
NS        nurseries
SR        servant‟s rooms

/g        Baths & Sanitary

AB        ablutions rooms
BR        bathrooms/lavatories
LK        locker rooms
LR        laundry rooms
SA        saunas
SH        shower rooms
SS        shower stalls
ST        steamrooms
TC        toilet cubicles
WT        walk-through foot-baths

/h        Equipment

BL        belfries
CP        computer rooms (equipment)

/I        Work and Instructional

AU        auditoriums
AV        audio-visual centers
BK        banking rooms
BS        broadcasting studios

CL        classrooms
CP        computer rooms
CR        clean rooms
CT        control rooms
DK        dark rooms
KT        kitchens
LB        laboratories
LG        language laboratories
LR        laundries
OF        offices
RD        reading rooms
SC        sculleries
SL        sail lofts
SS        sound studios
ST        studios (work spaces)
SW        sewing rooms
WK        workshops

/j        Display

AR        auction rooms
EX        exhibits
GL        galleries
SR        show rooms
ST        stages

/k        Religious (in secular context)

CH        chapels
SH        shrines

/l        Assembly

/m        Storage

BN        boms
BC        burial chambers
CR        cellars
CH        chandleries
CK        checkrooms
CL        cloakrooms
CT        closets
CD        cold storage rooms
DR        drawers
GR        gun rooms
LD        larders
PT        pantries
SH        shelves
SL        stillrooms
SR        storage rooms
ST        storerooms
TR        treasuries
WD        wardrobes (rooms)

/n        Circulation & Service (utility and access)

AC        access chambers
AL        airlocks
AS        aisles
AW        area ways
CC        concourses
CR        crawl spaces
CS        chases
CT        chutes
CW        covered walkways
DT        ducts
EL        elevator/escalator wells
HT        hatchways
LO        loading docks
PR        promenades
PW        passageways, hallways, corridors
SC        service cores
SH        shafts
ST        stairways/stairwells

/o        Garden

AR        arbors
EC        eye-catchers
FL        follies
GD        gardens
GR        grottoes
GZ        gazebos
LB        labyrinths
LW        lawns
NY        nymphaea
PL        plants
PV        pavilions
RG        rock gardens
SP        sculpture
TH        tea houses
WB        water bodies

/p        Recreation

BK        basketball courts
GC        golf courses
GY        gymnasiums
PL        playgrounds
SW        swimming pools
TN        tennis courts

/r        Protective

AS        air raid shelters
SC        storm cellars
TS        train sheds
VT        vaults (strong rooms)

/t          Theater Spaces

BX          boxes (audience spaces)
CN          cunei
CV          caveae
DZ          diazomata
FL          fly lofts
FS          forestages
GR          green rooms
OA          orchestras (audience spaces)
OP          orchestra pits
OS          orchestras (stage spaces)
PC          praecinctiones
PD          paradoses
PP          pulpita
PS          proscaenia
PT          pits (theater spaces)
RS          revolving stages
SH          stage houses
SM          stage machinery
ST          stages
TA          theater auditoriums
TS          thrust stages
VT          vomitories


/u          Christian Religious Building Elements

AL          altars
AN          anchorages
AP          apses
AS          aisles
AT          atriums
BT          baptisteries
CA          choraulae
CG          church galleries
CH          chancels
CL          choir lofts
CLO         cloister
CN          conventicles
CP          chapels
CR          crossings
CS          clerestories
CV          chevets
CY          crypts
EX          excubitoria
FO          forechurches
KL          kliroi
MT          matronea
NT          narthexes
NV          naves

OB        obraznaya
OL        organ lofts
SC        sacristies
TF        triforiums
TR        treasuries
TS        transepts
TW        towers
WW        westworks

/v        Greek and Roman Religious Building Spaces

AD        adyta
AP        anteporticoes
CH        chresmographia
CL        cellae
NA        naoi
OP        opisthodomoi
PD        peridomes
PE        peristyles
PN        pronaos
PR        prostasis
PT        pteromata
PV        pulvinaria

/w        Hindu Religious Building Spaces

GH        garbha-griha
NV        navaranga
PP        pradakshina-patha

/x        Islamic Religious Building Spaces

MD        mida‟a
MS        musallah
RV        ruvaq
SH        sahn
ZL        zulla
ZY        ziyada

/z        Other Religious Building Spaces

HD        haiden
HJ        hojo
HN        honden
KA        kairo
KO        kondo
MO        morada

                             ELEMENTS, COMPONENTS AND SYSTEMS
                                         (.a through .z)

Precede these codes with a period. Codes preceded by a period will come after codes preceded by a

.a             General

.b             Enclosures

BR             barriers, railings
CL             ceilings
FL             floors
FM             floor components
PT             partitions
PV             pavements
RE             roofs (exterior)
RF             roof components (exterior)
RI             roofs (interior)
RJ             roof components (interior)
SC             screens
WC             wall components
WL             walls

.c             Openings

DR             doorways
DZ             door components
GT             gates
OC             oculi
WU             windows
WJ             window components

.d             Circulation

CN             conveyers
EL             elevators
RP             ramps
SC             staircases
WL             walks

.e             Towers

.f             Earthen Elements

.g             Water Elements

BB             birdbaths

BW        bodies of water
DF        drinking fountains
FT        fountains

.h        Structural & Support

AB        abutments
AC        arch components
AR        arches
BE        beams
BR        brackets
BT        buttresses
CL        columns
CP        capitals
CT        cantilevers
DC        dome components
DO        domes
FC        foundation components
FO        foundations
JO        joints
LN        lintels
MS        masts
PE        piers
PL        plinths
PO        podiums
PR        props
PS        posts
SB        stereobates
SP        subplinths
ST        stays
UP        underpinnings
VK        vault components
VL        vaults

.i        Surface Elements and Components

AM        amortizements
CL        cladding
CO        coping
EO        edge ornaments
FL        flashing
FS        fascias
ML        moldings
MQ        murqarnas
SF        soffits
SH        shoji
TR        tracery

.j        Decorative Elements

DI        display
FU        furniture
GL        glass
GR        graphics

LL        lights, lamps
MC        mosaics & ceramic tile decoration
MT        metalcraft
PA        paintings
PC        paper coverings
PL        plastic coverings
SA        sculpture (architectural)
SF        sculpture (free-standing)
SG        signs
TX        textiles
WW        woodwork
ZI        miscellaneous interior design
ZZ        other/miscellaneous

.k        Recreational Equipment

BK        baskets (e.g. basketball)
PL        playground equipment
NT        nets (tennis, volleyball, etc.)

.l        Heating and Cooking Elements

CH        chimneys
FI        fireplaces
FP        fireplace components
SO        stove and ovens (heating and cooking)

                                            (.m through.p)

.m        Electrical

LI        lighting
WI        wiring

.n        Mechanical

AC        air conditioning/cooling
HT        heating
VT        ventilation

.o        Plumbing

FX        fixtures
PL        plumbing systems
SP        seepage pits
ST        septic tanks
SD        storm drainage
SU        sumps
TR        traps
WH        water heaters
WS        water storage

.p        Protection

FA        fire alarms
FD        fire detectors
FX        fire extinguishers
SS        security systems

                                  RELIGIOUS ELEMENTS

.u        Christian Religious Building Fixtures

AL        altars
AM        ambres
BO        baldacchinos/altar canopie
CF        confessionals
CR        communion rails
ES        Easter sepulchers
FT        feretories
IC        iconostases
LT        lofts (church accessories)
PP        pulpits
SB        sanctus bells, bells
SC        screens
SP        septa

.v        Greek and Roman Religious Building Fixtures

AL        altars
PP        Parapetasma

.w        Hindu Religious Building Fixtures

GH        Ghanadvara

.x        Islamic Religious Building Fixtures

MN        Minbar
MQ        Maqsura
NH        Nihrab
PR        prayer balconies
QW        Qibla walls

.y        Jewish Religious Building Fixtures

AR        Arks (synagogue fixtures)
BM        Bemas
TB        Tabernacles (synagogue fixtures0

 13      Statuettes, Figurines
 14      Unknown
 15      Men
 16      Women
 17      Groups
 18      People and Animals (Equestrian)
 19      Animals

            Note: When only parts of a piece are extant or when this part is the whole piece-
            Head                                    .1
            Bust                                    .2
            Torso                                   .3
            Lower Torso                             .4
            Full Attached Figures                   .5
            Hands                                   .6
                     Male portrait heads                    15.1
                     Female portrait heads                  16.1

 2       ALTARS
 2T      Tabernacles
 20      Ciboria, Montrances
 21      Pulpits
 22      Fonts, Fountains
 24      Ambos
 25      Choir Screens, Rood Screens
 27      Retables, Reredos
 28      Chancels

 30      Ritual Objects
 31      Tombstones, Slabs, Stelai, Cippus
 32      Caskets, Coffins, Chests, Storage
 33      Pyxis
 34      Vases, Urns, Rhytons
         34C         Canopic Jars
         34D         Cinerary Urns
         34F         Funerary Urns
 35      Reliquaries
 36      Funeral Monuments, Tombs
 37      Obelisks, Herms
 38      Statue Bases, Standing Stones, Linga
 39      Non-funerary monuments

 41   Triptychs
 44   Panels, Plaques
 47   Hieroglyphs, disc and tables, inscriptions, tablemen (game   pieces)
 48   Book Covers
 49   Missoriums

 51   Plates, Dishes, Paten (Ptn), Patera (Ptr)
 52   Chalices
 53   Urns, Vessels, Vases (non-funerary)
 54   Bowls, Basins, Trullae
 55   Pallettes, Molds
 56   Censers
 58   Centerpieces or Table Ornaments
 59   Crosses

 6    FURNISHINGS (religious and regal)
      6M       Misericords
 61   Thrones
 66   Models
 67   Lamps
 68   Mirrors
 69   Jewelry, Crowns, etc.

 70   Capitals
 71   Pillars, Columns
 72   Relief
 73   Relief of miscellaneous format
 75   Friezes, Metopes
 76   Antifix
 77   Pedimental Sculpture
 78   Doors
 79   Ornaments

 8    INCISED DRAWINGS (Greek Painting, not Etruscan - they're in drawing)
 82   Staves, Rods, Scepters

      84           Tools
      85           Armor
      86           Weapons
      88           Musical Instruments

      90           Earth Sculpture
      96           Games
      97           Boats, Ships
      98           Masks
      99           Miscellaneous


Groups of Figures

      All, viewed from front:            (a)1a1
      All, viewed from right:            (a)1a2
      All, viewed from left:             (a)1a3
      All, viewed from back:             (a)1a4

      Individual figures within a group: Assign a letter beginning with b, count from left to right.

