chemistry by ashrafp


                                        Mrs. Null

Course Description
Offered to Juniors and Seniors, Alternating with Anatomy and Physiology every other year.

Students choose this class either because they have an interest in it or because it is
prerequisite. Chemistry students almost exclusively continue to post-secondary institutions,
therefore we will treat this as a college preparatory course and as such, students will be given
more responsibility for their learning. The topics are more challenging than in general course
like Physical Science. The class can be fun when certain expectations are met.

Units of Study
-Matter and energy                             -Equations and Reactions
-Measurements and calculations                 -Stoichiometry
-Atomic Structure                               -Acids and Bases
-Electron Configurations                         -Reaction Energy and Kinetics
-Periodic Law                                   -Nuclear Chemistry
-Chemical Bonding                              -Organic Chemistry
-Formulas and Compounds                         -Biological Chemistry

Materials (Required Daily)
1.) Textbook: Modern Chemistry (Holt) Textbook (2006)
2.) Three ring binder with a separate section for biology for handouts, tests, and quizzes.
3.) Writing utensil (blue or black pen, or pencil)
4.) High lighter or colored pencils
5.) Calculator

Rules of the Classroom
1.) Be on time for class prior to the bell and prepared for class.
2.) No food or drink allowed in the classroom
3.) Participate in class activities with 100% effort
4.) Refrain from side conversations and walking during presentations
5.) Follow all rules provided by the school and state
6.) Two (2) hall passes to the restroom or water fountain will be issued per quarter.
7.) No electronic equipment (cell phones, ipods, mp3 players, etc.) will be permitted in class. If
they are seen they will be confiscated and returned at the teacher’s discretion.
8.) The student is responsible for makeup work. Check with the teacher.
9.) Work that is late will receive a 10% penalty for the 1st day and another 20% for the 2nd day.
Work more than two days late will not be accepted.

Seating and Preparation
-Students are expected to come into class, get their books and unpack materials
-Rarely will there not be an assignment on the board.
-Students are expected to get started on the assignment at the bell without instruction.
-Seating arrangements will be changed on a quarterly basis or at the teacher’s discretion.

Absences and Tardiness
-Students are expected to be in class. Try to make medical appointments outside of class time
when possible.
-If absent, the student is responsible for finding out what work was done, catching up on any
notes, assignments, quizzes or tests. Make-up quizzes or tests shortly after your return (no
more than 48 hours) and outside of class time.

Each quarter will consist of:
       -at least two (2) tests
       -one (1) quiz for each chapter
       -miscellaneous labs
       -one (1) project
       -miscellaneous homework and daily work

                                     Contact Information
                                        ATTN: Mrs. Katie Null
                                         Max Public School
                                          2855 Hwy 83 NW
                                          Max, ND 58759
                                       (701) 679-2685 phone
                                         (701) 679-2245 fax

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