Self-esteem among adults and children

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					Self–Esteem Among Adults and Children

Little do people know about how parents have an effect on their kids, but
studies have revealed that there is a strong correlation on self –esteem
among adults and children. An adult’s outlook often has similar
characteristics as it has with their children, especially on how they
value their self worth, since parents with low esteem are more likely to
encourage their children to give importance or value themselves highly as

Such problems could be devastating to children since they could grow up
to be timid or shy, reclusive or less sociable.

This could even result to children growing up less sociable and detached
from society, since confidence –building measures have not been
introduced properly during the younger years that could affect
relationships, careers and even the drive for success.

Adults should therefore be conscious about things that they manifest to
children, since role-play is key to the growing up years of children,
what they see in adults, they see in themselves. Self–esteem is important
in children as it is important among adults, since it is helpful in
helping them make sound decisions and fair judgment in the face of peer
pressure, in the same way that adults deal with coping mechanisms in the
face of adversity.

Self–esteem also makes children proud about being themselves and on
things that they excel in, be it a skill or talent.

It’s what makes children gain acceptance among friends, compared to
reclusive ones who shun off company and friends. Just like in adulthood,
self–esteem is responsible for bringing about respect in an individual,
so is the same with children.

The need or consciousness for self–esteem occurs the moment an individual
develops rational thought and conscious processes, which is true among
babies who still cannot determine or differentiate good from bad and are
still not capable of rational thought.

Self–esteem becomes a need for people, the moment they feel the ups and
downs of day to day situations and circumstances, especially in coping
with those they feel as adversities of life in the face of social
pressure or individual inner battles.

The older children get, they are tasked with the bigger responsibility of
developing their own self –esteem, which can be governed or influenced by
the way perceive it from role examples – especially in their own parents.

One of the best manifestations of self-esteem among children is a sense
of humor, since it bespeaks of confidence and self- acceptance that is
gauged by how they carry themselves in public or among a number of peers
in a social group.
The sense of self-esteem among children is what helps them motivate to
achieve more, not only because they crave for more attention or
acceptance, but also they themselves would want to satisfy their inner
conscience and feel good about themselves. A good self–esteem makes kids
see things in a positive manner, makes them want to do more and always
aspire to do the right things, that is, with the proper guidance and
examples that is set before them.

As parents, always try to make it a point to always make it a point for
their children to develop good self–esteem, because it is what shapes
them for the future.

So by now, you see the importance of self- esteem among adults and