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									Spam and Email Etiquette

Obvious spam tactics
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Subtle spam tactics
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How to avoid spam




NEVER open an email unless you recognize either the sender or the email. NEVER open attachments from people you do not know. ALWAYS look at both the email address and the subject line. If you are not sure of an email, DO NOT open it.


Email Etiquette
1. Always identify yourself in the subject line so the recipient knows who the email is from and/or what the email is about. a. If you are applying for a job, list the job position in the subject line. b. If you are sending a personal email, include your name to the recipient as well as where you know them from. Never use “my new email” or any variation as the subject because that is a spam tactic. If you want to notify somebody of a change of email, put your name and how you know the recipient in the subject, and then put the new email in the body. ONLY use all capital letters in a word for emphasis. An email written in all capital letters is considered shouting. NEVER insult or threaten anybody in an email. If you are angry at a person or situation, give yourself time to calm down before writing any emails. Any negative comments/connotations are considered flaming and could get your account suspended or deleted. Be careful with mass emails as sending to too many people can be considered spam. Before sharing personal emails, make sure the recipient is interested in them.


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