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R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1 Operation Manual

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Do you want to enjoy Nintendo DS and DSi games with very little money? then, you have to buy a R4i gold card. This article is guide you to install and configure R4i gold v1.4.1 card with mentioned functions.

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									              R4i Gold V1.4.1 Firmware Operation Manual

R4i Gold Firmware Description
R4i Gold Firmware from is a famous slot1 card special designed for Nintendo DS and DSi. It is also called R4i-Gold Firmware,
Gold R4i card and R4i Ds Gold Firmware. R4i Gold Firmware runs in DSi V1.4 perfectly. As it is the first flashcard to break DSi V1.41,
players also call it R4i Gold V1.4.1. R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1 is same size as original DSi card. it is on hotsale for the best compatibility
and high speed of kernel update. How to use R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1? The following passage will guide you step by step.

R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1 Connection with TF card
R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1 should be connected with TF card before usage. The following pictures show you the correct way to insert
MicroSD TF card to R4i Gold V1.4.1 Firmware.

Attention: The front side of R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1 should match the back side of TF card. You can insert TF card easily if in right way.
Don't insert with big strength.

R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1 System Installation
Connect the TF card reader to computer, download latest R4i Gold V1.39 kernel, and release it. Then copy the "_SYSTEM_" and
"_DS_MENU.DAT" files to the root directory of TF card, the R4i gold game kernel installation is finished. For Loading R4i gold media
kernel, copy the "moonsh12" and "_DS_MSHL.NDS" files to the root directory of TF card.Copy Games to R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1

Download DSi games to your computer, copy the games or your own process to the TF card with MicroSD reader.(related directory can
be set up if necessary). The games deposited in the TF card is standby for running in R4i Gold Firmware.V1.4.1.

R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1 Main Menu Operation
Insert TF card to the R4i Gold Firmware, then connect the R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1 to the DSi hostmachine through Slo-1 port. Turn on
the power origine to enter the main menu of R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1 version. You can choose the game function or multi-media
function by orientation key or by touch screen. Press A key to enter the function you choose.

R4i Gold Firmware Game Menu Operation
Select game function in R4i Gold Firmware main menu to enter game menu. Press "start" key to return, press "select" key to choose
display model(full display or game only)."N" file and "N" game are on the top of DS screen.

Attention:in R4i Gold Firmware Game menu, "only game" model will shield "SHELL","MOONSHL","_SYSTEM_"directory and
"_DS_MSHL.NDS'file. The hiden files and directories won't display either.

There is a sun symbol on the left up of R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1 game menu. You can adjust the lightness by L key.(DSi use "select"
key and "voice" key).

The soft restoration button is on the right up corner of screen. Red color means restoration closed, while green color means open. The
restoragion button can be set by R key or touch screen. If it is opened, you can press L+R+A+B+X+Y key to return R4i Gold Firmware
V1.4.1 main menu while playing. For DSi the power key is used for restoration.

Files is displayed on up screen. Up and Down key are used for moving, Left and Right key are used for page up/down. The bottom
screen displays the information details of file. If it is ND game, mentioned icon and title will also display. Press A key to run the game you
select, press B key to return to upper directory.

R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1 Runinng Games in DSi
Select the game in R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1 game menu, press A key to enter and play. If it is the first game running, saveing
document will be built automaticly. When you save the game, R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1 will revise the time automaticly.

R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1 Document Backup and Restoration
R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1 is easy for file backup and restoration. The document name is the same with game, extended name
is .SAV.Press "Select" key to choose "full-display" model, find the file which you want to bakeup, then press A key to save. It to computer.
The extended name of backup file is .bak. While you want to restore, choose the file, press A key for restoration.

R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1 Skin Change
R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1 offers automatic skin change for different months. There are 12 themes subdirectories under the _system_
directory of TF card, they are named from theme01 to theme12. Each subdirectory fit for a month. R4i Gold firmware will change the skin
according to the date. Each subdirectory contains 4 files: "logo.bmp" "Icons.bmp","bckgrd_1.bmp" and "bckgrd_2.bmp". These files are
for background of operation interface, they can be revised.

                     Logo.bmp ---- Background of upper screen for start menu
                     Icons.bmp ---- Background of bottom screen for start menu
                     Bckgrd_1.bmp ----- Background of upper screen for document directory
                     Bckgrd_2.bmp ----- Background of bottom screen for document directory

Attention: the name of photo files can't be changed. It must be 8 bite or 16 bite with bmp format, dimension must be 256*192

After DIY the skin, copy the files to the TF card. Congratulations, you DIY R4i Gold V1.4.1 skin successfully.

R4i Gold Firmwar 1.4.1 Package

                                 1 * R4i Gold Firmware V1.4.1 from
                                 1 * 2GB Kingston MicroSD card
                           1 * MicroSD reader
                           1 * Blue Protection Box

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