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									ERP Project Core Features List 

Enterprise Resource Planning
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Vigeo International (Private) Ltd

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ERP Project Core Features List 

Propose System
Vigeo International (Pvt) Ltd team has build ERP System for manufacturers, retailers & wholesalers.

Project Capabilities
ERP System that will provide the business solution built on a powerful Model-driven Application Platform that gives you the capabilities to run YOUR business, YOUR way. Vigeo ERP business solution offers you to automate all of your financial, manufacturing, purchase, ecommerce, sales, H.R, service processes & Customer Relationship Management quickly, affordably and easily.

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ERP Project Core Features List 

Model Driven Architecture
The purpose System will employ a Model Driven Architecture (MDA) to enable broader application adaptability, faster deployments and lower cost of ownership than is possible with products utilizing earlier generation enterprise software architectures.

Without procedural coding or crafting of SQL commands Vigeo Model-driven Architecture enables rapid application customizations such as:
• • • • •

Add a new column to a table Add optional validation rules (list of values, range, etc.) Redesign an application window to display the new column Enter data into the new column through the application window Create a report which includes the new column or uses the new column as a query parameter

What's more, you can complete all of these changes on your production system without any downtime in as little as five minutes. Complex customizations are also possible with this System. For example, Vigeo ERP will support field-, column- or record-level security, workflow, and multi-step transactions, but it may take a bit longer to implement these capabilities.

Vigeo ERP Model-drive Architecture Advantages

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ERP Project Core Features List 

Vigeo ERP's Model-driven Architecture equips your organization to adapt your Vigeo ERP solution quickly and easily to the inevitable changes your business will face. Vigeo ERP will provide:

Rapid customization of applications to specific business needs Greater stability because windows and reports are generated from rules stored in an active Application Dictionary Higher productivity for admin users and users alike Affordable customization of applications at any time without specialized programming staff Preservation of customizations when upgrading

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ERP Project Core Features List 

Vigeo ERP Platform
Vigeo ERP lets you automate all of your financial, distribution, sales and service processes quickly and easily. At the same time, Vigeo ERP employs an innovative model-driven Architecture that gives you unprecedented adaptability, speed of deployment and low cost of ownership.

Solution, even through upgrades to newer versions of Vigeo ERP software. Unlike traditional ERP systems that recommend adapting your business processes to match the default software settings, Vigeo ERP encourages you to customize the solution you deploy to match your business needs. As your business environment changes, you can adapt Vigeo ERP to your changing needs–quickly and easily.
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ERP Project Core Features List 

Followings are the More about the Vigeo ERP Platform Model-driven Architecture Applications Dictionary Web Architecture Workflow Security Transaction Integrity Automated Migration Integration Database Technology

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ERP Project Core Features List 

Project Core Features
Manufacturing Management Procurement Management System Materials Management System Order and Billing Management System   Financial Management System H.R Management System Logistics Management System Sales Management System Warehouse Management System Export Management System Pricing Management System Project Management System Performance Management System Performance Analysis Tools Workflow Management System Web User Interface Extensibility Services

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ERP Project Core Features List 

All types of Returns Management Requests Management Utilities Management Security Management Taxes Management Reports & Processes Management

Broad Capabilities and Deep Integration
Standard Reports

Report and manage the performance of your enterprise using standard reports and integrated reporting tools.

Business View Layer

Securely access business data through optimized reporting schemas

3rd Party Analysis Tools

Use your choice of third-party reporting and analysis tools to analyze Vigeo ERP .


Control Manufacturing operations with material planning, production scheduling and shop floor execution capabilities.

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ERP Project Core Features List 

Warehouse Management

Improve warehouse productivity by automating inbound and outbound logistics


Automate the steps from procurement to payment

Materials Management

Manage inventory receipts, shipments, moves and counts across your warehouses, suppliers and customers.

Order Management

Create quotes, book orders, manage materials, generate invoices and collect cash

Global Financial Management

One system automates the processes of your business solution and manages your financial records

Sales Management

Control your valuable customer relationship management solutions.


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ERP Project Core Features List 

Create and run a secure web store front.


Manage the entire Service delivery lifecycle.

Customer History

See a 360 degree view of interactions with your customers

Performance Management, Analytics & Reporting
Performance Management provides company executives and managers with multiple views of operational performance and activities in the organization.

Reporting Types
Vigeo ERP will provide four internal ERP report facilities:

List Reports or queries will be available in every Vigeo ERP Window and from the Menu. Users  can get the broad control over the fields and parameters to generate list reports.  Forms are business documents (e.g. Invoices, etc.) which conform to a specific print layout.  Financial Reports are standard financial accounting reports from the General Ledger, which can  be customized across several dimensions.  Statement of Accounts are lists of all transactions for an account or account segment for a given  date or period range. 

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ERP Project Core Features List 

Secure Business View Layer Opens Vigeo ERP to Third-party Analysis Tools
End-users and report designers can access data securely through Vigeo ERP's Business View Layer. Using application-level security controls, there are pre-defined business views that span customer, vendor, product, sales order, invoice, and shipment data. It provides the ability to add additional secured business views. The Vigeo ERP Business View Layer supports Jasper Reports, Crystal Reports as well as any open source and 3rd party analysis and reporting tools, such as Microsoft Excel and Business Intelligence Suite.

Reporting Across Multiple Accounting Schema
Vigeo ERP will support users to define more than one Accounting Schema, which will add the ability to maintain separate books for financial reporting and management decision making in parallel. Vigeo ERP will eliminate the cumbersome tasks of conversion, transformation, and consolidation of foreign subsidiaries and allows for the easy separation of management and legal reporting.

Reporting Across Multiple Calendar Years and Periods

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ERP Project Core Features List 

The Calendar Year and Period window will allow users to define the Calendars that are used for Reporting and Period Control. Each Client may have a one or many Calendars and all Organizations within a Client can use the same Calendars.

Integrated Reporting, Data Warehousing and OLAP
Users can create a report from every document in the system for which he or she has access privileges. The system will give the facility to choose the layout, sorting, labels, and other parameters to match internal reporting standards. Reporting Views enable detail, analytical and summary reporting.

The reporting facility will allows report users to drill down on elements in the report (e.g. from order to business partner, payment rules, etc.) or drill across to referenced items (e.g. from order to invoices, shipments, etc. linked to that order).