      First figure from left (viewed from front):         (a)1b1
      Second figure from left (viewed from front):        (a)1c1
      Third figure from left (viewed from front):         (a)1d1


      First figure from left (viewed from right):         (a)1b2
      Second figure from left (viewed from right):        (a)1c2

Single Figures

                                     Full figure    (a) 1
                                     Upper 2/3
                   (a)1a5                    (a)1a1
                                     Most torso
               (a)1a4                Head/Chest
          (a)1a3            (a)1b    Head/Shoulders
      (a)1a2                         Head

                                     Front view    1
                                     Right view    2
                                     Left view     3
                                     Back view     4


 Sample Records:

 372                       3 = Painting 72 = Italy
 C262.6                    Cutter # for artist (Caravaggio)
 12D                       Subject of painting is David (Old Testament)
 (a)                       (a) Refers to particular painting of this subject. The
                   next “David” cataloged would be assigned (b), the
          next, (c) etc.

 372                      3 = Painting 72 = Italy
 C262.6                   Cutter # for artist (Caravaggio)
 12D                      Subject of painting is David (Old Testament)
 (a)1                     Same painting as above but slightly cropped at the
                  sides, hence (a)1. See diagrams for guide to
          assigning numbers for particular details.

 Third Line

 1In      Installations
 1Mp      Maps
 1Ph      Photographs of the Artist
 1Po      Portraits of the Artist
 1Rf      References, influences concerned with the artist and his/her works
 1Rm      Models

 10       GENERAL OLD TESTAMENT SUBJECTS (Also, God alone)
 11       Pentateuch (First 5 Books=Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers,
          11A              Adam
          11Abr            Abraham
          11AE             Adam & Eve
          11CA             Cain & Abel
          11E              Eve
          11Ja             Jacob
          11Jo             Joseph
          11Lo             Lot
          11Mo             Moses
          11No             Noah
          11Re             Rebecca
 12       Historical Books (Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Samuel I, Samuel II,
 Kings I, Kings II, Chronicles I, Chronicles II, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther)
          12Ba             Bathsheba
          12D              David
          12El             Elijah
          12S              Samson
          12So             Solomon
 13       Poetic Books (Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of

 14      Prophetical Books (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekial,
 Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum,
 Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zecharaih, Malachi)
         14SMA Shadrach, Meshach, Abendego or Fiery Furnace
 15      Old Testament Apocrypha
 16      Judith
 17      Tobit
 18      Susanna
 19      Two-sided panels, Divided panels
         19A     Altarpieces, Retables
         19B     Confraternal banners
         19D     Diptychs
         19P     Polyptychs
         19T     Triptychs

 20      GENERAL NEW TESTAMENT SUBJECTS (w/series of Life of
 Christ & Virgin)
         20M      Massacre of the Innocents

 21      Life of Christ (General Series of Scenes)

 22      Birth and Boyhood of Christ
         22A     Annunciation to the Shepherds
         22C     Circumcision
         22E     Epiphany (Adoration of Magi)
         22F     Flight into Egypt (also Rest on Flight)
         22N     Nativity
         22Ns Nativity with Saints
         22Nz Nativity with Parents in Nazareth
         22P     Presentation of Christ in Temple
         22S     Adoration of Shepherds
         22T     Disputation in Temple (Christ with Priests)
         22TR Return from the Temple

 23      Public Ministry of Christ
         23B     Baptism of Christ
         23T     Cleansing of Temple
         23Te Temptation of Christ

 24      Miracles of Christ
         24C     Marriage at Cana
         24E     Eucharist
         24F     Feeding of 5,000
         24H     Healing
         24L     Lazarus

 25      Parables and Teachings of Christ
         25A    Woman Taken in Adultery
         25P    Prodigal Son
         25V    Wise and Foolish Virgins
         25W    Washing of Feet

      25WS Woman of Samaria

 26   Passion of Christ
      26As Ascension
      26B    Betrayal (Kiss of Judas, Taking of Christ)
      26BC Bearing the Cross (Road to Calvary)
      26C    Crucifixion
      26D    Descent from Cross (Deposition)
      26De Dead Christ
      26E    Entombment
      26EH Ecce Homo
      26ES Espolis (Disrobing)
      26F    Flagellation
      26G    Agony in Garden (Gethsemane)
      26LC Union of the Apostles
      26H    Christ Before High Priest
      26Her Christ Before Herod
      26J    Entry Into Jerusalem
      26L    Last Supper
      26Li   In Limbo
      26M    Three Marys at Tomb
      26P    Pieta (Lamentation)
      26Pd Dead Christ (with others when he's still most important to
      26Pi   Before Pilate
      26Piw Pilate Washing Hands
      26T    Crown of Thorns (Mocking of Christ)
      26PeD Peters 's Denial
      26Z    Passion Cycles

 27   Resurrection of Christ
      27As Assumption
      27D    Doubting Thomas
      27E    Supper at Emmaus
      27N    Noli me tangere
      27T    Transfiguration
      27TT On Tomb
      27S    With Saints

 28   Other Christ (Portraits, Holy Trinity, Pantocrator, Holy Ghost, etc.)
      28BC Blessing Children
      28MS Man of Sorrows

 29   Apocryphal, Legendary
      29G    Christ in Glory
      29An Anastsis (Descent into Hell)

 30   Life of the Virgin, Saints, Etc.
 31   Virgin
      31A       Annunciation
      31As Assumption

        31B     Birth
        31Be    Betrothal
        31C     Coronation
        31D     Death
        31E     Entombment
        31G     Geneology
        31I     Immaculate Conception
        31J     Joachim and Anna
        31M     Marriage
        31P     Presentation
        31Pu    Purification
        31S     Sleep and Dormitian
        31V     Visitation

 32     Virgin w/Saints; Madonna in Glory; Madonna of Mercy; Our Lady of..., etc.

 33     Madonna and Child (alone)
 34     Madonna and Child with Saints
 35     Holy Family, Holy Conversation
        35J    Joseph
        35K    Holy Kinship

 36     Angels, Archangels, etc.

 37     St. John the Baptist
        37B     Birth
        37BA Baptizing
        37Be Beheading
        37D     Dance of Salome
        37E     Entombment
        37J     Portrait
        37N     Nursing
        37Pr Preaching
        37S     Salome
        37W     Wilderness

 38     Saints, Martyrs, Evangelists, Apostles
        38Za Apostles
        38Ze Evangelists
        38Zc Clergy, Popes, Hermits, Monks
        38Zp Prophets (New Testament)
        38Zs Sacraments & Liturgy

 39     Christian Misc. (Last Judgement, Apocalypse, Pentacost, Disputa,        Paradise)

 39.1   Religious Non-Christian
 4      Mythology
 40     Classical Mythology
 41     Allegory, Personifications
        41P     Parables

 41.5   Cherubs, Putti
 42     Legends

 42.1   Fairytales
 43     Literature
 44     Caricature
 45     History
 46     History, Contemporary to the Artist
 47     Battle Scenes
 48     Triumphal Entry

 5      MEN (with initials, Last name first for known men)
        5Z     (plus initials) Self-Portrait
 50     Unknown
 51     Groups
 53     Occupational
 54     Figure Studies
 58     Men and Animals
 59     Equestrian

 6      WOMEN (with initials, Last name first for known women)
        6Z      (plus initials) Self-Portrait
 60     Unknown
        60ZN Nudes
        60ZO Odalisques
 61     Groups
 62     Pre-Raphaelite allegorical or mythological
 63     Occupational
 64     Figure Studies
 67     Women and Animals
 69     Equestrians

 7      Groups (with initials, Last name first for known groups, family   portraits)
 70     Unknown
 72     Genre, group scenes
 73     Occupational
 74     Figure Studies

 75     Indians
        75.5             Men
        75.5g            Male groups
        75.6             Women
        75.6g            Female groups
        75.7             Groups
        75.8             Indians and Their Surroundings

 77     Groups in Interiors

 78   Groups in Exteriors (People dominant)
 79   Equestrians
      79H     Hunting Scenes of Groups

 8    Landscapes
 80   Skyscapes
 81   Landscapes with People dominant
 82   Landscapes with Animals dominant
 83   Seascapes, Rivers, Riverbanks, Lakes
 84   Seascapes with People
 85   Harbors, Lagoons, Canals
 86   City Views
 87   City Views with people
 88   Architectural Interiors
 89   Architectural Exteriors

 9    Animals
 91   Plants
 92   Still Life
      92A        Animals (dead)
      92F        Flowers
      92FF Flowers and Fruit
      92Fr       Fruit
      92Fu Furniture
      92Mu Musical Instruments
      92V        Violins
 93   Abstract Compositions
 94   Fantasy, Surrealism
 95   Decorative Wall Panels, Greeting Cards, Coats of Arms, etc.
 96   Ornamental Pages, Calligraphy, Canon Tables, Letters, etc.
 97   Packaging
      97CV Cartes-de-Visite
 99   Miscellaneous

Painting diagrams


           d                               e

  b                c       c               b              d   b

           e                               f
           1                               2                  3

      CLOSED                             OPEN                 BACK

      b        c                   c      b       d            b

           1                               2                   3

                               Triptych: Fixed Position

                       c                   b              d


                2                                         3
        2a                 2b                   3a              3b

                4                                         5
        4a                 4b                   5a             5b

 Use (a) for the overall view and (a)1 if image is slightly cropped.

                       2                        3
                  2a            2b         3a        3b

                       4                        5
                  4a        4b             5a        5b


                                           Vase Painting

Sample record:
3| 31/6 |c       1 line:          3 = painting      31 = Greek    /6 = High Classical
H638             2 line: culture cutter number for High Classical
Aa/Phi           3 line: vase artist authority code (must be entered in correct
                 alpha/spacing order)
24K(a)1a1        4 line:          identifies vase type and detail

obverse - 1
reverse - 2

Begin title with vase type: Oionochoe: Aphrodite and Phaon

Vase types:

Amphora                          21A
Askos                            26AS
Cup                              21C
Hydra                            22H
Jug                              24J
Krater (also calyx-krater)               24K
Kylix                            25K
Lekythos                         26L
Oionochoe                        23O
Olpe                             27O
Phiale                           25P
Plate                            27P
Storage jar                      34SJ
Vase                             27V


Manuscript titles:

        If the manuscipt is best known by its author, the author‟s name should come first followed by a
colon and Ms. title:

                 Bede: Historia Ecclesiastica

        If the manuscript is a fragment, the word „fragment‟ should follow the Ms. title in parentheses:

                 Gospel Book (Fragment)

         Facsimiles are treated the same as the original Ms. in the authority record. Include the word,
„facsimile‟ (in parentheses), on the second or third title line of image record only.

Standards for manuscript numbers:

        Insert a space between each space of the manuscript number.
        All codes should begin with either “ms.” or “codex.” If it appears within the code or is lacking
        altogether, it should be moved or added respectively.

                 E.g.:           Godescalc Gospels| P/BN: Nouv. Acq lat. 1203

                 should be:      ms. Nouv. Acq. lat. 1203

                 E.g.:           Lindisfarne Gospels| L/BL: Cotton Ms. Nero D. IV

                 should be:      ms. Cotton Nero D. IV

        Language abbreviations should be lower case, e.g.: lat. And gr.

