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					UniPharma Scientific Office Marketing Department
Action Plan
Unizithrin Suspension azitromycin100mg/5ml
Concept: Unizithrin has bactericidal effect so when it reaches the infective tissues, it kills the pathogens with no mercy! Objectives:

To establish Unizithrin Suspension in the physician mind as a full course of antibiotic therapy in just three doses. To focus on the indication of Unizithrin in Tonsilitis , Otitis media,Sinusitis & acute Bronchitis.

To achieve 105000 susp units in Q1 2009. Message: Unizithrin suspension is broad spectrum bactericidal antibiotic active against gram +ve & gram -ve providing a full course therapy of antibiotic in just three doses. Unizithrin is effective antibiotic by achieveing high tissue concentration in the treatment of URTI & LRTI. Unizithrin has unique pharmacokinetic properties enabling unizithrin to reach its site of action (infective tissues) with high concentration which more than enough to exceed MIC for most microorganisms types leading to its bactericidal effect so decreasing much the possibility of relapse & resistance occurred with other antibiotics. Selling Points: Broad spectrum bactericidal antibiotic. High concentration at the site of action. Full antibiotic course in just three doses. Marvelous success results in URTI & LRTI. No resistance.

No relapse. High safety profile. Well Tolerated. Cost Effectiveness. Target Audience:
Ped, ENT & GP

Marketing Mix: Unizithrin Brochures, Samples, Unizithrin Pens, Unizithrin Tongue depressor & Paper pads A.V Actions in AM centers. Action plan to Tabarak pediatric centers.

Buflodil Tab buflomedil 300mg
Concept: Keep blood flow better to insure the tissues oxygenated well & to avoid ischemia & tissue damage especially in the vital organs like brain & limbs Objectives:

To influence targeted physicians to prescribe Buflodil in cerbrovascular & peripheral disorders. To create the awarness about Buflodil in the indication of peripheral diabetic neuropathy. To focus on Loftyl & Vilatol prescribers to won the price game.

To achieve total target of 10000 Units in Q1 2009 Message: Bufilodil is vaso active drug effective & safe in the treatment of Cerebrovascular & peripheral vascular diorders. Buflodil has a significant effect on peripheral diabetic neuropathy as well as diabetic retinopathy & peripheral arterial disease as Buflodil has multi mechanism of action by improve the microcirculation and ensure the flow of oxygenated blood to ischemic tissues. Bufilodil has a proven effect in the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders by restoring oxygenated blood flow to ischemic brain through improving cerebral microcirculation. Bufilodil prevent the complication of peripheral arterial disorders. Selling Points: Vaso active , Antiplatelet activity drug. Improve oxygenated blood flow in ischaemic tissue. Significant Effect on microvascular disorders specially in diabetic patient. Once/day in DPN treatment. Beneficial effect on local cerebral blood flow distribution. No steal phenomena Target Audience: IM, GP & SUR Marketing Mix: Buflodil brochures, Buflodil pens, Samples & A.V Actions to K.O.L

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