For multidimensional entries, users can select the dimensions, on which to report. All information can be printed or exported to Excel, Word, XML, PDF, etc. for further processing. Secure Business Views allow users to extend the reporting to external dedicated SQL based reporting tools.

Complete Security Built-in
Vigeo ERP will customize for the comprehensive role and data level security that extends to query, data export and ERP report access. This includes Vigeo ERP's extremely granular data security rules that can be defined at table, column, and record level.

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ERP Project Core Features List 

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ERP Project Core Features List 

Order Management
The Order Management process will cover the business processes required for the creation of a quotation for a prospect or customer, sales order management, invoicing and the receipt of cash. The functionality will be tightly integrated with Materials Management and Customer Relationship Management.

Vigeo ERP System will be preconfigured to handle a number of sales order scenarios. System administrators can add new sales order types or change the rules associated with existing orders to match specific requirements.

Vigeo ERP System will provide the facility to the users for the creation and printing of customer quotations based on general or customer specific price lists. Quotations can be made "binding," in which case they reserve inventory. Quotations may also be modified at any time and can be automatically converted to a Sales Order without additional data entry.

Sales Orders
A Sales Order is the "fulfillment control document" that is the foundation for generating sales order, shipment and invoicing documentation. In addition, Vendor Purchase Orders may be created automatically for the items specified on a sales order and directly shipped to the customer if appropriate.

Different types of sales orders cause different business process behavior in Vigeo ERP. For example, a "Prepaid Order" will not allow shipments until payment occurs. A "Point of Sale"
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ERP Project Core Features List 

order assumes the customer is at the counter with the goods in hand and generates all transactions including stock decrement, invoicing, and payment through the entry of a single document. A "Standard Order" by comparison, will check availability before accepting the order then queue the order for fulfillment by the warehouse and then generate an invoice in the next invoice run or otherwise in accordance with the invoice rules for that customer.

Vigeo ERP will support the following Sales Order Situations: Standard Order This will be use when shipping products by availability. Users can generate the invoice immediately or after the shipment

Credit Order This will be use for known (on account) customers, with or without a credit line. The order generates the shipment, invoice, and optionally receives the payment.

Warehouse Order

This will be use when creating summary invoices. Users can select the shipments manually or create the invoice based on invoicing rules Prepay Order This will be use in Web Store Transactions. Users can send the shipment and generate the final invoice after receipt of the money

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ERP Project Core Features List 

Based upon the details captured from the client, on the Sales Order, one or more shipments can be generated immediately or automatically when inventory subsequently becomes available. Vigeo ERP will automatically back orders unavailable items. Vigeo ERP will be configure to allow shipments to be effected from the shipment documentation or alternatively will provide for a more disciplined warehouse approach by requiring explicit confirmation of picking and/or shipment prior to the generation of invoice documentation.

Confirmations can be used to manage movements of inventory from, say, a receiving area to 'put away' areas from which it then becomes available for further processing.

Customer Returns
Vigeo ERP will automate your customer return processes, including generation of Return Materials Authorization (RMA). RMAs will be linked to the original Sales Order and Shipment. Begin by specifying a return policy the requirements for accepting returns. Vigeo ERP will support both default return policies, and exceptions that are linked to specific Products, Business Partners or other criteria. Grant overrides privileges to certain people in your organization to enable even greater flexibility in processing returns. Return transactions and Credit Memos are generated automatically or manually depending on the RMA Document Type. Generate final return documentation automatically or manually as the returned goods arrive in your warehouse. As in the case of shipments, confirmations can be used to manage movements of inventory from the receiving area to ‘put away’ areas.

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ERP Project Core Features List 

Customer Invoices
The ERP System will generate invoices according to general business rules or based on specific arrangements in place with the customer.

Generate invoices:
• • •

Immediately after each shipment. When the order is completely shipped. Based on a predefined invoice schedule specific to the customer.

When entering a Sales Order or Invoice; the payment rules allow flexibility in the automatic generation of receipts:
• •

For cash transactions, a Cashbook entry is automatically generated. For credit, check, and direct debit transactions; a payment will be created against the appropriate customer / bank account

Order Management
The Order Management process will cover the business processes required for the creation of a quotation for a prospect or customer, sales order management, invoicing and the receipt of cash. The functionality will be tightly integrated with Materials Management and Customer Relationship Management

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ERP Project Core Features List 

Manufacturing organizations use Vigeo ERP today to automate order management, purchasing, inventory management, production and financial processes.

Vigeo ERP will customize the project building blocks for automating manufacturing processes. After customization the current product will supports complex nested bills of material, flexible costing models, accounting processes for managing work-in-process and finished goods inventory, as well as workflow processing.

Materials Inventory Management
The Materials Management component of the Vigeo ERP business solutions software will address the broad range of issues around your material inventory: products, price lists, inventory receipts, shipments, movements, and counts within a company, its organizations, as well as to and from suppliers and customers.

A 'Product' in the Vigeo ERP system is something that can be sold and/or purchased, (or something that can be stored) and it has to have a Price. The main examples of Products in the inventory management software are:
• • • •

Items Services Resources Expense Types

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ERP Project Core Features List 

An 'Item' in Vigeo ERP is a physical good that can be sold. 'Services' are not restricted in terms of availability whereas 'Resources' are restricted. 'Expenses' can be billed, for example: a consultant who incurs some travel expenses can be invoiced to the customer.

A Product can also be described as a "collection of items with similar attributes." One of the attributes of a product is its storage location as defined by warehouses and locators. The warehouse is the point of service. A warehouse may have more than one locator. Each Locator has up to five user-defined dimensions such as aisle, bin, rack, level, bay, etc.

Another attribute for Products in the Vigeo ERP system is the 'Product Category.' Product Categories enable you to group products with similar characteristics, pricing structures, accounting rules and reporting. For example, by using the controls of the Vigeo ERP business solutions software you can globally set or change a discount structure for a Product Category. All products in that category inherit the revised discount structure.

Product Catalog
The Product Catalog organizes all of your products for simplified searching based on product attributes. For example, you may use the Product Catalog to search for all products that are "shirts," "yellow" and "short-sleeved." The Product Catalog optionally details product bills of material and substitutes.

Price Lists
Multiple Price Lists are supported for all purchased and sold items. Vigeo ERP's ERP business solutions software has a Purchase Price List functionality, which allows simple control of
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ERP Project Core Features List 

discounts from suppliers. The system provides general and customer specific sales price lists. Price Lists are date controlled to allow special sales initiatives.

