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Photosynthesis & Respiration WebQuest


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SITE TO USE: “Biology 101: Photosynthesis”
1. What are the 3 reactants in Photosynthesis? (HINT: They are on the left side of the
   reaction equation)
   a.                                b.                            c.

2. What are the 3 products in Photosynthesis? (HINT: They are on the right side of the
   reaction equation)
   a.                                b.                           c.

3. What is the name of C 6H12O6? _________________________
4. What does “autotroph” mean? __________________________________________
5. In what parts of plants does photosynthesis take place?
6. What is the organelle in green plants where photosynthesis takes place?
7. Describe the structure of a chloroplast and the three parts within it.
      CHLOROPLAST __________________________________________________
      PART 1
            Name:                      Description

      PART 2
           Name:                     Description

      PART 3
           Name:                     Description
8. Briefly describe the two stages of photosynthesis:


SITE TO USE: “Photosynthetic Pigments”

1. What are pigments?
2. Name the three (3) basic classes of pigments.
3. What color are chlorophyll pigments?

4. (a) What is “chlorophyll a” responsible for AND (b) how does it accomplish this job?


5. (a) What are the other two types of chlorophyll AND (b) where are they found?
       a.                                   b.

      a.                                     b.

6. What color are carotenoid pigments? ____________________________________
7. Why are carotenoids called accessory pigments?

SITE TO USE: “Autumn Leaves – Why do leaves change color in the Fall?”
1. How do plants use sunlight?

2. What is glucose? ____________________________________
3. What do plants use glucose for?

4. (a) What do plants do during the winter AND (b) why must they do this?


5. During the winter, what happens to the chlorophyll in the leaves?

6. Why can’t we see the yellows and oranges in the summer?

7. What causes maple leaves to appear red?

8. What causes oak leaves to appear brown?

                        RESPIRATION INFORMATION
SITE TO USE: “Biology 101: Respiration”

1. What are the 2 reactants in Respiration?
   a.                          b.

2. What are the 3 products of Respiration?
   a.                         b.                                c.

3. What is the energy molecule in the respiration reaction equation called?
4. What are the three stages of Respiration?
   a.                          b.                               c.

5. What does “glycolysis” mean? _________________________
6. What is glucose turned into during the process of glycolysis? _____________________
7. Where does glycolysis occur? _________________________
8. Where does the Krebs cycle occur? _________________________
9. Where does the Electron Transport Chain occur? _________________________

SITE TO USE: “Cellular Respiration and Fermentation”

1. What are the two ways/processes a cell can harvest energy from food?
   a.                               b.

2. What are the two most common types of fermentation?
   a.                              b.

3. What organisms carry out lactic acid fermentation?

4. In terms of lactic acid fermentation, describe normal muscle use compared with muscl es
   under greater exertion.

      MUSCLES UNDER GREATER EXERTION (muscles exercising)

5. What affect does lactic acid have on our muscle cells?

6. What organisms carry out alcohol fermentation?

7. What can be made with alcoholic fermentation?

8. How is cellular respiration different from fermentation?

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