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Sale & Purchase Agreement Contract for Electrolytic Copper


									                                       Agreement Number:   EXMO/90/2008

                          Agent Agreement for Export

This AAFE is made on this            day in the month of                  .of the year 2008.


Entrust party (甲方):
Address         :
Office Phone    :
Mobile          :
Email           :
Signatory (Name):


Address         : 100022 STR IANGUOMENWAI C-24 JINGTAI PLAZA 2205 BEIJING
Phone           : +86(010)65157137
Fax             : +86(010)65157136
E-mail         :
Signatory (Name):

The undersigned entrust party and agent have agreed to close the following transactions according
to the terms and conditions stipulated below:

1.0    名称 Description of Product:

2.0    价格条款 Terms of Price

3.0    数量 Quantity of Goods

4.0    质量 Quality Of Goods

5.0    包装 Packing

6.0    检验 Inspection

7.0   单价/总值 Price & Total Amount of Contract

8.0   运输方式 Delivery Terms

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                                         Agreement Number:   EXMO/90/2008

9.0     双方权利及义务 Parties' Liabilities

  9.1 Entrust Party 委托方

       (1) 负责确定出口商品的品种、数量、价格、品质、包装、交货期等合同条款。甲方通关过程
       The entrust party should be with the responsibilities to confirm the terms of description of
       goods, quantities, price , quality, packing, date of delivery for contract sign. It’s not allowed
       that illegal acting occurs in the process of customs declaration. The entrust party should
       negotiate with the buyer for the quality disputes while not agent should do

       (2) 保证全部货款汇入乙方指定帐户用于结汇核销.
           The entrust party should assure that all payment for goods will pay onto the account no.
            Appointed by agent for settlement of exchange and canceling after verification

       (3) 负责提供全套办理退税用合法文件
            The entrust party should be with the responsibilities to provide full set of legal
            documents for tax drawback

  9.2 代理方

      (1) 乙方作为甲方产品的出口代理,负责对外签定出口合同,提供准确的报关单据.
         As the agent of export for entrust party, the agent party should be with the responsibilities
         sign the exporting contract with buyer, providing correct document of customs declaration.

      (2) 负责尽快办理核销手续、退税手续、退税款到乙方帐户后立即将退税额的全额汇入甲方指定
          Transacting the procedure of canceling after verification and tax drawback ASAP, the
         payment of the tax drawback will pay onto the appoint account no. Within 5 work days after
         the agent party receive it.

10.0 费用确认
     Payment Terms and Conditions

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                                        Agreement Number:   EXMO/90/2008

       本协议为甲方委托乙方,乙方代理甲方出口产品,提供出口及退税服务,收取出口 FOB 金额的 5%
       (贴现)或 3% (正常)作为代理费,其他各环节费(运费,报关报检代理费和口岸杂费等费
       Both parties hereby base on agreement that agent proving the export and export drawback
       service for entrust party, and collect the 5% of FOB amount (if Discount) or 3% (if normal) as
       the agency fee, the other expenses occurred on the process of exporting (including freight,
       agent fee for custom and inspection, incidental expenses and so on is bear by entrust party
       after whom confirm it.

11.0 仲裁
     Law & Arbitration:

       Arbitration: all disputes in connection with this agreement or the execution thereof shall be
       settled by negotiation between two parties. If no settlement can be reached, the case in
       dispute shall then be submitted for arbitration in the country of defendant in accordance with
       the arbitration regulations of the arbitration organization of the defendant country. The
       decision made by the arbitration organization shall be taken as final and binding upon both
       parties. The arbitration expenses shall be borne by the losing party unless otherwise awarded
       by the arbitration

12.0    效期
       Effective/Termination Date

       This agreement shall come into effect when the buyer and seller have both initialed and
       signed the present document and its appendices and the termination date is_____________.

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                                          Agreement Number:   EXMO/90/2008

Entrust party (Signatory’s Full Name)
Dated: 2008

Seller’s Bank Information
Bank Name :
Address      :
Account Name :
Account No. :
Swift Code :
Iban No. :
Bank Director    :
Bank Tel :
Bank Fax          :
Email                 :

Agent (Signatory’s Full Name)

Buyer’s Bank Information
Bank Name       :
Address         :
Phone           :
Fax        :
Account Name       :
Account Number :
Swift Code      :
Bank officer              :

                          *************         END              **************

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