Bill of Materials
A Bill of Materials (BOM) is a product structure that lists the parts and components that constitute the product in the context of an assembly, kit, or model. It contains one or more Products, Services, or BOMs. The number of components a Bill of Materials may contain is unlimited. A Bill of Materials has to be "cycle-free", which means that a BOM cannot refer to itself or parts (e.g. found in recipes in the chemical industry). Vigeo ERP's system maintains the following types of Bill of Materials:

Stocked The available quantity represents what actually is stocked, not what could be produced. If the price is 0.00, the price is dynamically calculated (i.e. sum of the individual parts).


Non-Stocked The available quantity of a non-stored Bill of Materials is dynamically calculated on an item to item base and represents what could be available. Non-Stocked BOMs are mainly for data entry convenience. When processing the order or invoice, individual order lines are generated for each product sold. The price of a non-stocked BOM is always the summary price of its individual parts

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ERP Project Core Features List 

Distribution and Multi-Warehouse Control
Vigeo ERP's business solution supports multiple warehouses with user-defined locations within each warehouse for recording stock locations in shelves and bays (Bin Locations). With the Vigeo ERP inventory management software, a physical warehouse can be broken into multiple logical warehouses such as receiving, quality assurance and testing, bulk storage and picking. Priorities can be set to ensure that picking takes place from bin locations in a prescribed sequence. Inventory movements can be effected between bin locations and warehouses. Movements between warehouses can be configured to produce appropriate shipping documentation, and manage 'in transit' stock. Inventory counts and Inventory valuation adjustments are managed by recording the difference between the book stock quantity and the count quantity. Stock used for internal purposes can be written-off to record the stock decrement and related adjustments in the General Ledger.

Material Receipts and Replenishment
Using the Vigeo ERP business solution, shipment documentation can be created in batches, or individually on a per order basis. Goods received from vendors can be compared directly with the purchase order or the vendor invoice. The inventory management software shows 'available to promise', after considering reserved inventory for future customer shipments and expected vendor receipts. Material Replenishment lists are created based on inventory replenishment rules, past sales, or targeted inventory levels. Requisitions or Purchase Orders can also be automatically generated from the Material Replenishment report. Optionally, you can also replenish a warehouse from another warehouse

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ERP Project Core Features List 

Costing of Product and Services
The Costing functionality in the Vigeo ERP system is flexible and comprehensive. Users can customize it to meet their unique business needs, such as specifying the level of detail to track. Users can have multiple parallel costing methods. These can include Standard and Actual costs. Product costs may be composed of both Material and non-Material costs.

Vigeo ERP's business solution maintains the information for the following costing methods:

Standard Costing Actual Costing (Last PO, Last Invoice, LIFO, FIFO) Average (PO, Invoice)

Costs can be recorded at three levels: Company, Organization, or Batch/Lot. You can also specify a different costing method or level for a Product Category. This allows the maximum flexibility for financial analysis. You may switch the costing method used any time. The information is very valuable to compare trends. Costs are maintained in your accounting currency.

Using different costing methods (Standard, Actual, or Average) can result in different financial results. The Vigeo ERP supports more than one costing method, e.g. for legal accounting and business decision-making.

The following general information is maintained per Product and Accounting Schema:
• •

Current Cost (based on Standard or Actual Costing) Last Purchase Order Price (converted)
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ERP Project Core Features List 
• •

Last AP Invoice Price (converted) Total lifetime Invoice Quantity and Amount (resulting in lifetime average cost)

Procurement, requisition & Purchasing
The Purchasing process covers the business processes required for the creation of requisitions, purchase orders, receipt of vendor invoices, and payment processing. The functionality is tightly integrated with Materials Management. Requisitions may automatically be created from Material Replenishment Reports or alternatively entered manually. A sample workflow implementation is delivered with the standard product that requires Requisitions in excess of $100 to be approved. Upon approval, a report of approved Requisitions is prepared and purchase orders may be created. This workflow is provided as an indication of the way that a Document Workflow can be setup. In Vigeo ERP, approved Requisitions automatically generate Purchase Orders.

Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders can be generated (and consolidated, if required) from Material Replenishment Reports, Requisitions, Sales Orders, projects, or manually entered. Vigeo ERP supports two-way and three-way matching with receiving and invoicing documentation. Following matching, Purchase Orders are automatically closed to minimize overhead on the PO screens but remain accessible via reports

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ERP Project Core Features List 

Material Receipts
Material Receipts are processed by creating a material receipt record. Material Receipt records are then matched to the Purchase Order or Vendor Invoice. Material Receipt records can be autocreated and auto-matched, from Purchase Orders or Vendor Invoices to avoid the overhead of additional data entry.

Return to Vendor
Vigeo ERP can automate your return to vendor processes through Vendor Return Materials Authorization (RMA). Vendor RMAs are linked to the original Purchase Order and Material Receipt. The Vendor Return Policy can be used to control whether the goods are eligible for return. Any violations to the return policy can be overridden by users with the “Override Return Policy” privilege. Vendor RMAs can be matched to return to Vendor transactions and Credit Memos. Return to vendor transactions can be entered directly as new documents, or created from a Vendor RMA. If they are created from a Vendor RMA, all the details of the Vendor RMA are automatically copied over to the Return to Vendor. The Generate Credit Memo process can be used to generate the Credit Memo. Alternatively, the Credit Memo can be manually entered and matched to the Return to Vendor transaction.

Vendor Invoices
Vendor Invoices are entered based on the vendor's invoice document or may be created from (and matched with) Purchase Orders or Material Receipts as Recipient Created Tax Invoices. Material Receipts can also be created automatically from the vendor invoice when the invoice and shipment are received concurrently.

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ERP Project Core Features List 

Payments are generated based on payment terms, which allow payment discounts to be optimized. Payments can be made by direct debit transactions or Vigeo ERP's check printing facilities. Payments can also be made by credit card and details can be recorded when entering the Purchase Order or Invoice.

Financial Management
Good business accounting is about more than simple debits and credits, and department-level functionality for General Ledger, Account Receivable and Accounts Payable. Vigeo ERP automates all of your financial, distribution, sales and service processes and unifies your enterprise data in a single repository. By taking a unified approach to integrating enterprise-wide business processes and data, your customized Vigeo ERP business solution provides you with reliable information for accurate financial reporting and informed decision-making.