        Names of Cotton collection Mss. in the British Library should be abbreviated if longer than five

                 E.g.:           ms. Cotton Caligula A. VII

                 should be:      ms. Cotton Calig. A. VII

                 but             ms. Cotton Galba A. XVIII     needs no abbreviation

Note Field:

                  This field should include additional information by which the Ms. might be classified, i.e.,
        vernacular language, school, etc. Very particular infomation may be more appropriate for the note
        field of the image record.

        Sample record:

                         Bede: Historia Ecclesiastica

                         359.5m           3=painting 59.5=Hiberno Saxon m=manuscript
                         H624S            cutter for Hiberno-Saxon
                         8H/BHE(a)        8=secular H/=historical BHE=Bede: Historia Ecclesiastica
                                          this keeps the slide in the genereal history section following 8H/,
                                          which is the code for biographies.

                         For reference use               300m
                                                  Leave second line blank

        Second line codes:

                For mss. filed by type, use either the culture Cutter number or country abbreviation and
        century code (Fr15 = 15 C. France). For manuscripts filed by artist, enter artist Cutter nuber in
        the Cutter no. field.

                 Do not break down Carolingian manuscripts by schools, Ada, Aachen, Reims, etc. Use
        only the general culture cutter number “C282,” on the second line. School information is added in
        parentheses after date in manuscript record.

        Third line codes:

               Create a title acronym and add to manuscript type code. Always use a slash between
        codes and title acronym.

Reference source:

Fitzgerald, Wilma. Ocelli nominum : names and shelf marks of famous/familiar manuscripts
Z6601 .F58 1992

Late Antique/Early Christian

The period designation, Late Antique/Early Christian applies to the following:

        - Late Roman art, including Roman Provincial, from Diocletian (c.284 AD) to Charlemange (c.800

        - Early Byzantine art up to the 6th Century.

        - Christian art from the time of its inception to c.800 AD.

This designation applies ONLY to sculpture, manuscripts and minor arts. It does not apply to architecture,
painting or mosaics since these are classified by site.

First Line Classification:
         The code for Late Antique/Early Christian                    32Z

Second Line Classification:
       The century is represented numerically.

Third Line Classification:
         Use third-line codes respective to media, eg. by genre for manuscripts, by object type for
         sculpture, etc.

Sample Call Numbers:

                332Zm             Manuscripts: Late Antique/Early Christian
                6                 Sixth Century AD
                2H/VG(a)          Hexateuch / Vienna Genesis
                12V               Folio 12v

Schedule of Manuscript Types

    1    Bibles use: Bible                                     heading source:

    2    Old Testament use: Bible.|pO.T.                              LC
         2H     Bible.|pO.T.|pHexateuch                               LC
         2O     Bible.|pO.T.|pOctateuch                               LC
         2P     Bible.|pO.T.|pPentateuch                              LC
         2Ps    Psalters                                              LC

    3    New Testament use: Bible.|pN.T.                              LC
         3A    Apocalypses (manuscripts) [use this for half card      BHA
               and the 695 24]
               Also use: Bible.|pN.T.|pRevelation                     LC
         3E    Bible.|pN.T.|pEpistles                                 LC
         3G    Bible.|pN.T.|pGospels                                  LC
         3Ev   Evangeliaries                                          LC
         3Evs Evangelistaria                                          local

    4    Liturgical (Jeudeo-Christian)                                local
         4B       Benedictionals                                      BHA
         4E       Exultet Rolls                                       BHA
         4G       Graduals (liturgical books)                         LC
         4L       Lectionaries                                        BHA
         4M       Missals                                             BHA
         4P       Passionals                                          BHA
         4Pt      Pontificals                                         BHA
         4S       Sacramentaries                                      BHA

    5    Music (Liturgical Judeo-Christian)                           local
         5A      Antiphonaries                                        BHA
         5C      Chorales                                             LC
         5H      Hymnals                                              BHA
         5S      Sticherarions
         5T      Tropers                                              BHA

    6    Religious, Non-Liturgical (Judeo-Christian)                  local
         6A      Apocrypha (manuscripts)                              LC
                 Also use: Bible.|pN.T.|pApocrypha
         6B      Beatus manuscripts                                   local
         6B      Breviaries                                           BHA
         6BH     Books of hours                                       BHA
         6C      Calendars                                            BHA
         6CL     Canon Law (Decretals) [see also Legal]               BHA
         6CM     Commentaries                                         BHA
         6D      Dead Sea Scrolls                                     LC
         6H      Homilies                                             BHA
         6L      Letters (Epistles)                                   local
         6M      Martyrologies                                        BHA
         6SL     Saints' Lives                                        BHA

 7   Religious (Non-Judeo-Christian)                                 local
     7B      Buddhism                                                BHA
     7C      Confucian                                               LC
     7H      Hindu                                                   LC
     7I      Islamic                                                 LC
     7T      Taoist                                                  LC

 8   Secular                                                         local
     8H      Historical (manuscripts)                                local
     8HB     Biographies (manuscripts) [Namas, Shanamas]             local
     8HC     Chronicles (manuscripts) [Annals]                       BHA
     8HE     Epics (manuscripts)                                     local
     8L      Literary (manuscripts)                                  local
     8LD     Dramas (manuscripts)                                    local
     8LP     Poetry (manuscripts)                                    local
     8LR     Romances (manuscripts)                                  local
     8M      Music (manuscripts)                                     local
     8P      Philosophical (manuscripts)                             local
     8R      Legal (manuscripts)                                     local
             [Rules, statutes, Orders & Law Collections, Charters,
             Decretals-see also Canon Law]
     8S      Scientific/Technological (manuscripts)                  local
     8SA     Astronomical/Astrological (manuscripts) [Computi]       local
     8SB     Bestiaries (manuscripts)                                local
     8SE     Engineering (manuscripts)                               local
     8SH     Herbals (manuscripts)                                   local
     8SM     Medical (manuscripts)                                   local
     8SMi Military (manuscripts)                                     local
     8T      Treatises and Handbooks (manuscripts)                   local
             use in 520: Treatises and Handbooks (Non-Scientific)

     9F      Fragments (manuscripts)                                 BHA
     9Z      Album Leaves (manuscripts)                              local

Only single prints or prints belonging to a series go in this section. Printed images from books go under
BOOK/MAGAZINE ILLUSTRATION. Banknotes, bonds, etc. go under CURRENCY. Other selections
under which printed images might more appropriately be classified are POSTERS, CARTOONS AND
COMIC BOOKS and COMIC STRIPS, ADVERTISING ART and PAPER. All prints using photo related
techniques, i.e.: photoengraving, photolithography, cliche-verre, collotype and halftones, go under

FIRST LINE CLASSIFICATION: Same as for Painting plus the medium code, "p" (lowercase), following
the country code.


THIRD LINE CLASSIFICATION: Same as Painting with the following exceptions:

Printing States: If the state (stage of printing) is known, and the print is not part of a series, the number of
the state follows the subject code, i.e.: 23HG2(a) = Hundred Guilder Print (Rembrandt), second state.

If the print is part of a series, the numerical code for the state follows the letter appearing inside the
parenthesis, i.e.: 26ZP(b1) = Passion series, first state [1] of second slide [b] in series.

If the state of the print is unknown, leave out the numerical code.

Impressions: There can be more than one impression (copy) of the same image having the same state.
The only way to determine if a slide of the same image is of a different impression is by its location code.
Each impression should be treated as a distinct work. For single prints, the impression is designated by
the parenthetical letter. For prints in a series, a letter code is used outside the parenthesis except for the
1st impression catalogued in which no code is used.

e.g., single prints:

23HG2(a)          w/location code L/BM (1st impression catalogued)
23HG2(b)          w/location code NY/Met (2nd impression catalogued)
23HG3(a)          w/location code L/BM (1st impression, different state)

e.g., series:

26ZP(b1)          w/location code P/BN (1st impression catalogued)
26ZP(b1)a         w/location code NY/Met (2nd impression catalogued)
26ZP(b2)a         w/location code P/BN (2nd impression, different state)

Print Reference

Same as for Painting. If state known, number follows subject code, i.e.: 23HG2(a) = Hundred Guilder
Print (Rembrandt), second state. If state unknown, leave out the numerical code.

Each impression is treated as a distinct work designated by the parenthetical letter. Unless from the same
museum, prints of the same image should be treated as different impressions.

First Line
3/00p used for general print reference, country unknown, and for slides categorized by technique (see
second line classification).
Include country code only if the above is not applicable.

Note: there is also a non-reference country unknown, 300p

Second Line
Cutter numbers indicate broad headings for printing techniques followed by abbreviated terms for

Intaglio--I61--design incised or depressed below the surface where ink is held and forced onto paper
through a press.

                        I61eng           engraving
                         " dry           drypoint
                         " mez           mezzotint
                         " etch          etching
                         " aqua          aquatint
                         " stip          stipple
                         " cp            color print (intaglio only)

Relief--R382--image area raised by cutting away negative areas or building up positive ones. Raised
areas are inked and transferred to paper        under pressure.

                       R382wc            woodcut
                          " l.c.         linoleum cut
                          " Mk           metal cut
                          " DP           dotted print
                          " we           wood engraving
Paleographic--P712--printed from a flat surface.

                        P712lith         lithograph
                          " mono         monotype
                          " PO           poacher (simple stencil method)
                          " Ss           silk screen

NOTE: all photo related techniques, i.e.: photoengraving, photolithography, cliche-ver, collotype, and
halftones, go under Photography.

Third Line
1       Tools
2       Process (see below)
3       Printing surfaces (plates, blocks, stones, etc.)
4       Presses and printshops
5       Samples
9       Miscellaneous

Processes are usually shown in step-by-step sets. To keep sets together, a letter should follow the
numerical code. i.e.: 2A(a).

If the subcategories of the second line are to be further broken down, an abbreviated code should follow
the third-line number code, i.e.: 3/00p for sample of a colored woodcut.


Photography                                    399ph

Photography Reference                          I

Advertisements (catalog by company)            IAd


       Equipment                               IE1
             1.         Single Frame Format
                        a.      cameras
                        b.      projectors
                        c.      meters
                        d.      viewers
                        e.      lighting
                        f.      lenses
                        g.      film
                        h.      editors
                        i.      developing equipment

               2.       Stereoscopic Format
                        a.     cameras
                        b.     projectors
                        c.     meters
                        d.     viewers
                        e.     lighting
                        f.     lenses
                        g.     film
                        h.     editors
                        i.     developing equipment

               3.       Motion
                        a.       cameras
                        b.       projectors
                        c.       meters
                        d.       viewers
                        e.       lighting
                        f.       lenses
                        g.       film
                        h.       editors
                        i.       developing equipment

       Techniques                              IE2

       Technologies                            IE3
              2         Microscopic
              3         Telescopic & Aerial
              4         Underwater

                5         Medical
                          cat     Cat Scan
                          mri     Magnetic Resonance Imaging
                          son     Sonogram
                          xr      X-Ray

Photographic formats:

        Carte-de-visite                  IH
        Identity Cards                   IH2
        Daguerreotypes                   IH3
        Woodburytypes                    IH8
        Photo-Booths                     IHB

Anonymous Photography:

Works by known artists are cataloged into this section only if the artist is little known or unimportant.
When cataloging works by known artists in this section, artists are designated by an acronym on the third
line when necessary, BUT NOT BY CUTTER NUMBER.

