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									       Bubu Pateh Jallow
       LDC Expert Group

UNFCCC Technology Expert Meeting
         5th April 2008
         Arnoma Hotel
      Bangkok, Thialand
 Sector      NAPA Activity            Type of      Availability of the Relative Cost
                                   Technology         Technology             Remarks
Coastal   Reduce climate         Deep-rooted,    Tree/grass breeding Shoreline
Zone      change hazards         salt- tolerant  technology available stabilization and
          through coastal        tree/grass      in CGIAC centres in protection against
          afforestation, and     species.        developing countries extreme weather
          maintenance of         Enrichment                            events.
          mangroves and          planting                              Participation of
          wetlands (Comoros,                                           communities is
          (Bangladesh, etc.)                                           essential.
          Provide drinking water Rain water      Rainwater             Ground and
          to coastal             harvesting, and harvesting            surface water
          communities under surface and          techniques and        resources in
          enhanced salinity and groundwater technologies and           coastal areas are
          pollution due to sea treatment.        WHO water             polluted by salinity
          level rise                             treatment             intrusion and also
                                                 technologies are      reduced quantities
                                                 available, especially
                                                 the WASH
Sector      NAPA              Type of        Availability of      Relative Cost
           Activity         Technology              the             Remarks
Coastal Construction     Redesigned         Appropriate      Suitable shelters are
Zone of flood            structures at      building codes required for people
        shelter, and     appropriate height and materials and their livestock to
        information      and improved                        cope with enhanced
        and              material to                         recurrent floods
        assistance       withstand extreme
        centre           weather events
        Promoting        Wet Bed and no- New                 Maize production
        adaptation to    tillage technology approaches and possible Bangladesh
        coastal crop     and methods;       technologies to between rice cycles;
        agriculture to   Breeding salinity deal with         Meets fuel and fodder
        combat           and flood tolerant salinity in the needs;
        salinization.    crop species       coastal crop     Production of selected
                                            agriculture.     vegetables and fruits
                                                             for income generation
 Sector     NAPA Activity            Type of          Availability of     Relative Cost
                                   Technology       the Technology           Remarks
Agriculture Research on        Crop breeding        Hardware and Research
and Food drought, flood        technologies for     software          methodologies and
Security and saline            varieties of crops   Technologies for results already
            tolerant varieties such as rice,        plant breeding available for
            of crops           wheat, maize, etc,   in major CGIAR adoption which is
            (Bangladesh,       for saline, flood    Centres and       relatively cheap
            Burundi, Gambia, and drought            National
            Malawi, Mauritan). tolerance            institutions
            Rainwater          Rainwater            Rainwater         Rainwater
            Harvesting         harvesting and       harvesting and harvesting and
            and irrigation of storage, Irrigation   storage,          storage will
            agricultural lands and Remote           Irrigation and safeguard farmers
            (Bhutan, Burundi, Sensing               Remote Sensing from water
            Gambia, Malawi, equipment and           equipment and shortages and
            Cambodia)          technologies are     technologies are thereby improving
                               required             available         household food
                                                                      security and income
    Sector          NAPA          Type of       Availability of the      Relative Cost
                   Activity     Technology         Technology              Remarks
Agriculture     Establish     Food            Local and small         A lot of harvest
Diversification food          processing,     scale technologies      goes bad or is
and Food        processing    preservation    are available;          marketed at very
Security        and storage   and storage     Large and modern        low prices
                plants;       technologies;   technologies are        because of
                Reduce Post   Post harvest    available but have      inadequate
                Harvest       technologies;   limited penetration;    processing and
                lossess       Identify and    Local technologies      preservation
                Promote       collect best    of seed                 technologies.
                farmer        products of     dressing/treatment      Modern
                insurance     the harvest,    are available on a      technologies may
                through       Treat/dress     small scale but         be a bit expensive
                seed          and store in    may not survive         for peasant
                treatment     appropriate     the increasing          farmers.