Reliable Data
The best business application in the world can't overcome inaccurate, incomplete or incorrectly classified data. With Vigeo ERP, you input customer, vendor, and transaction data only once. Vigeo ERP shares this information across all departments and users authorized to access the information. When you need to update this data, Vigeo ERP ensures that the information becomes available immediately through the entire application. Vigeo ERP's intelligent architecture ensures that you are getting the most up-to-date information available whenever you need it. It also reduces the risk of "dirty data" that arises from human data entry errors and synchronization errors between separate information systems.

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ERP Project Core Features List 

Standard and Customizable Financial Reports
Generate standard financial and managerial reports including Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Statement of Cash Flows and many others. Additional reporting options include customizing reports with Vigeo ERP's internal report writer, data access using your choice of 3rd party report writers, or data exports for analysis in spreadsheet or OLAP tools.

Reporting is possible across any user-defined dimension in addition to the following preconfigured dimensions:
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Balance sheet organization  Transacting organization  Natural Account  Date & Time  Transaction  Accounting  Product  Product Category  Business Partner  Project  Marketing  Channel  Campaign  Location (Warehouse, Business Partner)  From  To  Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    26 


ERP Project Core Features List 

Activity (for activity based costing) 

Comprehensive Financial Management
Vigeo ERP offers comprehensive financial management capabilities. All functional elements of Vigeo ERP are global-ready, supporting the complexities of businesses that span multiple organizations, currencies, accounting schema, tax laws and languages. Vigeo ERP enables you to customize the system to meet your needs without risking violation of accepted accounting and tax rules.
Customer­specified Chart of Accounts 

At the heart of every financial accounting system is a chart of accounts. Vigeo ERP ships with several charts of accounts for you to use. It also provides a streamlined process for you to continue using your own chart of accounts.

Chart of Accounts
Vigeo ERP needs a set of accounts for system operations, even though some may never be posted to (example: if you don't have foreign currency transactions, accounts like realized gains will never be used). When creating a client, Vigeo ERP needs to create a set of default accounts.

AccountingXX.xls / AccountingXX.csv
The file AccountingXX.xls is the basis for importing and maintaining your chart of accounts. The XX in the file name represent the country code - so the file AccountingUS.xls is a good basis for a US style chart of accounts.

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ERP Project Core Features List 

Note that the file name is just a suggestion. An early version of the structure was the NaturalAccount.xls/csv file. The AccountingXX.xls/csv file structure is a super set.

The file is required with unmodified structure when you initially create a new Client (Initial Client Setup). In this phase, only the mandatory accounts are imported/created (indicated by having a value in the Account_Default - column H).

After the initial setup, you use it for importing your account hierarchy or reports. For that you can change the import format to adjust for your needs.

If you modify the file, you must export your .xls file to .csv (comma separated values) format as Vigeo ERP only reads the .csv file. The resulting file should be in the "data/import" subdirectory of %VIGEO ERP_HOME%.


Account or Combination or Valid Combination = value of accounting segment combination; the  segments are defined per accounting schema e.g.: 01‐1600 ‐ HQ‐Accounts Payables (here  Company and Natural Account) 


Natural Account = The account segment ‐ an element in your account structure; this is what you  import in the AccountingXX file e.g.: 1600 ‐ Accounts Payables 


Chart Of Accounts (CoA) = List of Natural Accounts ‐ this is what you provide with the  Accounting*.xls/csv file  

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ERP Project Core Features List 

In the following, the columns of the spreadsheet are explained in more detail. Please note that the column names are for documentation purposes only and can be modified/translated.
A ­ Account_Value 

The mandatory key for your natural account - completely user defined - numeric or alphanumeric up to 20 characters. Please note that every line HAS to be unique!
B ­ Account_Name 

The mandatory name of the natural account - completely user defined - up to 60 characters.
C ­ Account_Description 

The optional description of the natural account - completely user defined - up to 255 characters.
D ­ Account_Type 

The mandatory Account Type (e.g. Asset - Liability - Owner's Equity - Expense - Revenue Memo). Please note that the first letter has to be A, L, O, E, R or M. So, if you translate it, the first letter MUST be one of the above. Example: "L - Verbindlichkeiten" as Verbindlichkeiten is the German translation of Liabilities.
E ­ Account_Sign 

The optional Account Sign Flag (currently not implemented - planned to be used in financial reports). The options are Natural (default), Debit, Credit. Please note that the first letter has to be
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ERP Project Core Features List 

N, D, C or Empty. So, if you translate it, the first letter MUST be one of the above. Example: "D - Soll" as Soll is the German translation of Debit.
F ­ Account_Document 

The optional Account Document Flag (i.e. this account can only be posted by the sub-ledger - no manual journal entry - this is recommended for easier reconciliation of accounts). Please note that the first letter has to be Y, N or Empty. So, if you translate it, the first letter MUST be one of the above. Example: "Y - Ja" as Ja is the German translation of Yes.
G ­ Account_Summary 

The mandatory Summary Account Flag (i.e. you cannot post to summary accounts, they are used for reporting only). Please note that the first letter has to be Y, N or Empty. So, if you translate it, the first letter MUST be one of the above. Example: "Y - Ja" as Ja is the German translation of Yes.
H ­ Account_Default 

The optional default Account Assignment; this is the column name of the default assignment for the account - this is the natural account for this account combination for default accounts. As this is an actual column name DO NOT MODIFY the content. You need to have a separate line for all default accounts and you need to have all default accounts listed. Example: B_INTRANSIT_ACCT indicates that this account is the default bank In-Transit account. You may not use the feature or want to have a different In-Transit account for every bank - you still need one (and only one) line in the file with this value.

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ERP Project Core Features List 
  I ­ Account Parent 

The optional parent account value (column A). It needs to be an exact match. It is used to build the account hierarchy when you import your chart of accounts. Note that this column is ignored during the Initial Client Setup.
J/K ­ Balance_Sheet, Balance_Sheet_Name 

Optional Balance Sheet Line Value/Key and Name. Used for creating Financial Reporting Line Sets. The import format is pre-defined.
L/M ­ US 1120 Balance_Sheet, US 1120 Balance_Sheet_Name 

Optional secondary Balance Sheet Line Value/Key and Name. Used for creating Financial Reporting Line Sets. The import format is pre-defined. In this case, it is based on Form 1120 of the US tax code, which is different than the standard US Balance Sheet structure.
N/O ­ Profit & Loss, Profit & Loss_Name 

Optional Profit & Loss Statement Line Value/Key and Name. Used for creating Financial Reporting Line Sets. The import format is pre-defined.
P/Q ­ US 1120 Income Statement, US 1120 Income Statement_Name 

Optional secondary Profit & Loss Statement Sheet Line Value/Key and Name. Used for creating Financial Reporting Line Sets. The import format is pre-defined. In this case, it is based on Form 1120 of the US tax code, which is different than the standard US Profit & Loss Statement structure.

Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    31   

ERP Project Core Features List 
  R/S ­ Cash Flow, Cash Flow_Name 

Optional Cash Flow Statement Line Value/Key and Name. Used for creating Financial Reporting Line Sets. The import format is pre-defined.

Creating your own Chart of Accounts

Vigeo ERP needs a minimum set of accounts. These accounts are identified by the internal  column name in the "Default Account" column ‐ example: B_ASSET_ACCT 


You need to have a different account for each of the default accounts. For example, if you don't  want/need to differentiate between currency gain and currency loss, Vigeo ERP still requires  two accounts. You can consolidate the accounts, e.g. via GL Journal entries. 


You can change, add or delete the lines as long as you have one line per default account. 

If you don't like the example account structure (CoA), here are the steps:
• • •

Delete all lines with exception of the ones, which have Default Accounts.  Change the lines (value/key, name, description) to fit your Chart of Accounts  Add the other accounts in your Chart of Accounts. 

Accounting Rule Enforcement 

Vigeo ERP strictly enforces base accounting rules to ensure balanced accounting entries and overall system integrity. An example of a base rule is that the system will reject an entry if the accounting date is in a closed period.

Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    32   

ERP Project Core Features List 
  Tax Calculation and External Reporting 

Most tax entries are created by the transaction. Vigeo ERP calculates, manages and applies multiple taxes (e.g. GST/PST) as well as local tax. Tax rules create correcting tax entries for Sales Tax and VAT systems. Vigeo ERP automates the preparation of reporting to external tax agencies.
Banking Relationship Management 

Vigeo ERP automates the management of your banking relationships and accounts. Vigeo ERP supports the import and export of bank statements using OFX, IFX and SWIFT formats.

DB Backup & Restore Utility  DB fine tune & optimization Utility  Different Type of Fabric, Yarn & Item Costing Calculations Utility   

Vigeo ERP is ready for the global economy. A key part of Vigeo ERP's Model-driven Application Platform is the ability to customize your ERP system and accounting features to the realities of your global business, including support for one or many of:
Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    33   

ERP Project Core Features List 
  Organizations  Currencies  Accounting Standards  Languages  Tax Laws 

Vigeo ERP supports multiple accounting through the concept of an Accounting Schema. An Accounting Schema is any combination of the following:

Chart of Accounts Accrual or Cash-based accounting Accounting standard Costing method Accounting currency

Sales are not an independent module in Vigeo ERP, but a logical view of all customer and prospect related activities. Sales functions are an integral part of the business process. As a result, there are no batch or synchronization processes for the back office functionality as is frequently required to integrate with ERP systems.

Customer Requests
Vigeo ERP supports automated processing of customer requests such as:

Information — unstructured requests from web or email sources

Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    34   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Service — requests to perform a service at a given time and place Charge — requests to reimburse costs Account — requests concerning a particular customer or vendor order, shipment, invoice or payment Warranty — requests concerning a product or service issue Help — unstructured customer service requests

Marketing Campaign Management
Customer retention is a crucial mission for every company. Vigeo ERP supports this by creating mailings or requests for the sales force to follow up. Criteria for a campaign could be last sale, sales volume, products purchased, or a variety of other triggers.

To attract new customers, addresses of prospects can be imported for mailings or other sales follow up.

The effectiveness of marketing campaigns can be measured by the revenue or gross profit generated for each campaign by linking each document (e.g. Invoice or Order) to the relevant campaign at the time of invoice creation. This information is then available within Vigeo ERP for reporting and analysis.

Customer Profitability Analysis
Reports can provide insight on revenue and gross profit for specific customers or customer groups. The flexible reporting tool in Vigeo ERP gives you control over several reporting parameters such as the period of time for analysis. Additional reporting options include exporting

Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    35   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Vigeo ERP to files for analysis in Microsoft Excel or OLAP tools. The use of 3rd party report writers against Vigeo ERP transaction data is also supported.

Vigeo ERP Service, also known as Requests, is a system for accumulating and tracking activities from initiation to closure. One of the most common activities tracked with Service are customer service requests. As with most Vigeo ERP capabilities, the information associated with a Request including fields, stages, assignment and workflow rules, and the accounting impact are all customizable.

Workflow Drives Results
To ensure requests are addressed on a timely basis, you can set up assignment, notification and escalation rules. Optionally you may send confirmation email to the requester that confirms receipt of the request and communicate details such as the assigned service engineer or the service level agreement for that particular type of request. Company employees such as an account executive or support engineer can access the request from their work queue or from within the customer record.

Self-service Online Inquiry
Self-service allows customers to submit new requests and query the requests database from a web browser. The information may be used for such purposes as obtaining service or checking status on an account balances or invoices. Self-service can also be used to allow customers to

Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    36   

ERP Project Core Features List 

self-register for permission based marketing lists or to download product and service documentation

Case Management Solution
The Vigeo ERP Case Management Solution is a ready-to-deploy functional extension to the Services capability. Customer Service departments and end customers benefit from easy and secure access for logging new requests, checking status and updating existing requests, and reviewing closed requests. Case Management includes streamlined views, improved reports and secure customer access via the web.

Warehouse Management
Vigeo ERP Warehouse Management includes comprehensive, integrated functionality that automates inbound, warehousing and outbound operations, resulting in improved productivity, space utilization and customer satisfaction.

Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    37   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Vigeo ERP Warehouse Management Resources Vigeo ERP Warehouse Management Datasheet  Vigeo ERP Warehouse Management Announcement  Product documentation 

Vigeo ERP Warehouse Management will provide a first-of-its-kind customizable rules engine to enable directed putaway, picking and replenishment. Warehouse management rules and processes, like all Vigeo ERP capabilities, are quickly and easily customized to meet changing user and business requirements - without programming.