Example:        399ph            photography
                IIA615           Anonymous
                DJ910            Doe, John 1910
                (a)              first work

Include in the record whatever other information you may have, if available. If you have no other
information except name, create a record anyway.

Anonymous slides are filed by photographic type. To create a new one just add an abbreviation of the type
to IIA615.

        Anonymous                                 IIA615
        Anonymous Color Photos                    IIA615C
        Anonymous Communards                      IIA615Co
        Cliches-Verre                             IIA615CV
        Cliches-Verre: Artists                    IIA615CVk
        Anonymous Daguerreotypes                  IIA615D
        Daguerreotypes: Artists                   IIA615Dk
        Stereoscopic Photography                  IIA615S
        Anonymous Places                          IIA615P
                New York City                     IIA615Pn
        Snapshots                                 IIA615S

Anonymous Photography Country:

Use this category when the images were made by anonymous or little known artists from a particular
country and you want to keep works by photographers from that country together. If the works DEPICT
ethnic groups for the purpose of scientific documentation or anthropological study use PHOTOGRAPHY:

        Japanese Photographers                    IIA615Z

        Black Photographers                       IIB629

Photography Books and Magazines:

Enter an acronym for the book on the third line, followed by a parenthetical code: i.e. (a) for the first image
or (1) for page or plate number.

        Books                                        IIB724/ + century
                 i.e.19th Century                            IIB724/19
                 i.e. 20th Century                           IIB724/20
        Magazines                                    IIBM190/ + century
        Exhibitions/Contests                         IIE96
        Native Americans                             IINA278
        Pornography                                  IIP714E
        Portraits                                    IIP736
                 i.e. Lincoln Anonymous                      IIP736L(a)
                 i.e. Lincoln Artists Known                  IIP736P
                                                             k/+ artist name
        Wars                                         IIW253
                 19 C.                                       IIW253A
                 20 C.                                       IIW253B
                 i.e. World War II                           IIW253B

Photography in Communication                         IK
       Photocartoons                                 IKC
       Photojournalism                      IKJ
       Photoscience                                  IKS

Ethnic and Anthropological:

Use this category when the images were made by anonymous or little known artists and the works
DEPICT ethnic groups for the purpose of scientific documentation or anthropological study.

On the third line enter the first initial for the country or culture followed by the country code for that country
or culture. Put a slash after the country code and then enter the number for the century in which the
photograph was made.

Example:                  399ph                      Photography
                          IN                         Photography: Ethnology
                          A60/19                     Africa/19 C.
                          875(a)                     1875 (first image)

Photography: Ethnology                               IN
       Native American & Environs (set)              IN24
       Native American                               INA278

Pornography                                          IP714

Studios and Galleries                                IS

                                               Minor Arts
These categories are used when the medium or the overall object itself is of most importance. If there is
any sculptural work or painting on the object and this is most important, then it should be placed in
sculpture or painting. (Greek and Roman objects have additional breakdowns which can be found in the
special cataloging folder).

Late Antique/Early Christian

The period designation, Late Antique/Early Christian applies to the following:

        - Late Roman art, including Roman Provincial, from Diocletian (c.284 AD) to Charlemange (c.800

        - Early Byzantine art up to the 6th Century.

        - Christian art from the time of its inception to c.800 AD.

This designation applies ONLY to sculpture, manuscripts and minor arts. It does not apply to architecture,
painting or mosaics since these are classified by site.

First Line Classification:
         The code for Late Antique/Early Christian                    32Z

Second Line Classification:
       The century is represented numerically.

Third Line Classification:
         Use third-line codes respective to media, eg. by genre for manuscripts, by object type for
         sculpture, etc.

Sample Call Number:

                432Zd             Metalcraft: Late Antique/Early Christian
                Fr 6              France Sixth Century
                63F(a)            Fibula

            1          Non-Christian Ritual Objects
            11 Reliquaries
            12 Crosses
            13 Book Covers
            14 Chests
            15 Paraments (ecclesiastical hangings or vestments)
            16 Chalices, Patens, Censers, Incence Burners
            17 Candelabras, Candleholders, Lamps, Lampstands
            18 Crosiers
            19 Miscellaneous esslesiastical things

            2-29         COOKING AND EATING IMPLEMENTS

     21   Cups, Mugs, Tumblers, Glasses, Goblets, Drinking Containers
     22   Plates, Platters, Dishes, Trays
     23   Basins, Bowls
     24   Cooking Dishes, Pots, Serving Vessels, Jugs, Tea Sets
     25   Forks, Knives, Spoons, Teascoops
     27   Churns
     28   Kitchen Utensils (assorted)

     3-39        CONTAINERS
     30 Boxes
     31 Planters, Flowerpots
     32 Vases, Urns, Ritual Vessels, Buckets
     33 Inkwells
     34 Ewers, Flasks, Jars, Bottles, Pitchers, Flagons (34F), Teapots, Cruet Sets
     35 Purses, Pouches
     36 Escutcheons
     37 Perfume Burners
     38 Pyxis
     39 Baskets (non-tribal)

     4-49       ARMOR (War Clothing)
     41 Helmets
     42 Breastplates
     43 Chain Mail
     44 Shields

     5-59        WEAPONS
     51 Swords, Daggers, Spears
     52 Guns
     53 Bows and Arrows
     54 Hatchets, Axes
     55 Blades
     56 Sacrificial, ceremonial knives

     6-69     JEWELRY
     6 Crowns, Diadems, Sceptres, Orbs, Crooks and Flails

     61 Earrings
     62 Bracelets, Armlets
     63 Brooches, Pendants, Pectorals, Pins
     64 Necklaces, Torques, Collars
     65 Combs
     66 Rings
     67 Medallions
     68 Buckles, Belt Ornaments (brooches, clasps, plates,
     69 Crosses

     7-79        MISCELLANEOUS
     7 Musical Instruments
     70 Tools
     71 Inkstones
     72 Building Materials (brick, thatch, etc.)
     73 Grave Markers, Advertising Ornaments
     74 Clothing-Women
            2.1         Undergarments
            2.1b                  Bustles
            2.1c                  Corsets
            2.1cr                 Crinolines
            2.1h                  Hoops and Farthingales
            2.1p                  Paniers
            2.1pe                 Petticoats
            2.1st                 Stockings
            2.2cd                 Court Dresses
            2.2d                  Dresses and Gowns
            2.3ed                 Evening Dresses
            2.4b                  Blouses and Bodices
            2.4sm                 Smocks
            2.4st                 Stomachers
            2.4t                  Tops
            2.51                  Separates
            2.51s                 Sports Clothes
            2.5ps                 Pantsuits
            2.6c                  Coats
            2.6j                  Jackets
            2.7                   Accessories
            2.7ba                 Bags
            2.7bo                 Bonnets
            2.7c                  Scarves and Coifs
            2.7gl                 Gloves
            2.7h                  Hats
            2.7j                  Jewelry
            2.7jn                 Necklaces
            2.7nc                 Night Caps
            2.7pu                 Purses
            2.7sh                 Shoes
            2.9ap                 Aprons
            2.9bs                 Bathingsuits
            2.9pa                 Parasols
            2.9pu                 Punks
            2.10                  Uniforms

     75 Clothing-Men
     75.5 Clothing-Groups
     76 Footgear
     77 Toiletries (Utility Items-combs, brushes, make-up holders, fans, etc.)
     78 Canes, Walking Sticks, Umbrellas
     79 Cloth

     8-89        FURNISHINGS
     80 Couch or Sofa
         80Set          Settee
         80Sett         Settle
         80C/C          Sofa and Chairs
         80B            Bench-Settee like, Park Benches
         80M            Meridiennes
         80.5           Chaises, Daybeds, Restbeds
     81 Beds
         81.8           Headrests (like Egyptians)
     82 Seats
         82C            Chairs
         82CA           Armchairs
         82C/S          Chairs and Stools
         82S            Stools
         82T            Thrones
     83 Tables
         83.1           Consoles and Side Tables (some hooked to a wall)
         83.2           Dining Tables
         83.3           Dressing Tables
         83.4           Game Tables
         83.5           Misc. Small Work Tables (sewing, reading, tea)
         83T/B          Table and Bench Groups
         83T/C          Table and Chair Groups
         83T/M          Table and Mirror Groups
     84 Desks
         84D            Desks
         84S            Secretaires
         84W            Writing Tables and Bureau Plats
     85 Chests or Coffers, Storage
         85.1           Buffets (when not table), Sideboards, Servers
         85.2           Chests of Drawers, Bureaus, Chiffoniers
         85.3           Commodes
         85.4           Cupboards, Wardrobes, Armoires, China Cabinets,
                 Bookcases, Highboys, or other cabinets that usually
         have drawers or shelves.
         85.5           Storage Accessories (ie. Tupperware)
     86 Lamps and Lighting Fixtures, Lanterns, Lampstands (secular)
     87 Miscellaneous
         87.1           Household Appliances
         87.2           Personal Appliances
         87.3           Computers, Business Equipment
         87.4           Telecommunications Equipment

        87.5           Medical Equipment
        87.6           Handicapped Equipment
        87.7           Electrical Entertainment Equipment
        87.8           Sports and Recreation Equipment

     88 Accessories
        88Ch           Chimney Groups
        88C1           Clocks
        88E            Elevator Cabs
        88FS           Fire Screens
        88Kn           Door Knockers
        88Mir          Mirrors
        88Sc           Screens
        88WF           Wall Furnishings
        88WT           Writing Implements
     89 Bedding, Spreads, Blankets, Carpets

     94 Plaques, Disks, Tiles
     95 Finials, Feet, Pole Tops, Bosses
     97 Bridle and Harness Ornaments and Mounts
     98 Masks
     99 Fixtures (plumbing, kitchen, etc.)

                                  Special Societal Groups

The Pre-Columbian slides are arranged by region (Mexico, Central America, South America etc.), by
culture (Olmec, Toltec etc.), and finally by medium. The medium divisions parallel the arrangement of the
rest of the AAL slide collection. Exception: The Maya are treated as a complete sub-set of Mexico, (they
follow immediately after Mexico in the drawers) with their own site subdivisions. Their medium divisions
work the same as the rest of the Pre-Columbian cultures.


