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									TGMS Sports Turf Consultancy and Pitch Drainage
Submitted by Earl John
07th November, 2010

TGMS - the leading sports turf consultancy practice - are now at the top of their game having
recently announced the acquisition of their brand new GPS, the Leica Viva GPS. This enables
the company to utilise all available satellite systems when they are out in the field and take
advantage of Smartnet correction service. This in turn allows them to work to the Ordinance
Survey National Grid, whether they are working on sports pitch drainage , football pitch
construction or even if they are working on a synthetic sports pitch.

Speaking exclusively about TGMS’s new acquisition Oliver Munro, surveyor and field
engineer for TGMS he said:

"I am extremely happy with the new GPS equipment. This not only ensures that we can
continue to provide our existing services, but we can now also offer additional services such as
setting out a site for re-grading, setting out pitch locations and as built surveys."

In other news, Dr Richard Earl, Managing Director of Tgms Ltd, has written an article which
appears in this month's Sports Management Magazine, titled "Pitch design from the inside out".
In an age where sports turf is used for all sorts of events such as concerts and festivals, it's
crucial that the best care and attention is being paid in order to sustain the quality of turf for its
primary needs.

Dr Earl says: "Creating an environment within which turf will thrive is crucial to long-term
sustainability. The application of science and engineering to the design and construction of
natural turf facilities has a lot to offer the industry. However, long-established, basic principles
are often ignored."

He goes on to explain his thoughts in detail, which can be read here:


TGMS Ltd is a leading sports turf consultancy practice specialising in the design and
management of natural and synthetic turf sports pitches. We offer a comprehensive range of
services including feasibility studies, design (including earthworks and drainage) and contract
supervision to support the construction of new sports pitches as well as the remediation of
existing pitches.

TGMS Ltd was formed as the result of a management buy-out (July 2008) of TurfTrax Ground
Management Systems Limited, which was founded in 1997 to commercialise research
undertaken with Cranfield University’s National Soils Resources Institute (NSRI). NSRI
Cranfield is one of the world’s pre-eminent soil research/soil physics establishments and is a
centre of excellence for sports turf management.

Our operations centres, where we coordinate our national and international service, are based in
Bedfordshire and Sunderland.

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