Inbound Operations
Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    38   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Receive goods into the warehouse by matching receipts against existing purchase orders lines, return material authorizations (RMAs), or product codes. Multiple product codes such as Name, UPC/EAN, SKU and others are cross-referenced in the system for easy matching by warehouse operators. Vigeo ERP also supports blanket receipt of all products in a purchase order through an "Express Receipt" capability. Products become available to promise (ATP) or allocate immediately upon receipt.

Directed putaway leverages the Vigeo ERP rules engine and your customized rules to maximize productivity. The rules engine produces an optimized putaway task list that includes specific instructions regarding the Locator (location) where each received product should be putaway and in what travel sequence. In cases where received goods will be putaway to multiple Locators, the rules engine generates separate putaway tasks for each Locator. In the final inbound step, the operator confirms completion of putaway tasks and reports exceptions or adjustments.

Outbound Operations
Vigeo ERP Warehouse Management fully will customize the support of Wave Planning, giving you the ability to prioritize ready-to-ship orders according to available labor and shipment deadlines. Create multiple waves throughout the day by applying user-defined searches on orders using criteria such as promised date, order priority, ship-to country, freight carrier and others. Wave Planning simulations and manual overrides provide warehouse managers with additional control over the final set of orders released in a wave. Vigeo ERP Warehouse Management generates pick lists using cluster picking or order picking methodologies.

Outbound operations extend to packing and shipping functions, including support for shipment consolidation. Vigeo ERP Warehouse Management improves customer satisfaction around
Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    39   

ERP Project Core Features List 

shipments by honoring customer preferences regarding partial/complete shipments, and by improving order accuracy and on-time shipments. You may also define specific picking rules and wave planning criteria to prioritize shipments to your most important customers.

Warehousing Operations
Automate the movement of goods within the warehouse, optimizing valuable inventory, warehouse space and labor resources. Directed replenishment tasks, such as replenishing forward Locators when inventory levels fall below the restocking point, are automatically generated from your rules. Replenishment rules account for unit of measure conversions and capacity differences between stocking and destination Locators.

Improve management and utilization of warehouse space as part of your integrated solution. Vigeo ERP supports up-to five levels of user-defined Locator segments, such as Aisle, Bay, Row, Position, and Bin. The system lets you further organize Locators into Zones. Directed putaway, picking and replenishment rules can apply to the entire warehouse or to a user-defined set of one or more Zones.

Replenishment rules and space management enable slotting optimization. Vigeo ERP tracks key statistics such as Locator visits, Zone configurations, and product shipments, allowing you to dedicate sufficient space in easily accessible Locators for fast-moving products.

Vigeo ERP Exclusive: Customizable Rules Engine

Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    40   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Vigeo ERP Warehouse Management solution is flexible and adaptable, enabling you to change any aspect of your automated solution to match changes in your product lines, warehouse design, and business practices and accounting rules.

Vigeo ERP's customizable rules engine is the brains behind your directed warehouse management activities. Organize Vigeo ERP Warehouse Management rules into comprehensive strategies for putaway and picking. The Generate Putaway and Wave Planning processes invoke the rules engine, which in turn evaluates the relevant product inventory against your rules, warehouse design, units of measure, and other parameters. The rules engine produces optimized and intelligent task lists that maximize warehouse operator productivity.

While Vigeo ERP Warehouse Management comes with a range of pre-defined rules, the solution's power comes from the ability to quickly and easily create custom rules and strategies to match your changing needs.

Integrate Warehouse Processes with ERP
Vigeo ERP Warehouse Management is integrated with Vigeo ERP purchasing, materials management, order management, manufacturing and global financial management capabilities. Integration eliminates the effort and inconsistent information associated with importing and exporting data across stand-alone applications. As a result, warehouse transactions immediately update related data throughout the system, including product availability, order shipments and receipts.

Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    41   

ERP Project Core Features List 

In Vigeo ERP, the e-Commerce capability provides a highly featured web presence for an organization. The information is shared with the standard application eliminating the need for synchronization or additional integration between the web store and the back end application. The web store components are based on cascading style sheets and can be readily customized to provide the required look ¬and ¬feel.


User Management Counter Management Info Requests Management

User can setup the web store in Tenant. The default will be /wstore as the context.

The Run_setup deploys the web store with the default /wstore content.

Technical Aspects
Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    42   

ERP Project Core Features List 

The Run_setup will creates and deploy the Vigeo ERP WebStore.ear, which distributes the User Interface components.

Client can further customize the lib/Vigeo ERPWebStore.war. The initial settings are in the WEB-INF/web.xml. If unmodified, the first Web Context is used. You can optionally set the #W_Store_ID explicitly.

You can update the style using the Styles Sheet standar.css. The UI aspects are available in *.jsp.

You can also customize the lib/Vigeo ERPWebStore.xml. You can set the context to default /wstore.

Additional Web Stores
Vigeo team will customize to give the facility to the client to have multiple web stores, for this you can edit the lib/Vigeo ERPWebStore.xml and the lib/Vigeo ERPWebStore.war. Then use the Run_setup, which creates a new Vigeo ERPWebStore.ear. Rename the Vigeo ERPWebStore.ear and copy it to the deployment directory

Setup Information
Setup the SMTP Host and Request Mail account. Request a confirmation Email and a web directory or Download base.

Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    43   

ERP Project Core Features List 

For the Web Store, load the web page images and components, as well as the email header and footer. Include the Warehouse, Sales Rep, and Price list.

A user should have an Email User Id and a password to access the web store. In order for the payment processor to work the bank information needs to be in place.

Mail Templates
Mail Templates are used for sending mail to interest groups and Business Partner Groups.

Mail Templates are also used for sending dunning, Asset Delivery, and Invoices.

The ERP System will provide the facility to user to extend the Web User Interface.

New FORM Creation Create a New Form
While signed into Vigeo ERP as the System Administrator Role, user can create form window to create a new form. Enter a name for the new Form into the Name field and include a description and comments for this Form in the Description and Comments fields. Select the Data Access Level from the Data Access Level drop menu then include the Java Class name for Web UI in the Java Class name for Web UI field to create the new form.

Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    44   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Role-based Security Data Level Security

ERP Reports & Processes
Reports will be customized according to the requirements gathered from the client. Vigeo ERP will support the following reports with the below mentioned parameters. User can generate the customized reports using reporting tool.