/1      Architecture
/2      Sculpture
/3      Painting
/3m     Manuscripts
/3mo    Mosaics
/4c     Ceramics
/4d     Metalcraft
/4t     Textiles


                873                     Mexico
                T654/1                  Toltec/Architecture
                18BC(a)                 Ball Court

                873M                    Maya
                T924/3                  Tulum/Painting
                TF(a)                   Temple of the Frescoes

                875.8                   Peru
                TC538/4d                Chimu/Metalcraft
                25Sp(a)                 Spoon

                875.5                   Columbia
                TQ6/2                   Quimbaya/Sculpture
                13W(a)                  Figurine (woman)

Central America (Pre-Columbian) 1st & 2nd Line
Country Code: 874

1st Line   Cutter #     Region/Group

874.1                   Costa Rica
           C551         Chorrotega
           D596         Diquis
           H888         Huetar
           L392V        La Vaca
           N633         Nicoya
           P171         Palmar

874.2                   El Salvador
874.3                   Guatemala
874.4                   Honduras
874.5                   Nicaragua

874.6                   Panama
           C541.6       Chiriqui
           C659         Cocle
           C972.1       Cuna
           V473         Veraguas

Maya 2nd Line
Country Code: 873M

1st Line                       Subgroup

A465S                          Altar de Sacrificios
A465V                          Alta Verapaz
A470H                          Altun Ha
B171                           Balankanche
B697                           Bonampak
B928                           Buenavista del Cayo
C118                           Cacaxtla
C141                           Calakmul
C257                           Caracol
C384.8                         Cayo (El)
C417                           Cerros
C436                           Chalchuapa
C453                           Chamula
C532                           Chiapas
C532.5                         Chianna
C533I                          Chichen Itza
C533.5                         Chichicastenango
C781                           Copan
D722P                          Dos Pilas
D999                           Dzibilchaltum
E26                            Edzna
E48.8Q                         El Quiche

H685     Hochob
H887     Huehuetenango
I97.3    Iximche
I97.5    Ixlu
J25      Jaina
K11      Kabah
K15      Kaminaljuyu
K79      Kohunlich
L121     Labna
L214     Lamanai
L425.5   Laxtunich
L926.8   Lubaantun
M149     Machaquila
M251     Malinalco
M468     Mayapan
M671.8   Mirador (El)
M772A    Monte Alto
N162T    Naj Tunich
N163     Nakbe
N218     Naranjo
N358     Nebaj
N713L    Nim Li Punit
P117S    Pacific Slope
P156     Palenque
P277     Pasadita (La)
P613     Piedras Negras
P787.5   Pomona
Q8       Quirigua
R585Az   Rio Azul
R585B    Rio Bec
S133A    San Augustin
S274     Sayil
S457     Seibal
T112     Tabasquena
T162     Tancah
T568     Tikal
T663     Tonina
T717     Totonac
T924     Tulum
U11      Uaxactun
U88.5R   Usumacinta River Valley
U96      Uxmal
X7       X-Lapak
X7.5     Xpuhil
X8       Xultun
X8.5     Xunantunich
Y35.9    Yaxchilan
Y35.9H   Yaxha
Z77      Zinacantec

Mexico (excluding Maya)
Country Code: 873

Cutter #                  Sub-Group

A997                      Aztec
C118                      Cacaxtla
C335.5G                   Casas Grandes
C417M                     Cerro de las Mesas
C547                      Cholula
C560                      Chupicuaro
C696                      Colima
C966                      Cuicuilco
G934                      Guerrero
G971.8                    Gulf Coast
H874                      Huastec
H899                      Huichol
J26.3                     Jalisco
M527                      Mezcala
M625                      Michoacan
M684                      Mitla
M679                      Mixtec
M772A                     Monte Alban
N331                      Nayarit
O51                       Olmec
T177                      Tarascan
T312.6                    Tenochtitlan
T314                      Teotihuacan
T564B                     Tierra Blanca
T626                      Tlatilco
T654                      Toltec
T663                      Tonina
V474                      Veracruz
V474B                     Veracruz (Banderilla)
V474C                     Veracruz (Coatepec)
V474N                     Veracruz (Napatecuhtlan)
V474R                     Veracruz (Remojadas)
V474S                     Veracruz (Santa Luisa)
V474T                     Veracruz (El Tajin)
X8                        Xochicalco
X8.5                      Xochipala
Y18                       Yagul
Z4                        Zaachila
Z13                       Zacatenco
Z35                       Zapotec

South America (Pre-Columbian) 1st & 2nd Line
Country Code: 875

1st Line            Cutter #        Region/Group

875                                South America
875.1               R585P                  Rio de la Plata
875.2                              Bolivia
875.2               TT623.5                Tiwanaku
875.3                              Brazil
875.3               C962                   Cubeo
875.3               K15                    Kamayura
875.3               K18.3                  Karaja
875.3               M235                   Maku
875.3               S67.9                  Suva
875.3               T176.5                 Tarairiu
875.3               T928                   Tupinamba
875.3               T976.9                 Txukahamei
875.3               U82.8                  Uruku
875.3               W354                   Waura
875.3               X7                     Xingu
875.4                              Chile
875.4               A663.3                 Araucanian
875.4               M297.8                 Mapuche
875.5/0                            Colombia
875.5/0             TA881                  Atlantic Coast Region
875.5/0             TC153                  Calima
875.5/0             TC265                  Carchi
875.5/0             TC371                  Cauca
875.5/0             TE795C                 Eastern Cordillera
875.5/0             TH638N                 Highland Narino
875.5/0             TM189V                 Magdalena Valley
875.5/0             TP117                  Pacific Coast Region
875.5/0             TQ6                    Quimbaya
875.5/0             TS194                  San Agustin
875.5/0             TS572N                 Sierra Nevada
875.5/0             TS618R                 Sinu Region
875.5/0             TT134                  Tairona
875.5/0             TT649                  Tolima
875.6/0                            Equador
875.6/0             TB151                  Bahia
875.6/0             TC551                  Chorrera
875.6/0             TG913                  Guangala
875.6/0             TJ27                   Jama Coaque
875.6/0             J61.7                  Jivaro
875.6/0             TL358                  La Tolita
875.6/0             TM291                  Mantano
875.6/0             TV146                  Valdivia
875.7                              Paraguay
875.8                              Peru
875.8/0             TA179.8                Achual
875.8/0             TC454                  Chancay

875.8/0   TC512          Chimu
875.8/0   TH874          Huari
875.8/0   TI36           Inca
875.8/0   TL219          Lambayeque
875.8/0   TM151          Macchu Picchu
875.8/0   TM688          Mochica
875.8/0   TN335          Nazca
875.8/0   TP221          Paracas
875.8/0   TR311          Recuay
875.8/0   TS165          Salinar
875.8/0   TS565          Sican
875.8/0   TV647          Vicus
875.9             Uruguay
875.10            Venezuela

Native North America (cutter and region)
Country Code: 890

890/C                     California
        A178                       Achomawi Indians
        C132                       Cahuilla Indians
        C212                       Canalino Indians
        C559                       Chumash Indians
        D575s                      Digueno-Southern Indians
        G118                       Gabrielino Indians
        H958                       Hupa
        I64.5                      Ipai
        K15                        Kamia
        K18                        Karok
        K63                        Klamath
        K82                        Konkow
        K96.5                      Kumeyaay
        L952                       Luiseno
        M217                       Maidu
        M678                       Mission
        M685.5                     Miwok
        M692.5                     Modoc
        M697                       Mohave
        M751                       Mono
        N724.5                     Nisenan
        P787                       Pomo
        S532                       Shasta
        T653                       Tolowa
        T917                       Tulare
        W320                       Washo
        W835.5                     Wiyot
        Y54                        Yokuts
        Y947                       Yuki
        Y95                        Yurok
890/E                     Eskimo
        A323                       Alaskan
        A373                       Aleut
        B511s                      Bering Sea
        D718                       Dorset
        E75                        Eskimo (Misc.)
        G814                       Greenland
        H885b                      Hudson Bay
        I64                        Ipiutak
        K76                        Kodiak Island
        L126                       Labrador
        M157d                      Mackenzie Delta
        O41                        Okvik
        P112                       Pacific-Aleut
        P123                       Padlimuit
        P984                       Punuk
        S246                       Sarquag
        T534                       Thule

890/GB            Great Basin
         C517            Chemehuevi
         P149            Paiute
         P187            Panamint
         S559            Shoshone

890/NE            Northeast
         000A            Prehistoric
         A153b           Abnaki
         A232a           Adena Moundbuilders
         A396b           Algonquin
         A669a           Archaic
         C385b           Cayuga
         C913b           Cree
         D343b           Deleware
         E68b            Erie
         F791b           Fox
         G786b           Great Lakes
         H791a           Hopewell
         H966b           Huron
         I29b            Illinois
         I64b            Iowa
         I71b            Iroquois
         K19b            Kaskaskia
         M149b           Machican
         M245b           Malecite
         M547b           Menominee
         M585b           Mesquakie
         M592b           Metis
         M618b           Miami
         M619b           Micmac
         M697Ab          Mohawk
         M697Eb          Mohegan
         M758b           Montagnais
         N254b           Naskapi
         O39b            Ojibwa (Chippewa)
         O58b            Onandago
         O58ab           Oneida
         O81b            Osage
         O89b            Ottawa
         O97b            Owasko
         P416b           Penobscot
         P859b           Potowatomi
         P888b           Powhatan
         S234b           Santee Dakota
         S255b           Sauk
         S475b           Seneca
         T964b           Tuscarera
         T966b           Tutelo
         V817b           Virginia
         W243b           Wampanoag
         W776b           Winnebago
         W974b           Wyandot

890/NWC         Northwest Coast
       A461             Alsea
       A865a            Athapascan
       B433.5           Bella Coola
       C517             Chemakum
       C537             Chilkat
       C538             Chinook
       C778             Coos
       C874             Cowichan
       G536             Gitksan
       H149             Haida
       H153             Haisla
       H466             Heiltsuk
       K43              Ketchikan
       K62              Kitksan
       K63              Klatskanie
       K98              Kwakiutl
       K98a             Kwalhiokwa
       M235             Makah
       N724             Niska
       N819             Nootka
       Q6               Quileute
       Q7               Quinault
       S166             Salish
       S623             Siuslaw
       T574             Tillamook (Coast Salish)
       T626             Tlingit
       T882             Tsimshian
       U48              Umatilla
       U52              Umpqua
890/P           Plains
       A659             Arapaho
       A701             Arikara
       A848             Assinaboin
       B628             Blackfoot
       B655             Blood
       C121             Caddo
       C531             Cheyenne
       C541             Chippewa
       C543b            Choctow
       C728             Comanche
       C953             Crow
       G877             Gros Ventres
       H632             Hidatsa
       K56              Kiowa
       K75              Koasati
       L192b            Lakota
       M271             Madan
       O81b             Osage
       O88              Oto
       P339b            Pawnee
       S559             Shoshoni
       S618             Sioux
       W819             Witchita
890/PL          Plateau

