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					A Bible Teaching Session

Writer: Willa Ruth Garlow

For Older Preschoolers and for Younger Preschoolers
The Bible-teaching Aim
To help each child: • be aware that Jesus loves him.. • learn that stories about Jesus are in the Bible. • to begin to love and thank God. • to begin an awareness of why we give our money at church.

The Bible Story

Jesus, The Greatest Giver Ever
Matthew 4:23, 13:1-2, 22:17, John 3:16, 15:9

Bible Thoughts Luke 7:21
“Jesus made sick people well.”

John 15:17
“Jesus said, ‘Lov e one another’.”

Galatians 5:13
“Help one another.”

2 Timothy 1:3
“I thank God.”

*This teaching session was prepared for use in Sunday School during the Churchʼs stewardship emphasis, but may also be used any time in Sunday School, Discipleship Training, Missions Organizations, and in various weekday activities at church.

The Bible T eaching Session for Older Preschoolers
Before the Teaching Session
The Teachersʼ Personal Preparation:


Read the suggested Bible story and study the Bible verses related to the Bible story about Jesus. What a remarkable giver Jesus was! Anytime during the teaching session and also in the large-group time, share the Bible story with the preschoolers. Pray for the preschoolers and their families.

Thank God for the opportunity to teach and ask His guidance as you teach using The Bible, Bible story, Bible thoughts, songs, prayer, and teaching conversation.

Preparation for the Teaching Session:


Enlist one teacher for every four or five preschoolers expected to attend. Enlist men teachers as well as women teachers. Make sure that at least two teachers are always in the room with preschoolers at church.

Gather the materials suggested for the activity areas.

Have the activity areas ready before the first child arrives.

The Teaching Session Schedule
Greeting the Preschoolers Preschoolers Learning in the Activities Areas Put Away Activity-Area Materials The Large-Group Time When Parents Come

The Bible Teaching Session
Greeting the Preschoolers
Smile and happily greet each child. Be sure that each parent is given a security card with the childʼs name on it. Do not allow the child to leave with anyone except the person who has the security card.

The Learning Activity
When a child arrives, encourage him to choose the activity area where he wants to begin. Expect the children to go back and forth from one activity area to another.

The Art Area
Materials Needed:
Already prepared play dough (you may need to make more than one batch of play dough, small plastic ziplock bags, plastic tablecloth
Microwave Play Dough 8 drops of food coloring in 1 cup of water 1⁄2 cup salt 2 teaspoons Cream of Tarter 1 tablespoon cooking oil 1 cup flour Mix well in a glass bowl. Microwave for 2-3 minutes. Time varies according to your microwave. Place the dough on a sheet of wax paper. Knead gently. When it has cooled, store it in an airtight ziplock bag.

Place the tablecloth on a table or floor. Give each child a lump of play dough and allow him/her to pound it, squeeze it, shape it any way he chooses. Avoid making shapes for the children. Let them do their own creating with the play dough. Talk about the happy times we have at church. At the end of the session, divide the play dough into small zip-lock bags and let each child take a bag of play-dough home with him/her.

The Block Area
Materials Needed:
Wooden unit blocks neatly stacked in the block area, family stand-up figures, some large toy airplanes, cars, and trucks.

As you see the children work together to build with the blocks, say, “Some words in the Bible are ʻHelp one another.ʼ Jesus was kind and helped people. The money we give at church helps our missionaries go and help people know about Jesus. Missionaries need cars, planes, and trucks.

The Book Area
Materials Needed:
Two or three preschool books about Jesus and two or three books about church

Remind the children to stay in the book area to read the books. Sit on the floor and read a book to a child who shows interest. Talk about how kind Jesus was when he taught and preached to the people. Use the Bible thought, “Jesus made sick people well.” (Luke 7:21)

The Homeliving Area
Materials Needed:
Along with the basic homeliving furniture and materials, add play money in a purse and in a billfold, some church offering envelopes, car keys, and some dress-up clothes.

When the children play with the play money and put it in the church envelopes, talk about bringing our money to church. Name some things that our money helps buy for the preschool room. Mention that our money helps send missionaries to tell other boys and girls about Jesus. Use the Bible thought, “I thank God.” Add a simple prayer to your conversation, thanking God for Jesus, our church, and our friends at church.(Galatians 5:13)

The Music Area
Materials Needed:
CD or cassette player and recordings used in Sunday School, rhythm instruments

Play soft background music as the children come into the room. After a time, get out the rhythm instruments. Play the recordings and let the children use the instruments. Several times, sing the song, “Jesus Love the Little Children,” and ask the children to sing along and play the instruments.

The Nature Area
Materials Needed:
Small foam cups, planting soil in a large bowl, plastic spoons, flower seeds, plastic tablecloth

Spread the tablecloth on the floor or a table and place the other materials on the cloth. Give each child a cup and let him/her spoon soil into the cup, plant some seeds in the soil, and add water. The children will have to wait their turn. Commend them for being kind and waiting. Say, “Jesus was kind and helped his friends. Some words in the Bible are ʻLove One Another.ʼ” Closely supervise this activity. Talk about the good world God has made for us. Write the childrenʼs names on their cups and allow them to take their cups when they leave to go home.