Order Management
Report Order Detail Description Lists details for Orders, including lost sales. It can be run for Sales Orders or Purchase Orders. Menu Location Order Management > Sales Order Parameters Document Type Business Partner Product Date Ordered (range) Report Description Open Orders Lists Orders with quantities not delivered or not invoiced.

Menu Location Order Management> Sales Order Parameters Business Partner Product
Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    45   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Sales Transactions (flag) Report Description Order Transactions Lists Sales Order Transactions

Menu Location Quote to Invoice > Sales Order Parameters Date Range Sales Transactions (flag) Report Shipment Details

Description Lists Customer shipment header and line with locator information. It can be used to create a consolidated pick list. Menu Location Order Management > Shipment Parameters Warehouse Business Partner Movement Date range Locator Key Document Status Report Description Cash Journal Details Lists Details of a Cash Journal(s.)

Menu Location Order Management > Customer Payment Parameters Cash Book Organization Account Date range

Report RfQ Unanswered
Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    46   

ERP Project Core Features List 


Lists Responses from open RfQs that are not marked as Complete.

Menu Location Procurement > RfQ Parameters RfQ Topic RfQ Response Date range Report Description RfQ Response Lists Responses from open RfQs that are marked as Complete.

Menu Location Procurement > RfQ Parameters RfQ Topic RfQ Report Description Open Requisitions Lists Requisitions that are not marked as Complete.

Menu Location Procurement > Requisition Parameters Warehouse User/Contact Product Date Required range Report Description Material Receipt Details Lists Material Receipt Header and Lines with Locator information.

Menu Location Procurement > Receipt Parameters Warehouse Business Partner Movement Date range

Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    47   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Report Description

Receipts not Matched Lists Material Receipts that are not completely matched to Vendor Invoices.

Menu Location Procurement > Receipt Parameters Organization Date Received range Business Partner Product

Material Management
Report Description Vendor Selection Lists Products that are supplied by more than one Vendor.

Menu Location Material Management > Material Management Rules Parameters Report None Transaction Details

Description Lists Transaction Details (shipments, receipts, material movements, etc.) and includes Instance Details (serial no, lot.) Menu Location Material Management > Material Management Rules Parameters Movement Type Movement Date range Product Category Product Locator Lot Lot No
Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    48   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Serial No Report Description Product Transaction Value Lists Products Transaction details with current Vendor price.

Menu Location Material Management > Material Management Rules Parameters Movement Date range Product Category Business Partner Search Key (product) Report Description Product Transaction Summary Lists summarized Transactions for stored Products.

Menu Location Material Management > Material Management Rules Parameters Movement Date range Warehouse Movement Type Product Report Replenish Report

Description Lists suggest reorder quantities for stocked products based on replenishment rules and current Vendor order variables. Menu Location Material Management > Material Management Rules Parameters Warehouse Business Partner Create (Inventory Move, Requisition or Purchase Order) Document Type
Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    49   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Report Description

Open Confirmations Lists Confirmations that have not been completed.

Menu Location Material Management > Material Management Rules Parameters Warehouse Confirmation Type Business Partner Sales Order Report Description Open Confirmations Details Lists Confirmation lines that have not been completed.

Menu Location Material Management > Material Management Rules Parameters Warehouse Confirmation Type Business Partner Sales Order Report Description Storage Details Lists Storage information including Product instance data.

Menu Location Material Management > Material Management Rules Parameters Warehouse Locator Product Category Product Lot Lot No

Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    50   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Report Description valuation date.

Inventory Valuation Report Lists Products with their on hand quantities and values for the selected

Menu Location Material Management > Material Management Rules Parameters Warehouse Currency Price List Version Valuation Date Report Material Reference

Description Lists a cross reference of where Material receipts are used or where Customer Shipments are sourced. Menu Location Material Management > Material Management Rules Parameters Search Order Search Invoice Search Shipment/Receipt

Report Description Product Cost Summary Lists the summarized product cost for a product.

Menu Location Costing Parameters Accounting Schema Product Category Product Search Key (range) Tax
Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    51   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Report Description

Product Cost Lists the product cost for a product, cost type and cost element.

Menu Location Costing Parameters Accounting Schema Cost Type Product Category Product Search Key (range) Cost Element Tax Report Description Product Cost Detail Lists the product with individual invoice cost allocation.

Menu Location Costing Parameters Accounting Schema Product Category Product Search Key (range)

Invoice Inquiry
Report Description Invoice Transactions (Acct) Lists Invoice transactions by Accounting Date.

Menu Location Invoice Inquiry Parameters Organization Account Date range
Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    52   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Sales Transactions (flag) Report Description Invoice Transactions (Doc) Lists Invoice transactions by Document Date.

Menu Location Invoice Inquiry Parameters Organization Document Date range Sales Transactions (flag) Report Description Invoice Details and Margin Lists Customer and Vendor Invoice Details with margin.

Menu Location Invoice Inquiry Parameters Business Partner Group Business Partner Product Category Product Date Invoiced range Sales Transaction Report Description Daily Invoice Lists Invoices summarized by day.

Menu Location Invoice Inquiry Parameters Date Invoiced range Sales Transaction (flag) Representative Report Weekly Invoice

Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    53   

ERP Project Core Features List 


Lists Invoices summarized by week.

Menu Location Invoice Inquiry Parameters Date Invoiced range Sales Transactions (flag) Representative Report Description Weekly Invoice Product Cat Lists Invoices summarized by Product and week.

Menu Location Invoice Inquiry Parameters Date Invoiced range Product Category Report Description Weekly Invoice Product Lists Invoices summarized by Product and week

Menu Location Invoice Inquiry Parameters Date Invoiced range Product Report Description Monthly Invoice Lists Invoice summarized by month

Menu Location Invoice Inquiry Parameters Date Invoiced range Sales Transactions (flag) Representative Report Description Monthly Invoice Product Lists Invoices summarized by Product and month.

Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    54   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Menu Location Invoice Inquiry Parameters Date Invoiced range Sales Transactions (flag) Product Report Description Monthly Invoice Product Cat Lists Invoices summarized by Product Category and month.

Menu Location Invoice Inquiry Parameters Date Invoiced range Sales Transactions (flag) Product Category Report Description Monthly Invoice Vendor Lists Invoice summarized by Vendor and month.

Menu Location Quote to Invoice >Invoice Inquiries Parameters Date Invoiced range Business Partner Product Report Description Quarterly Invoice Product Lists Invoices summarized by Product for a quarter.