         C385              Cayuse
         C874              Cowichan
         F586              Falthead
         K65               Klickitat
         N575              Nez Perce
         T128              Tahltan
         T476              Thompson River
         U89               Ute
         W187              Walla Walla
         W312              Wasco
         W814              Wishram
         Y15               Yakima
890/Pt              Transmontane Style (N.Amer + Group)
890/SE              Southeast
         A316              Alabama
         A648b             Appalachee
         A862b             Atakapa
         B438Gl            Belle Glade
         B583a             Big Taco Mound
         C121b             Caddo
         C132a             Cahokia                        C166b
         C219a             Candy Creek
         C357b             Catawba                        C522b
         C533              Chickasaw
         C543b             Chitmacha
         C545b             Choctow
         C782a             Copena
         C913b             Creek
         D145              Dallas Ford
         D424a             Deptford
         E85               Etowah
         F745a             Fortune Mound
         F745wa            Fort Walton
         H676a             Hiwassee Island
         K44a              Key Marco
         K75b              Koasati
         L215a             Lamar Focus
         L716a             Lick Creek Mound
         M171a             Macon Plateau
         M346a             Marksville
         M678              Mississippian
         M914a             Mossy Oak
         M928a             Moundville
         N273b             Natchez
         P649a             Pine Harbor
         P879a             Poverty Point
         Q1b               Quapaw
         S128a             Safety Harbor
         S233a             Santa Rosa
         S471B             Seminole
         S759a             Spiro
         S977a             Swift Creek
         T586b             Timucua

         T864a                 Troyville
         T926b                 Tunica
         W394a                 Weeden Island
         W891                  Woodlands
         Y94b                  Yuchi
890/SW                  Southwest
         A185b                 Acoma
         A534a                 Anasazi
         A639b                 Apache
         A865a                 Athapascan
         B562b                 Betatakin
         C235a                 Canyon de Chelly
         C335                  Casa Grande
         C431a                 Chaco Canyon
         C662b                 Cochiti
         H383b                 Havasupi
         H719                  Hohokam
         H791b                 Hopi
         H817C                 Horseshoe Canyon
         H845                  Hovenweep
         I82b                  Isleta
         J49a                  Jemez
         K23SH                 Kayenta-Sinagua-Hopi
         K39.2b                Keres
         K62b                  Kiua
         K95.1                 Kuaua
         L172b                 Laguna
         L322a                 Largo-Gallina
         M211a                 Mogollon
         M333b                 Maricopa
         M578a                 Mesa Verde
         M662a                 Mimbres
         N318b                 Navajo
         O63b                  Oraibo
         P13b                  Papago
         P294a                 Patayan (Hakataya)
         P611b                 Picurio (Picuris)
         P644b                 Pima
         P969M                 Pottery Mound
         P977b                 Pueblo
         S195Cb                San Cristobal
         S195ib                San Ildefonso
         S195jb                San Juan
         S231ab                Santa Ana
         S231cb                Santa Clara
         S231db                Santa Domingo
         S159b                 Salado
         S449                  Sedona
         T171b                 Taos
         T337b                 Tesuque
         T354b                 Tewa
         W218b                 Walpai                 Y25b
         Yaqui (Yaki)
         Z64b                  Zia
         Z95b                  Zuni

3rd Line

1A     Analysis (didactic, diagrams, design analysis, charts, motifs, etc.)

1C     Culture

                 c      ceremonies
                        see appendix A for details about Hopi dances
                 l      legends
                 f      festivals
                 r      rituals
                 v      domestic scenes, views of daily life, etc.
                 z      misc.

1M     Maps

1Ph    Photographs of individuals, group portraits

1V     Views

2      Habitation and Environment

       A         Architecture
                 c       churches
                 h       houses
                 k       kivas
                 m       missions
                 p       pit houses
                 ph      portable houses
                 s       sweathouse

       B         Earthworks
                 c      cemeteries
                 m      mounds
                 fm     figural mounds

3      Costumes, ornamentation

       BB        Body and Face painting
       BS        Body scarification
       C         Clothing
       Cm        Clothing, men
       Cw        Clothing, women
       F         Footwear
       H         Headdresses and hats
       J         Jewelry and ornament (including burial ornaments)
       M         Masks
       P         Purses and bags
       Z         Misc.
       Y         Horse equipment

4    Furniture

     C       Cradles, cradle boards
     Z       Misc.

5    Implements (an article serving to equip for work)

     Ba      Baskets
     Bo      Boxes
     Bs      Bowls, jars, bottles & canteens
     Bsc     Ceramics
     P       Pipes and equipment
     R       Rattles & musical instruments
     S       Spoons & ladles
     T       Tools, equipment (sewing equipment, mortars and pestles, etc.)
     W       Weapons (including horse adornment)
     Z       Misc.

6    Painting and Drawing

     D       Drawings
     H       Hide paintings
     K       Kiva paintings
     M       Manuscripts
     P       Pictographs & petroglyphs
     S       Sand paintings
     Sc      Scrimshaw, engraving
     Z       Misc.

7    Sculpture

     A       Animal
     Am      Animal/man
     B       Bas relief, engraving tablets, incising
     C       Cult objects, ancestoral, etc. amulets
     F       Figural objects, human heads
             FK       Kachinas (unnamed or group)
             Fk<x> Kachinas by name
     T       Totem poles
     Z       Misc.

8    Textile/Fiber/Hide

     Be      Beadwork
     Bl      Blankets
     H       Hide
     Q       Quillwork
     T       Tapa, bark cloth
     Wf      Woven fibers (grass, hair, reeds, etc.)
     Z       Misc.
     Zrc     Rawhide containers

9      Tr        Transportation and equipment

10     History

Appendix A

Hopi Dances

1CcDan           unknown/unspecified dances
1CcKa            Kachina dance (unspecified)
1CcKaA           Angak‟china (Long-haired Kachina)
1CcKaB           Buffalo Kachina Dance
1CcKaH           Hemis Kachina
1CcLak           Lakon ceremony
1CcNin           Niman ceremony
1CcPow           Powamu Ceremony
                 includes: Bean ceremony, Soyoko ceremony
1CcSna           Snake and Antelope ceremony
1CcW             Wuwuchim

Taken from Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters. Cutters not yet assigned to:
              Flute ceremony
              Road of Life

Tribal Africa (cutter and sub-group)
Country Code: 860

A163          Abron
A313          Akan
A315.9        Akwapem
A741          Alur
A613          Annang
A637.4        Anyi
A638.8        Aowin
A819          Ashanti
A825          Ashira
A861          Asumegya
A885          Attie
B112.3        Babanki
B144          Baga
B168.5        Bakoba
B169          Bakumu
B198          Balumbo
B198.8        Bamana
B199          Bambara
B199.1        Bamileke
B211.7        Bamum
B216.8        Bangubangu
B216.9        Bangwa
B264.7        Barotse
B317          Bassa
B327          Basuku
B328.3        Batatela
B346.4        Baule (Baoulle)
B455.1        Bembe
B456B         Bena Biombo
B456L         Bena Lulua
B467          Benin
B562          Bete
B613.2        Bini
B663          Bobo
B793.2        Bozo
B978          Bushmen
B992.5        Bwa
B992.9        Bwende
C182          Cameroon
C442.1        Chamba
C514.4        Chewa
C546.2        Chokwe
D131.2        Dahomey
D167          Dan
D167N         Dan Ngere
D585          Dinka
D591.4        Diomande
D624          Djenne

D654          Dogon

D812     Duala
E16      Ebrie
E36      Ekoi
F211     Fang
F216     Fante
F673     Fon
F962     Fulani
G162.5   Galla
G367     Gere
G788     Grebo
G931     Guere
G981     Guro
G981.2   Gurunsi
H376     Hausa
H487     Hemba
H754     Holo
H755.4   Holoholo
H769     Hongwe
H936.3   Hungana
I12.4    Ibibio
I13      Ibo
I21.4    Idoma
I23.4    Ife
I24      Igbira
I24.1    Igbo
I25.8    Ijo
J54.2    Jenne Culture (Mali)
J61.5    Jiji
J63      Jockwe
K11.1    Kabre
K14      Kaleri
K43.2    Kete
K82.3    Kongo
K82.4    Koniagi
K82.5    Konkomba
K82.6    Kono
K87      Kota (Bakota)
K95.2    Kuba
K96      Kurumba
K97.8    Kusu
K97.9    Kuyu
K98.3    Kwele
L264     Landuman
L496     Lega
L539     Lele
L723     Ligbe
L798     Lobi

L926.3   Luba
L955     Lula
L955.7   Lulua
L957.5   Lumbo
L962     Lunda
L979.7   Lwalwa

M216     Mahongwe
M235.6   Makonde
M251     Mali
M251.5   Malinke
M261.7   Malungu
M265.5   Mamprussi
M277     Mangaka
M277.2   Mangbetu
M311.4   Maravi
M394     Masai
M414     Massa
M425     Matakam
M478.3   Mbagani
M478.4   Mbala
M478.6   Mbole
M537     Menda
M593.4   Metoko
M642.5   Mileke
M798     Montol
M913     Mossi
M933     Mousseye
M962.1   Mumuye
N173     Nalu
N337.6   Ndebele
N576.1   Ngala
N576.3   Ngbaka
N576.5   Ngbandi
N576.6   Ngelima
N738     Njabi
N738.5   Nkanu
N785     Nok
N961.9   Nta
N962     Nuba
N972.1   Nuna
N973.8   Nupe
N999.5   Nzakara
O35.3    Ogowe
O74      Orondona
P397.2   Pende
P514     Peul
P648     Pindi
P836.9   Poro

P984.8   Punu
S159     Salampasu
S191     Samo
S239     Sao
S243     Sara
S478     Senufo
S559     Shona
S698.4   Songo
S798     Songye
S948.8   Suku
S961     Surma

S971.5             Swahili
T114.8             Tabwa
T121               Tada
T213.4             Tassili
T266               Teke
T281.5             Temne
T568.4             Tikar
T597.3             Tiriki
T655               Toma
T877.5             Tsangui
T882.4             Tsogo
T965               Tussi (Tutsi)
T965.8             Tusyan
V711.1             Vili
V994.6             Vuvi
W866               Wolof
X6.4               Xhosa
Y15                Yaka
Y35.5              Yaure
Y54                Yombe
Y65.5              Yoruba
Z21                Zaire
Z27.6              Zande

3rd Line

1A       Analysis (Didactic, diagrams, design analysis, charts, etc.)

1M       Maps

1C       Culture
                   c       ceremonies
                   f       festivals
                   v       domestic scenes, views of daily life, etc.
                   z       misc.

1Ph      Photographs of individuals, group portraits (posed)

1V       Views of cities, countryside, etc.

2        Architecture
            H    Houses
                 a      ancestral
                 c      cult
                 d      domestic
                 e      royal

3        Sculpture
           A     Architectural sculpture
                 c       capitals
                 d       doors (lintels, jambs, etc.)
                 f       friezes
                 p       pillars, columns, posts

                 r       roof decoration
                 rr      reliefs
                 rz      other misc. relief formats
                 z       misc.

