069 -Genocide in Cambodia

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                                                 COURSE NUMBER : 069
GRADE(S ): 9-12                                  PRE-R EQUISITES (IF ANY): INTRODUCTION TO WAR & DISPLACEMENT

         UNIT              LENGTH                      CONTENT                                          S KILLS                         METHODS OF          S TRAND(S ) &
                                                                                                                                        ASSESSMENT          S TANDARD(S )
                                                                                 First Trimester
 Introduction to the       2 weeks   •   My Daring Escape (Unit in Cha Rek               Students will:                            •   Weekly quiz
Isarak Movement                          Khmer)                                          • Understand personal sacrifices          •   Weekly written
                                     •   Film: Khmer Culture before 1970                     during Isarak Movement.                   journal/assignment
                                     •   French colonization period                      • Learn the correct form for letters to   •   Notebook check
                                                                                             family members.
                                                                                         • Gain knowledge of the colonial
Organization of the        2 weeks   •   The Birth of the Isarak Movement                Students will:                            •   Weekly quiz
Isarak Movement                      •   Meaning of the movement’s name                  • Place movement in historical            •   Weekly written
                                     •   French colonization period                          context.                                  journal/assignment
                                                                                         • Use letter writing skills.
The Life of the Isarak     2 weeks   •   Life during the Isarak Movement                 Students will:                            •   Weekly quiz
                                     •   Emergence of nationalism                        • Understand that political               •   Weekly written
                                                                                             movements are unpredictable.              journal/assignment
                                                                                         • Practice letter writing skills to
The First Battle in Siem   1 week    •   First battle in Siem Reap against the           Students will:                            •   Weekly quiz
Reap                                     French                                          • Comprehend the struggle between         •   Weekly written
                                     •                                                       the Isarak fighters and the French.       journal/assignment
The Separation of the      2 weeks   •   The movement divides to 3 factions              Students will:                            •   Weekly quiz
Isarak Movement                      •   The movement struggles to survive.              • Apply Khmer reading skills in           •   Weekly written
                                                                                             understanding the material.               journal/assignment
The Deterioration of the   2 weeks   •   The ideals and goals of each faction            Students will:                            •   Weekly quiz
Isarak Movement                                                                          • Recognize how political factions        •   Weekly written
                                                                                             form.                                     journal/assignment
Return to Civilian Life    1 week    •   Adaptation to civilian life after life in a     Students will:                            •   Weekly quiz
                                         political movement                              • Compare and contrast life as a          •   Weekly written
                                                                                             civilian with life as a political         journal/assignment
                                                                                Second Trimester
Political Involvement      1 week    •   Elephant Head Organization                      Students will:                            •   Weekly quiz
                                                                                         • Value the ways to challenge             •   Weekly written
                                                                                             colonization.                             journal/assignment
Life in a Prison        1 week    •   Daily living in a prison                Students will:                             •   Weekly quiz
                                  •   The continued presence of the French    • Gain knowledge about oppression          •   Weekly written
                                                                                  from colonization.                         journal/assignment
Changes in the Isarak   1 week    •   Independence under Prince Sihanouk      Students will:                             •   Weekly quiz
Movement following                •   Changes in the culture                  • Be familiar with how independence        •   Weekly written
Independence                      •   Changes in politics                         was granted/won in Cambodia.               letter/assignment
                                                                              • Know structure of new government.
Fall of the Sihanouk    1 week    •   Film: American Involvement in           Students will:                             •   Weekly quiz
Kingdom                               Cambodia                                • Learn about the collapse of the          •   Weekly written
                                                                                  Khmer kingdom.                             letter/assignment
Revolution              2 weeks   •   Revolution and Turmoil in Cambodia      Students will:                             •   Weekly quiz
                                  •   Film: Pol Pot, Absolute Power           • Understand the roots of the civil        •   Weekly written
                                  •   Film: The Killing Fields                    war.                                       letter/assignment
                                                                              • Know the disruption of the society.
Year Zero               2 weeks   •   Film: Year Zero, Year One               Students will:                             •   Weekly quiz
                                  •   Film: Inside the Khmer Rouge            • Learn the lasting effects of civil war   •   Weekly written
                                  •   Revolution and Turmoil in Cambodia          on the Khmer culture.                      letter/assignment
Refugee Period          2 weeks   •   Film: This Shattered Land               Students will:                             •   Weekly quiz
                                  •   Film: Bamboo City                       • Distinguish elements of refugee          •   Weekly written
                                  •   Film: The Lethal Innocence                  living.                                    journal/assignment
Resettlement            2 weeks   •   The Far East Comes Near, narratives     Students will:                             •   Weekly quiz
                                  •   Film: Dancing Through Death             • Identify factors of resettlement.        •   Weekly written
                                  •   Film: Returning to the Killing Fields   • Understand issues of resettlement.           journal/assignment
                                                                              • Probe the problems of cultural

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