Menu Location Invoice Inquiry Parameters Date Invoiced range Sales Transaction Product Report Quarterly Invoice Customer by Vendor

Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    55   

ERP Project Core Features List 


Lists Invoices summarized by Customer and Vendor for a quarter.

Menu Location Invoice Inquiry Parameters Date Invoiced range Business Partner Report Description Quarterly Invoice Customer by Product Lists Invoices summarized by Customer and Product for a quarter.

Menu Location Invoice Inquiry Parameters Date Invoiced range Sales Transaction (flag) Business Partner Product Category

Cash Management
Report Description Business Partner Open Lists the open invoices and payments for a Business Partner.

Menu Location Cash Management Parameters Report Description Business Partner Invoice Tax Lists Invoice Tax Lines with Business Partner tax information.

Menu Location Open Items Parameters Organization Date Invoiced range Account Date range Tax
Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    56   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Document Type Report Description Open Items Lists all Open (unpaid) Invoices for a Business Partner and Date Range. Invoices paid via Cash Journals will remain Open until the Cash Journal is processed. Menu Location Cash Management Parameters Business Partner Sales Transaction (flag) Days Due range Report Description Aging Lists Open Items grouped into selected aging buckets.

(In it ally all available buckets will display. Modify the Print Format to display only the desired aging buckets.) Menu Location Cash Managements Parameters Due Date Sales Transaction (flag) Currency Business Partner Group Business Partner List Invoices (flag) Report Invoice Not Realized Gain/Loss

Description Lists Open not fully paid invoices with the open amount, the GL amounts and the revalued amounts. If you select a (GL) Document Type, a GL Journal is created. Menu Location Cash Management
Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    57   

ERP Project Core Features List 


Accounting Schema Revaluation Conversion Type Revaluation Date AP-AR Currency Document Type


Payment Details

Description Lists type adjusted payments (receipts positive, payments negative) with allocated and available amounts. Menu Location Cash Management Parameters Bank Account Business Partner Document Type Allocated Report Description Allocation Lists Invoices allocated to Payments and Cash Journals.

Menu Location Cash Management Parameters Business Partner Invoice Document Status Report Description Unallocated Invoices Lists Invoices that are not allocated to a Payment.

Menu Location Cash Management Parameters Business Partner
Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    58   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Document Type Report Description Unallocated Payments Lists Invoices that are not allocated to a Payment.

Menu Location Cash Management Parameters Report Description Business Partner Unrecognized Payments Lists Payments not reconciled with a bank statement.

Menu Location Cash Management Parameters Bank Account Transaction Date (range) Transaction Type

Financial Management
Report Description Statement of Accounts Displays the beginning balance and transactions for a date range.

Menu Location Financial Management > Financial Reporting Parameters Accounting Schema Period Account Date range Organization Account Business Partner Product Project
Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    59   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Activity Sales Region Campaign (note: Accounting Dimensions available for selection will depend, in part, on the Elements enabled for the Accounting Schema) Update Balances (flag) Report Description Trial Balances Displays a Trial Balance for a given period or date range

Menu Location Financial Management > Financial Reporting Parameters Accounting Schema Period Account Date range Organization Account Account Key range Business Partner Product Project Activity Sales Region Campaign (note: Accounting Dimensions available for selection will depend, in part, on the Elements enabled for the Accounting Schema) Update Balances (flag)

Project Management
Report Project Lines not Issued
Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    60   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Description issued.

Lists Project Lines (for work order or asset projects) where lines have not been

Menu Location Project Management Parameters Report Project Project POs not Issued

Description Lists Project Lines with generated Purchase Orders (for work order or asset projects) which are not issued. Menu Location Project Management Parameters Report Project Project Margin (Work Order)

Description Lists Margin for a Project Line (planned revenue) compared to project issues (actual effort and costs.) Menu Location Project Management Parameters Project Accounting Schema Report Project Cycle Report

Description Reports on common Project Phases of a Cycle Step Phase weighted by a Cycle's relative weight. Menu Location Project Management Parameters Report Description Project Cycle Project Details Accounting Report Lists the Accounting Fact Details related to a Project.

Menu Location Project Management Parameters Accounting Schema Project

Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    61   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Report Description

Project Line Details Lists the Project and Line details, amounts and probabilities.

Menu Location Project Management Parameters Project Type Status Processed

Performance Analysis
Report Description Accounting Fact Details Lists Accounting Details

Menu Location Performance Analysis Parameters Accounting Schema Organization Account Date range Period Account Account Key range Business Partner Product Tax Report Description Accounting Fact Daily Lists Accounting Details summarized by Accounting Date.

Menu Location Performance Analysis Parameters Accounting Schema
Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    62   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Organization Account Date range Period Account Account Key range Business Partner Product Tax Report Description Accounting Fact Period Lists Accounting Details summarized by Period.

Menu Location Performance Analysis Parameters Accounting Schema Organization Account Date range Period Account Account Key range Business Partner Product Tax

Sales and Marketing
Report Description Commission Run Detail Lists amount details and Order/Invoice details for a Commission Run.
Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    63   

ERP Project Core Features List 

Menu Location Sales and Marketing Parameters Commission Commission Run Commissioned B. Partner Business Partner Product Report Description Leads Weekly Lists Leads by source and week.

Menu Location Sales and Marketing Parameters Source Create On range Report Description Leads Monthly Lists Leads by source and month.

Menu Location Sales and Marketing Parameters Source Create On range

Partner Relations
Report Description Business Partner Detail Lists the details of a Business Partner including addresses and contacts.

Menu Location Partner Relations > Business Partner Rules Parameters Name Contact Name

Vigeo ERP Implementation
Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    64   

ERP Project Core Features List 


Sun JDK 6 Update 5 or Later ‐ (SDK not just JRE)  Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    65   

ERP Project Core Features List 
  Database Oracle XE, Oracle10gR2, Oracle 11g or Enterprise DB Postgres Plus Adv. Server 8.3.  Tip: It is mandatory to use a Unicode character set.  Database approved Linux Operating System, Windows 2003 or Windows XP  Disk Space: > 5 GB (includes database)  Swap Space: > 1GB  Memory: > 512 MB ‐ Recommended: > 1 GB  TCP/IP connection 


Firefox Browser 3.0 or IE 6.0 or higher is recommended for the Web User Interface. 


Vigeo Internationa (Pvt) Ltd. Website: http://www.vigeo‐    66   

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