                and storage   conditions      harsh conditions
  Sector     NAPA Activity        Type of         Availability of the   Relative
                                Technology          Technology           Cost
Livestock Livestock           Animal breeding     Animal and poultry
and       breeding and        technologies;       breeding and feed
Rangeland horticulture;       Poultry breeding    enhancement
          Fodder              technologies;       technologies are
          production and      Fodder              still at the
          conservation        conservation        laboratory stage
          Domestic            technologies;       and with large-
          poultry farming;    Treatment with      scale farmers in
          Treatment of        urea                the developed
          raw fodder          Manufacturing       world. Very few
          Manufacture         technologies of     farmers in the
          and use of          multi-nutritional   developing world
          multi-nutritional   blocks              have access to the
          blocks                                  technologies
   Sector     NAPA Activity      Type of         Availability      Relative Cost
                               Technology           of the           Remarks
Coastal Zone Stabilization Beach                All               Cost factor
Infrastructure shoreline and nourishments,      technologies      varies with type
               protection of sea wall, dikes,   are currently     of structure;
               coastal        groins (timber    in use but        However, the
               infrastructure or concrete)      availability of   structures to be
               Maldives,      revetments,       materials         protected may
               Cambodia, etc., depending        could be a        be more
               Mozambique, on the structure     constraint for    expensive
               Gambia,        and dynamism      some
               Bangladesh, of the shoreline     countries
               Senegal, etc.
 Sector   NAPA Activity      Type of         Availability of Relative Cost
                           Technology       the Technology     Remarks
Fisheries Improvement Fish pond and         Technologies
and Food of fish       construction         are available in
Security productivity technologies          Cambodia,
          through fish Aquaculture          Bangladesh,
          farming      technologies.        China, etc.
          (Cambodia,   Net fencing of
          Gambia,      ponds;
          Bangladesh, Pen and cage
          etc)         culture of fish
                       fish culture
                       technologies for
                       salt tolerant fish
  Sector    NAPA Activity         Type of      Availability     Relative Cost
                                Technology          of the        Remarks
Water     Improvement of      Equipment,      Water drilling   Water lifting and
Resources access to water     infrastructure rigs,             treatment
          of good quality     and technology Hand pumps,       devices are
          and quantity;       to treat water; solar and        available in the
          Relocation and      Equipment and wind               market but some
          rehabilitation of   technologies to pumping          could be costly.
          water points        enhance         devices,
          (Cambodia,          access to water Salinity,
          Gambia, Niger       sources (water chemical and
          Bangladesh,         points,         bacteriologic
          Maldives,           pumping         al filters
          Samoa, Haiti,       devices and
          Kiribati)           energy)
Sector         NAPA Activity          Type of Technology Availability       Relative
                                                                 of the      Cost
                                                             Technology Remarks
Health Production of bio-pesticides Technologies to         Most of the Relatively
       from local plant species      assess effectiveness technology low in cost
       Treat and distribute treated of local plants to      is available in
       mosquito nets;                serve as               in the market developing
       Eliminating the larva         repellentants                        countries
       shelters inside and around Chemicals for the
       houses,                       treatment of bed nets
       Introducing larva-eating fish Hardware and
       in mosquito breeding          software
       habitats,                     technologies for
       Strengthen and improve        effective surveillance
       existing malaria              Hardware and
       surveillance.                 software
       Strenghten health sector      infrastructure and
       infrastructure                technology
   Sector           NAPA Activity            Type of           Availability          Cost
                                           Technology      of the Technology       Remarks
Disaster risk Procure and supply basic Data             Various data             Depending
management equipment;                      collection, collection, processing on the
and           Assess risk of the climate communicati and mapping platforms resolution
preparednes hazard (drought, flood,                     are available at         satellite
s and Early landslides,       etc.)    and              meteorological           data sets
Warning       develop maps; Establish                   stations                 can be
                                           and mapping
Systems       forecasting and warning                   Satellite technology for expensive,
              systems for the prediction, equipment tracking of weather          Low
              monitoring and evaluation and             systems are available resolution
              of the hazard; Develop and technology and products (pictures data and
              implement         mitigation Remote       and maps) are            information
              measures of the hazard, sensing           disseminated             is available
              Strengthen the               technologies frequently;              free of
              institutional capacity of    including    GIS technology to        charge
              the meteorological                        overlay various data
              services and collaborating                sets is also available
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