         B       Sculpture in the round
                 a       animals
                 am      animals and man together
                 c       clapper
                 f       figurines
                 g       groups
                 m       man
                 s       staffs
                 w       woman
                 z       misc. formats

             C   Panels, plaques, medallions, other sculptural relief formats
                 e       engraving
                 m       medallions
                 p       panels
                 pl      plaques
                 r       relief sculpture

             D   Canoes & Boats
                 b      boats
                 c      canoes
                 cp     canoe prows only
                 cd     canoe decoration, ornament only

             E   Funeral
                 ap      ancestor poles
                 bb      bone boxes
                 c       caskets, coffins
                 fm      funeral monuments
                 s       sarcophagi (stone)
                 t       tombstones, slabs, stelai

4    Painting and Drawing
        A    Drawings
        B    Bark, leaf, woven mat, etc. painting
        C    Cave painting
        G Ground painting
        M Medrum (pigments)
        P    Pictographs & petroglyphs (not in caves), Rock painting
        W Walls
        Z    Misc. formats

5    Minor Arts
        A    Vessels
             b       baskets
             bo      bowls, jars, bottles
             bx      boxes
             c       cooking pots

             p       plates, dishes
             po      pots
             s       spoons, ladles, forks
             t       trays
             v       vases
             z       misc. containers

         B   Ceremonial tools
             a     adzes
             f     fly whisks
             g     god sticks
             s     staffs
             z     misc.

         C   Pipes & Equipment
             p       pipes
             pe      pipe equipment

         D   Weapons
             a     axes
             c     clubs
             d     daggers
             h     hatchets
             k     knives
             s     shields
             sp    spears
             z     misc
         E   Musical instruments
             b       bull-roarers
             d       drums
             h       harps
             r       rattles
             z       misc.

         Z   Misc. Sculptural Subjects

6    Costume/Ornamentation
       Bb Body & face painting
       Bs Body scarification
       C   Clothing
       Co Combs
       F   Footwear
       H   Headdresses & Hats
       J   Jewelry & Ornaments
       M Masks
       P   Purses & Bags
       Z   Misc.

7       Textiles/Fibers
          A      Applique
          Be Beadwork
          C      Crochet
          D      Dyes
          E      Embroidery
          F      Featherwork
          K      Knotted, plaited, interlaced textiles
          M Woven mat
          T      Tapa
          Z      Misc. formats

8       Furnishings
           B    Beds
           C    Chairs
           H    Headrests
           S    Stools, seats
           Z    Misc.

S = Site/Shrine - use for multiple portable objects from sites or shrines
        e.g. S1/4b = Site 1, bark painting

Oceania (cutter and region)

Country Code: 881

Cutter #                  Region and Group

881AL                     Arnhem Land
881ALC                    Ctrl. Arnhem Ld.
           D275.3G                 Daygurrgurr/Gabapuyngu
           D625                    Djinang
           G136.2                  Gagudju
           G195                    Ganalbingu
           G211                    Ganalpuyngu
           N576.2                  Ngangyin
           R173.4                  Ramingining
881ALN                    NE Arnhem Land
           B737.6                  Borroloola
           C392.4B                 Celedon Bay
           D152.9                  Dalwangu
           D533                    Dhangu
           D533.2                  Dharlwangu
           G695I                   Goulburn Island
           L788.9                  Liyagalawumirri
           M644.4                  Milingimbi
           Y51.4                   Yirrkalla
           Y54.5D                  Yoingu-Dhuwala
881ALW                    W. Arnhem Land
           C226H                   Cannon Hill
           D182.2                  Dangbon
           I35.1                   Inagurdurwil
           K96.6                   Kulmarru
           O12.3                   Obiri
           O28.7                   Oenpelli
           R385                    Rembarranga
           U48.9H                  Umbalanya Hill
           Y51.2                   Yirawala
881C                      Coorong
881CY                     Cape York Penin.
           A931.2                  Aurukun
881CA                     Central Australia
           P659.2                  Pintupi
881DC                     Central Desert
           A477.9                  Alyawarre
881DW                     Western Desert
           A612.5                  Anamatjer/Aranda
           L967.5                  Luritji
           P218.3                  Papunya
           W227.5                  Warlpiri
           Y94.8                   Yuendumu
881GE                     Groote Eylandt

            A598.2           Anindilaykwa
881K                  Kimberly Region
            K96.2            Kukatja/Wankatjunga

881LE                 Lake Eyre Region
881MRL                Lower Murray Region
881MI                 Melville Islands
            T923.9             Tiwi
881NSW                New South Wales
            N576               Ngaku
881NT                 N. Territory
            W286               Warramunga
881Q                  Queensland
881SA                 South Australia
881T                  Tasmania
881TS                 Torres Straits
881V                  Victoria
881WA                 Western Australia
881Z                  Reference

2nd Line
Country Code: 882

Cutter #              Group and Sub-Group

A238                  Admiralty Islands
H554                  Hermit Islands
N532B                 New Britain
            N532BB            Baining
            N532BDY           Duke of York Group
            N532BK            Kilenge
            N532BM            Mengen
            N532BS            Siassi
            N532BSu           Sulka
            N532BTo           Tolai
N532C                 New Caledonia
N532H                 New Hebrides
            N532HAo           Aoba
            N532HM            Malakula
N532I                 New Ireland
S146                  Saint Matthias Islands
S231                  Santa Cruz Islands
S689                  Solomon Islands
            S689B             Bougainville
            S689CH            Choiseul             S689V

2nd Line
Country Code: 883

Cutter #            Region and Sub-Group

C292                Caroline Islands
           C292N             Nakuro
           C292Pa            Palau
           C292T             Truk
           C292Y             Yap
G464                Gilbert Islands
M333                Mariana Islands
M368                Marshall Islands
M444                Matty Island
M887                Mortlock Island
P797.8              Pohnpei Island

2nd Line
Country Code: 884

Cutter #            Group and Sub-Group

A141                Abelam Maprik
A836                Asmat
         A836O              Omandesep
         A836P              Piramat
A859                Astrolabe Bay
C395                Cenderawasih Bay
G297                Geelvink
         G297B              Biak
H638                Highlands (E. Central)
         H638a              Asaro
         H638mh             Mount Hagen
H919                Humboldt Bay
H957                Huoon Gulf
         H957Ta             Tami Islands
K13.5               Kainantu
L192                Lake Sentani
         L192A              Ayajo
M297                Maprik
         M297D              Djiginabu
         M297N              Numbungai
         M297U              Ulupu
M337                Marind Anim
M417                Massim
         M417TI             Trobriand Islands

N864                Northwest

P218                                        Papua
        P218Ba                                       Bamu
        P218GP                                       Gulf Province
        P218Ma                                       Markham River
        P218Y                                        Yau
R184                                        Ramu
S479                                        Sepik River
T693                                        Torres Strait Islands
        T693E                                       Erub
        T693M                                       Mabuig
        T693Sa                                      Saibai
T843I                                       Trobriand Islands
W251                                        Wantoat
W845                                        Wogeo Islands

2nd Line
Country Code: 885

Cutter #                                    Region and Group

A938                                        Austral Islands
C493                                        Chatham Islands
                     C493T                           Tupunagi
C771                                        Cook Islands
E13                                         Easter Island
F487                                        Fiji
G191                                        Gambier Islands
H389                                        Hawaii
M357                                        Marquesas
N532                                        New Zealand
                     N532M                           Maori
                     N532N                           Northland
S287                                        Samoa
S678                                        Society Islands (Tahiti)
T665                                        Tonga
W214                                        Wallis Island

(885ZT                                      Tapa Production)

3rd line

1A         Analysis (didactic, diagrams, design analysis, charts, etc.)

1M         Maps

1C         Culture

               c         ceremonies
               d         dancing
               f         festivals
               r         rituals
               v         domestic scenes, views of daily life, etc.
               z         misc.

1Ph    Photographs of individuals, group portraits (posed)

1V     Views of cities, countryside, etc.

2      Architecture

           H   Houses
                a     ancestral
                c     cult
                d     domestic

3      Sculpture

           A   Architectural sculpture
               c       capitals
               d       doors (lintels, jambs, windows, etc.)
               f       friezes
               p       pillars, columns, posts
               r       roofs, ceiling decoration
                       r1        parts
                       r2        interior roof
                       r3        exterior roof

           B   Sculpture in the round
               a       animals
               am      animals & man together
               f       figurines
               g       groups
               m       man
               w       woman
               z       misc. formats

           C   Panels, plaques, medallions, other sculptural relief formats
               m       medallions
               p       panels
               pl      plaques
               r       relief sculpture

           D   Canoes
               c      canoes
               cp     canoe prows only
               cd     canoe decoration, ornament only

           E   Funeral

              ap      ancestor poles
              bb      bone boxes
              c       caskets, coffins
              fm      funeral monuments
              s       sarcophagi (stone)
              t       tombstones, slabs, stelai

4     Painting and Drawing

        A    Drawings
        B    Bark, leaf, woven mat, etc. painting
        C    Cave painting (Wandjina paintings)
G     Ground painting
        P    Pictographs & petroglyphs (not in caves) Rock painting
        Z    Misc. formats

5     Minor Arts

          A   Vessels
              b       baskets
              bo      bowls, jars, bottles
              bx      boxes
              c       cooking pots
              p       plates, dishes
              s       spoons, ladles, forks
              v       vases
              z       misc. containers

          B   Ceremonial tools
              a     adzes
              f     fly whisks
              g     god sticks
              s     staffs

          C   Pipes & Equipment
              p       pipes
              pe      pipe equipment

          D   Weapons
              a       axes
              c       clubs
              d       daggers
              h       hatchets
              k       knives
              s       shields
              sp      spears
      z       misc.
          E   Musical instruments
              b       bull-roarers
              d       drums
              r       rattles
              z       misc.

          Z   Misc. Sculptural Subjects

6      Costume/Ornamentation

           Bb    Body & face painting
           Bs    Body scarification
           C     Clothing
           F     Footwear
           H     Headdresses & Hats
           J     Jewelry & Ornaments
           M     Masks
           P     Purses & bags
           Z     Misc.

7      Textiles/Fibers

           Be    Beadwork
           Bl    Blankets, quilts
           C     Crochet
           E     Embroidery
           F     Featherwork
           K     Knotted, plaited, interlaced textiles
           M     Woven mat
           T     Tapa
           Z     Misc. formats

8      Furnishings

           B     Beds
           H     Headrests
           S     Stools, seats
           T     Tables

10     History

           C   Cultural History, anthropology
           E   Events
           Peo People


title   245 00- image only
note    500 - Topic: sub heading (from the old records 520 field - Civil War: Cavalry)
subject 695 20 - LC version of 500 - see note above about repeating words.
             For History subjects, use LC headings.
             If you use an LC heading, some terms may be in reverse order of our 695 14 - remove the
             uneccessary term and modify the authority record.
                 695 14 History|zUnited States|y19th C. A. D.
                 695 20 United States|xHistory|yCivil War, 1861-1865

examples - see these records
       B39366765, B3927391x

HISTORY                                    9H/

GENERAL HISTORY                            9H/ + century of event

                 2nd line Letters designating event
                 3rd line date of event + location

Start left side of label with event, (ie. World War II). Then the date. Then actual description of slide.