Clean-up Time
Quietly go to the activity areas and tell the children that it is time to come to group-time. Give them time to put away the activity materials.

Large-group Time
(No more than five to ten minutes, depending on the attention span of the group)

Materials Needed:
The Read-To-Me Bible (or other Bible), the rhythm instruments which were used in the music activity area, teaching pictures “Jesus and The Children,” a CD or cassette player and Sunday School recordings

• Thank the Children Ask the children what they did in the activity areas. Give them opportunity to share. Thank the children for being helpers and putting away the materials. Say, “Remember, a Bible thought is ʻHelp one another.ʼ” Galatians 5:13

• Play Music Give each child a rhythm instrument. Turn on the CD or Cassette Player and play some songs while the children play along with the music. Turn off the music and ask the children to give their instruments to a teacher. • Pray Pray a short, simple prayer thanking God for happy times at church and for The Bible. • Tell the Bible Story Hold the Bible in your lap and open it to Luke 2. Say, “Here in our Bible is the story of when Jesus was a baby boy. He grew to be a big boy and then he grew to be a man.”

Jesus, The Greatest Giver Ever
Jesus was a kind man who helped people. He taught the people that God loved them. He preached that God wants people to be kind and love one another. Jesus helped sick people get well. He helped a blind man see. He helped a crippled man walk again. The Bible has stories about when Jesus helped people. Some words in the Bible are “Help one another.” When we give our money at church, we are helpers. Our money helps our church do Godʼs work and help people. Our money helps send missionaries to go and tell other boys and girls about Jesus.

• Thank the Children Ask the children to help you sing about Jesus. Sing the song, “Jesus Loves The Children” or “Jesus Loves Me.” Show and talk about the teaching picture “Jesus and the Children.” • Until the Parents Come Once again, give the children the rhythm instruments. Then turn on the CD or cassette player. Allow the children to quietly march to the music as they play their instruments. If the children lose interest in the music before their parents come, choose one of the books about Jesus and read it to the children.
Ask a teacher to help the children remember to take home a bag of play dough and their cups in which they planted flower seeds.

A Bible T eaching Session for Younger Preschoolers
(Babies, ones, and twos) The Bible-teaching Aim
To help each child: • enjoy coming to “his” room at church. • to begin an awareness that Jesus loves him. • to learn that Jesus was a helper. • to begin an awareness that we bring our money to church to help people.

Bible Thoughts
“Jesus made sick people well” (Luke 7:21) “Jesus said, ʻLove One Anotherʼ ” (John 15:17) “Help one another” (Galatians 5:13)

Before the Teaching Session


Be aware of the suggested Bible thought and share them in your conversations with the children.

Mark the Bible thoughts in the Read-To-Me Bible. Use and look at the Bible as you hold a child on your lap, as you change a diaper, as you are using the toys and other materials with a child. Sterilize the toys and cribs, and make sure the floor is clean.

Find some teaching pictures of Jesus. As you look at the pictures with a child, talk about Jesus.

Set the CD or cassette player out of the reach of the children. Play quiet music during the session.

Teaching Babies
As you show a baby a teaching picture of Jesus, quietly sing “Jesus Loves Me.” Put appropriate toys in the crib and on the floor. Too much clutter can upset children. When you change diapers, talk about Jesus and use the Bible thoughts in your conversations. Share the Bible pictures with a baby. Handle the Bible carefully to help the children begin to be aware it is a special book.

Teaching One-Year Olds
Place colorful pull toys and other appropriate toys on the floor. Avoid expecting one-year-olds to sit in chairs or at a table. Show a teaching picture of Jesus to a child. Allow him to touch the picture as you talk about Jesus. Hold the Bible and look at the pictures with a child. Sing the song, “Jesus Loves The Children.” As you take care of a childʼs personal needs, use it as an opportunity for some “me and you time” to talk and sing about Jesus.

Teaching Two-Year Olds
Twos can enjoy looking at and talking about the teaching pictures of Jesus. Say, “Jesus was a good helper” and “Jesus loves you!” Using your singing voice is a wonderful way to teach. Sing. “Jesus Loves The Children” and “Jesus Loves You.”
• Art area — microwave play dough. (See recipe in the older preschool session.) Make it ahead of

time and have it ready for the twos to use. Closely supervise this activity. Some groups of twos may not be mature enough to use play dough.

• Book area — two or three preschool books about Jesus • Music area — preschool Sunday School CD or cassette tape • Block area — family stand-up figures, cardboard blocks • Homeliving area — doll and doll clothes, car keys, dress-up church clothes • Nature area — small amount of water in a dishpan, small boats, smocks or bibs, towels • Puzzle area — two simple wooden puzzles about Jesus and friends at church

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