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					                                   THE NORTH CAROLINA                                                    THE FACULTY
                                                                    Noel Brandon Kelsch, RDH. RDHAP is a
                                      DENTAL HYGIENE                speaker, writer and Registered Dental Hygienist
                                         ACADEMY                    in Alternative Practice. She is passionate about
                                                                    oral health and has the uncanny ability to
                                                                    motivate and enlighten through her unique
                                               Of                   humor and cutting edge information. She takes
                                                                    tough subject matter and presents it in such an
                                                                    interesting way that it becomes thought
                                     ADVANCED STUDIES               provoking even to those not involved in her
                                                                    industry. She is the Infection Control Columnist
                                                                    for RDH magazine, a syndicated newspaper
                                                                    columnist and has been published in many
                                                                    books.     Noel has received many national
                                                                    awards including Colgate Bright Smiles Bright
                                                                    Futures, RDH Magazine Sun Star Butler Award
                                                                    of Distinction, USA magazine Make a
                                                                    Difference Day award, Presidents Service
                                                                    award, Foster Parent of the Year, Hu-Friedy
                                                                    Master Clinician Award and as if that weren’t
                                                                    enough, she is also a five time winner of the
                                                                    Castroville Artichoke cook off! Noel is the
                                                                    Immediate Past President of the California
                                                                    Dental Hygienists’ Association, Board member
                                             Presents               of Simi Valley Free Clinic, and Key Opinion
                                                                    Leader for Sunstar America, GC America, Philip
                                     Understanding Chemical         Life Style and Kerr Total Care, member of
                                                                    Organization      for     Safety    and Asepsis
                                   Dependency and Developing a      Procedures, and the Speakers and Consultants
                                 Treatment Program for the Dental
 North Carolina Dental Hygiene
 Academy of Advanced Studies

                                                                    Network. Thank-you corporate sponsors:

15529 Crossing Gate Dr
Cornelius, NC 28031

                                      Meth Mouth and Dental
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                                       Noel Brandon Kelsch,
                                           RDH. RDHAP

                                     Friday, October 22, 2010
                                      Hickory, North Carolina
         ADDICTIVE BEHAVIORS                    education courses and textbook material on                          REGISTRATION FORM
The use of drugs affects all aspects of         this very serious subject.
                                                         SEMINAR INFORMATION                               Name _________________________________
life. One in five patients will have a
chemical dependency at some time in                                                                        Address _______________________________
                                                          FRIDAY, October 22, 2010
their lives. According to the United States                                                                City/State/Zip
Drug Enforcement Agency, drug abuse             7:30-8:00 am     Registration (Coffee, Muffin, Fruit)
results in 40 million serious illnesses or                                                                 (H) Phone (      )
                                                8:00-9:30am      Morning Session
injuries each year. In the dental setting, it                                                              (O) Phone (      )
                                                9:30-10:00am     Coffee/Hot Tea Break
is crucial to have the tools and
                                                10:00-11:45      Morning Session and Awards                E-mail
information to serve this population.
                                                11:45-12:45pm    Buffet Lunch (included in registration)   ____DDS ____RDH ____DA ___Staff
After taking this course, the attendee will
be able to:                                     12:45-3:45pm     Afternoon Session
                                                                                                                         REGISTER EARLY
 Identify the signs of chemical                3:45-4:15pm      Academy Members Meeting
                                                                                                                    ATTENDANCE IS LIMITED!!!
 Communicate effectively with patients                   6 Hours of Continuing Education                      Academy Member tuition             $90.00
   about chemical dependency                                   NO PARTIAL CREDIT                               Academy Life Member tuition        $50.00
 Give resources for chemically dependant                                                                      Non-NCDHAAS Member tuition        $125.00
                                                 The North Carolina Dental Hygiene Academy of Advanced
   patients                                                              Studies
 Develop a treatment plan for treatment in       is an approved Sponsor of Continuing Education by the          LATE Registrations postmarked
   the dental setting for chemically                       NC State Board of Dental Examiners.
                                                                                                                         AFTER 10/08/22010
   dependant patients
                                                             ALL Dental Team Members                             Academy Member tuition           $105.00
       METH MOUTH and Dental                            are Welcome to Attend this Course:
                                                     Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants              Non-NCDHAAS Member tuition $135.00
          Considerations:                                  Office Staff, Spouses and Friends
Do you know the signs and symptoms                                                                         AMOUNT ENCLOSED                       $______
associated with the use of the highly                                                                           MAIL Your Registration & Payment
addictive drug Methamphetamine? Do you                     OVERNIGHT LODGING
know how to treat a patient who is using or                  Crowne Plaza Hotel                                                   to:
has used meth? With the fivefold increase of            (formerly the Holiday Inn Select)
                                                                1385 Lenoir Rhyne Blvd.                                    NCDHAAS
the methamphetamine use in the past                                                                                   15529 Crossing Gate Dr
                                                                  Hickory, NC 28602
decade, dental professionals are treating                                                                              Cornelius, NC 28031
addicted patients daily, and may not even                          Exit 125 on I-40                                  No Refunds after 10/15/09
know it! Noel provides the vital tools and
information needed to treat patients affected          Room Rates:       $89+ tax (1-4 persons)                     CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS
by this devastating drug. Her shocking               Check-in: 3:00 pm Check-out: 11:00am                  Circle Card type: VISA MASTERCARD
visuals, fascinating personal experiences and       A limited number of rooms will be reserved for         Card Number: __________________________
informative handouts, equip the audience for         our group (NCDHAAS) on a first come basis             Expiration Date: ________________________
intervention and safe dental treatment. Noel                      until 10/08/2010                         Security Code: __________________________
has written journal articles, continuing               Please call the Crowne Plaza Hotel for              Cardholder signature: ____________________
                                                           Reservations and Directions.                    Billing Address: ________________________

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