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									          Safer Stronger Communities Fund Programme

Little Hulton Community Improving Health Programme (Project LH35)

                    Progress Report 2007/08

                           April 2008

Project Aim
The aim of the project was to educate parents on the subject of healthy eating, in
order to make health conscious decisions in purchasing and cooking healthy meals.
There were several aspects to this:-
    parents being involved in providing and serving at the breakfast club, that in
       return expanded the provisions of the breakfast club;
    integrating the young and elderly generations of the community by setting up
       intergenerational cooking sessions, that brought about integration amongst the
       community as a whole;
    building the capacity of the community, achieved by developing a training
       package consisting of level 1 health and safety, first aid and food hygiene;
    identify, and discover constructive ways to tackle and manage stress amongst
       the community in order to bring about positive attitude. The health
       improvement team piloted a stress busting day course, which had a positive
       outcome, including a further 10 week course was run;
    initiating a health walk in order to encourage the community to adopt a
       healthier lifestyle by increasing their level of physical activity. The advantage
       of the health walk was that the benefit was free and sustainable namely the
       parks and loop line.

This project has delivered a programme of training sessions to local residents
themed on health and safety, stress management, first aid and healthy eating.
Comments from participants have been –
 - ‘The Stress buster course was fantastic, we need more of these’(Woman aged 32);
 - ‘I have been coming here to learn how to cook, it gives me something to look
forward to and also helps my basic skills for when I leave home’;
 - I have met some lovely people on this health and safety course who have
supported me through the day’;
 - ‘I feel energised and feel that I have done something useful that I can put on my
CV to help me get a job’ (participant aged 16 years);
 - ‘I loved the training, it wasn’t delivered scary because I hate exams’ (woman, 29
 - ‘I have got more qualifications that I had from School’ (Man, 45 years).

Key Performance Indicators
   Number of nutritious breakfasts provided during the school holidays for
     children under 16 – 577;
   Number of residents engaged in health walk activities – 24;
   Residents completing training course – 105;
   Residents completing a cooking course – 66.

   SSCF funding allocated/ spent 2006/07 – £10,000 revenue;
   SSCF funding allocated/ spent 2007/08 – £10,000 revenue;

Future Proposals
To set up cooking sessions with young people in order to educate and promote the
plate of good health. This should be ran alongside other school holiday play schemes
to raise awareness of the importance of healthy eating. Also to set up a community
food co–op, this would be easily accessible in the One Stop shop. This would

increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables as local access to fresh fruit and
vegetable is very limited.

Lessons Learnt
To develop a range of walks to suit physical ability of the community, for example
mother and toddler, beginners and the more advanced walkers. Also a possible
incentive would be beneficial in order to increase the number of participants taking
place in the walk, for example one day gym pass, fruit and vegetable vouchers. This
would in turn promote further healthy living.

If you require any further information regarding this project in the Little Hulton area
please contact:-

Foyzul Gani,
Health Improvement Officer,
Salford Primary Care Trust,
Little Hulton One Stop Shop,
Longshaw Drive,
Little Hulton,
M28 0SY.
Tel – 0161 212 5396.


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