                 Example:         World War II = WWII
                                  Quebec 1969 = 969Qu

HISTORY OF A COUNTRY              9H/ + country designation

                 2nd line Century + e (for event or peo for people)
                 3rd line Cutter number for the person or date for event

Events are further broken down: (Use these on top left line)

                 Demonstrations            960dem (for 1960)
                 Civil Rights              960civ      "
                 Disasters                 960dis      "
                 Politics                  960pol      "

                 Example:         Civil Rights              9H/82
                                  1960                      20e
                                  March on Capital          960civ(a)

CIVIL RIGHTS have further break downs:

                 Black                              civB
                 Gay                                civG
                 Chicano                            civC
                 Women                              civW

                 Example:         Civil Rights              9H/82
                                  1960                      20e

                                 Women March              960civW(a)
                                 for Equality

Be sure to use the last name first for famous people and check for dates with the library. Try to keep a
person in one country. If a person was born in the 19th C. but active in the 20th C. put them in 20th C.
When two famous people are in a photo make a choice and catalog under only one name. Mention the
other in the title and subject. But do not catalog it under two names.


First Line Classification: 9Rel (or 9Rel/ see below)
Generally speaking, the highest level of cataloging after “Rel” is by religion, i.e.
Judaism, Christianity, etc. using the Cutter Numbers for the tradition. Only use Rel/ if you intend to follow
the letters with a Country Code. Ordinarily Country Codes will be shown on the second line (see below).

Second Line Classification:

Buddhism                         B927
Buddhism (Tantra)                B927T
Christianity                     C555
Confucianism                     C748
Hinduism                         H662
Islam                            I82
Judaism                          J92
Judaism (Biblical)               J92B
Occult                           O15
Occult (Alchemy)                 O15Al
Occult (Astrology)               O15Ast
Occult (Witchcraft)              O15W
Rastafarianism                   R229
Taoism                           T171
Theosophy                        T397


        Zp (after Cutter for religion on 2nd line)
        Give the Cutter Number for the person on 3rd line

        e.g. 9Rel                for Jesus Christ as founder of Christianity


        Cutter Number of religion/Country Code

        e.g. B927/52 = Buddhism, China

Third Line Classifications:
1Mp             Maps

1Rf             Reference

2               Denominations/Sects

3          Deities

4          History (by date 4/date, or topic 4 (alphabetic abbreviation)
           e.g. 4Ref for Reformation

5          Holy Days/Pilgrimages

6          People
           a         Clergy/Monks/Nuns/Holy People
           b         Devotees/Lay People
           c         Staff
           d         Teacher/Student

7          Rites/Liturgy
           a        Adulthood/Confirmation
           b        Ancestors
           c        Death
           d        Home Ceremonies
           e        Initiation/Baptism/Bathing
           f        Magic/Shamanism/Divination/Healing/Medicine
           g        Meals
           h        Parades
           i        Sacraments (other than those listed above)
           j        Sacrifices/Martydom
           k        Prayer/Meditation/Chanting
           m        Music
           n        Worship
           o        Marriage
           p        Yogas

8          Symbols, Doctrine & Systems
           a      Cosmology
           b      Anthropology
           c      Feng Shui, Geomancy
           d      Psychic Phenomena
           e      Zodiac

9          Texts (Used when the content of the text itself is of interest rather than the book as an
           illustrated or calligraphic object).
           a         Scripture
           b         Creeds/Formulas
           c         Law/Rules
           d         Legend/Apocrypha
           e         Liturgy/Orders of Worship
           f         Prayer Books

10         Shrines/Temples/Churches/Synagogues, etc. (Generic or Reference)
           a       Home Altars

                                       Signs & Symbols

Signs and Symbols are entered in the REFERENCE file.

       For Anonymous works:
              Use type code (see below) for the second line.
              Third line should be an abbreviation of the image, date and


       For Works By Known Artists:
               Use artists cutter number for the second line.
               Third line should be the type (see below) and the fourth line an
       abbreviation of the image, date and incrementation.


                Ads                             Advertisements
                Art                             Art Images used as symbols/signs
                Cari                            Caricatures (when not cartoons)
                Cont                            Controls (buttons, swtiches)
                Ins                             Inscriptions: Includes, epitaphs,
                                                signatures, colophons, epigraphy,
                                                graffiti, hieroglyphics, monograms,
                                                palaeography, runes
                Logo                            Logos
                Men                             Men
                Numb                            Numbers (when not interesting
                Pict                            Pictographs (simplified images)
                Stor                            Story Boards
                Visu                            Visualization (concepts in viusal forms:
                                                ie: maps, charts, layouts, etc.)
                Women                           Women


First Line Classification
9S/Med                            if cataloged by topic
9S/Med + country code             if cataloged by country

NOTE: Occult Medicine (e.g. astrology, alchemy, shamanism, etc.) is filed under Religion.

Second Line Classification
Z + century             for events
Z + Cutter No.          or people

Third Line Classification
1Rf                     Reference
(n)                     General
2                       Illnesses and Injuries
3                       Medicines (drugs, herbalism, poultices, etc.)
5                       Surgery
6                       Instruments
8                       Disciplines
                        Acpr              Acupressure
                        Acpu              Acupuncture
                        Chir              Chiropractic
                        Onc               Oncology
                        ObBy              Obstetrics and Gynecology
                        Orth              Orthopedics

10                      Education

Examples:               General                   People                Events
                        9S/Med                    9S/Med                9S/Med
                                                  Zcutter               Zcentury
                        30n18(century)            1Po(a)                986(a)

                                        Military Science

First Line Classification
       9S/MS82                 (number = country code)

Second Line Classification
       20                      (century code = 20th C.)

Third Line Classification
1      Weapons
       a     Bombs
             1        Hand-propelled (grenades, molotov cocktails, etc.)
             2        Amateur bombs (e.g. terrorist bombs)
             3        Mortars
             4        Nuclear
       b     Guns (hands)
       c     Guns (artillery)
       d     Chemical and Biological
       e     Mines (land and water)
       f     Missiles
       g     Swords

2      Camouflage
3      Computer Systems
4      Justice (events go into HISTORY)
5      Manoeuvers
6      Intelligence & Reconnaissance
       a        Aerial reconnaissance (not from space)
       b        Personal Montoring devices (e.g. bugs)
       c        Photographic, ground (infra-red, etc.)
       d        Radar
       e        Satellite and Outer-Space Reconnaissance
       f        Sonar

7      Marching and Ceremonies

8      Types of Warfare (if related to vehicles: file in VEHICLES). Use this for generic examples of
       types of warfare. Put specific examples under HISTORY (see below).
       a       air
       b       cavalry
       c       desert
       d       guerilla
       e       infantry
       f       jungle
       g       mercenary
       h       mountain
       i       naval
       j       terrorism

      k         trench

             File in CLOTHING

              File in VEHICLES, e.g. VEHICLES: SEACRAFT

                File under 9H/20 for events involving more than one culture if not a civil war, otherwise file
                under particular country.

9     Technology


First Line Classification: (Medium Codes)
The term "vehicle" will be used to refer to conveyances for the purpose of transportation. Recreational
equipment, such as skateboards, surfboards, rollerskates, hanggliders, etc., will not be included in this
category and should be filed under SPORTS & RECREATON, but bicycles will be considered vehicles.
Nor will the term "vehicle" refer to conveyances used in outer space, e.g. rockets, space shuttles, etc.
which will be filed under ASTRONAUTICS.

        9V               Vehicles: General

This category includes human and animal-powered land vehicles which are NOT motorized, such as
carts, carriages, rickshaws, bicycles, etc.

        9Va              Vehicles Aircraft

This category includes airplanes, hot-air balloons, dirigibles, gliders, etc., but excludes spacecraft.
Spacecraft should be filed under ASTRONAUTICS.

        9VM              Vehicles: Motor

This category includes engine-powered land vehicles, such as automobiles, motorbikes, motorcycles,
trucks, jet-powered land vehicles, etc.

        9VR              Vehicles: Rail

This category includes vehicles which travel on rails and cables, such as trains, mining cars, monorails,
subways and elevated rail systems, aerial tramways, etc. Model trains are filed under TOYS.

        9VS              Vehicles: Seacraft

This category includes vehicles which are propelled by any power source, ie. human, wind and sails,
motor, etc., both on and under the water. Therefore all kinds of boats, ships, submarines, are includes but
not surfboards which are filed under SPORTS AND RECREATION. Hydrofoils and hovercraft are
considered seacraft.

The MARINE ARCHAEOLOGY section may be appropriate to use, instead, if only ruins of ships are
extant and other documentation of a discovery site is also available.

Country Codes:

The country code for the vehicle should follow the medium code.

eg.     9VS75            French Seacraft

Second Line Classification:
This line typically will contain the century in which the vehicle was made. If the century is not known, the
second line may be left blank, but it is preferred that a time assignment be determined.

As in the HISTORY section, the century may be followed by "e" for historial events related to the vehicle-
type, or by "peo" followed by a Cutter Number on the third line for historical persons related to the vehicle-

Third Line Classification:
This classification will vary by the type of vehicle (see below). Use architectural drawing codes for
technical drawings, plans, etc.

Vehicles: General
        1M     Models
        2      Bicycles, Tricycles, Unicycles
        3      Buggies
        4      Carriages, Coaches, Omnibuses
        5      Carts, Wagons
        7      Chariots
        8      Handcarts (including rickshaws)
        10     Sedan Chairs (palanquins)
        11     Sleighs, Sledges

Vehicles: Aircraft
        1M       Models
        2        Dirigibles & Hot-air balloons
        3        Gliders
        4        Helicopters
        5        Hydroplanes
        6        Jet Planes (Civilian)
        7        Jet Planes (Military)
        8        Propeller Planes (Civilian)
        9        Propeller Planes (Military)

Vehicles: Motor
        1M        Models
        2         Agricultural Vehicles
        3         Automobiles (Race Cars)
        4         Automobiles (Stock Cars)
        5         Buses
        6         Emergency Vehicles
        7         Jet-Powered Land Vehicles
        8         Military Vehicles
        9         Motorcarts (Golfcarts)
        10        Motorcycles & Motorbikes
        11        Trucks

Vehicles: Rail
        1M        Models
        3         Mining Cars
        4         Monorails
        5         Railway Trains (Electric)
        6         Railway Trains (Steam & Diesel)
        7         Streetcars, Trolleys, Cablecars

        8         Subways and Elevated Rail Systems
        9         Tramways (aerial)

Vehicles: Seacraft
        1M      Models
        2       Human-Powered Boats
        3       Hydrofoils & Hovercraft
        4       Landing Craft
        6       Sailboats
        7       Sailing Ships
        8       Powerboats
        8.1     Motors (eg. Outboard Motors)
        9       Power-Driven Ships (Civilian)
        10      Power-Driven Ships (Military)
        11      Submarines
        12      Construction & Utility

Follow the code for the general vehicle type with an alphabetic abbreviation for the specific vehicle type:

        97Brig(a)        Brigantine Sailing Ship

When the specific type of vehicle is unknown, but only the name is known, use a "Z" followed by an
acronym for the name of the vehicle after the third line code.

Sample Call Numbers:

        9V72             Vehicles: General, Italy
        18               18th Century
        2BiR(a)          Bicycles, Racing