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									 2ND ANNOUNCEMENT             Introduction
                              When the Right Honourable Dato' Seri
                              Mohd. Najib Tun Abdul Razak was sworn in
                              as the sixth Prime Minister on 3 April 2009,
 NATIONAL SEMINAR             his maiden speech introduced the concept of
                              "1 Malaysia: People First, Performance
  ON "1 MALAYSIA"             Now." "1 Malaysia" has since then become a
                              dynamic notion, and an important vision in
                              policy planning and nation building. The
                              principal goal of the "1 Malaysia" campaign
                              is to strengthen ethnic relations in the
         THEME:               country, and to foster greater unity between
1MALAYSIA, SHARED REALITY     the diverse ethnic and religious groups living
                              in Malaysia. Even though many are in favour
                              of the idea, critics abound: some are clearly
                              still confused and sceptical of the "1
                              Malaysia" notion. Thus, it is imperative and
                              timely to hold the National Seminar on ”1
           DATE               Malaysia” to promote greater awareness, as
     1-3 NOVEMBER 2010        well as a more intelectually coherent
                              understanding regarding the ”1 Malaysia”

                              Seminar Objectives
                              1. To evaluate the "1 Malaysia" concept.
                              2. To overcome the problems and
 UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA SABAH       confusion surrounding the "1 Malaysia"
                              3. To identify the issues and challenges in
                                 implementing and realizing the "1
                                 Malaysia" concept.
                              4. To enrich the intellectual content of the
                                 "1 Malaysia" concept.
                              Sub Themes
                              The following sub themes will be included in
          LEARNING            the seminar:
                                  2. Languages
                                  3. Literature
                                  4. Culture
                                  5. Economy and Enterpreneurship
                                  6. Political Science
                                  7. Sociology
                                  8. History
                                  9. Education
                                  10. Law
                                  11. Communication
                                  12. Globalization
                                  13. Science and Technology

Seminar Target Audiences                           Guidelines for Abstract/Paper
1.   Academics
2.   Statutory bodies                              1. Abstracts should be about 200 words
3.   Private agencies                                 written in MSWord, using 12-point
4.   Non-Governmental Organizations                   Times New Roman font.
                                                   2. The length of the complete paper should
                                                      be between 10-15 pages (not inclusive
Registration Fees                                     of tables, figures, and references), using
                                                      1.5 line spacing (12-point Times New
The fees cover the cost of seminar sessions,          Roman font).
a conference bag, name tag, certificate of         3. Details needed upon submission are
participation, bus service, programme book,           abstract, title of paper, name(s) of
and meals.                                            presenter(s), university/institution and
                                                      address, email, fax and telephone
Presenter/Participant : RM300.00                      numbers.
                                                   4. References to be based on the Harvard
Seminar participants are advised to pay the           System:
seminar fees before, or on 15 September               i. Example: (Almond, 2004: 15)
2010. Any payments in the form of crossed             ii. Footnotes may be used for further
cheques/bank drafts/money orders should                    explanation of a subject.
be made out to BENDAHARI UNIVERSITI                   iii. References/Bibliography:      Name.
MALAYSIA SABAH (Acc. No. 510013024241)                     Year. Title. City: Publisher.
and sent to: 1Malaysia Seminar Commitee,
Centre for the Promotion of Knowledge and          Important Dates
Language Learning, Universiti Malaysia             1. Abstract before : 31 August 2010
Sabah (UMS), Locked Bag No. 2073, 88999            2. Full Paper: 30 September 2010
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Valid letters of             3. Tentative programme will be displayed
undertaking and LPOs are also accepted.               in the website on October 1, 2010.
Payments in these forms (letters of
undertaking and LPOs) should be made               Notes: Abstract and completed paper are to
before 15 September 2010. Failure to do so         be submitted to the seminar secretariat via
will result in the omission of the participant’s   email:
name from the programme book and         
presentation programme.                            based on the important dates stated above.
                                                   Only validated papers using the Harvard
                                                   reference system and containing no more
Conference Language                                than 10% spelling and grammatical errors
                                                   will be published in the seminar proceedings.
Malay or English                                   Details on the seminar (including updates) are
                                                   available0    at   the    following   website:
                                                   Further details on the seminar may be
                                                   obtained from:
                                                   General Office, Centre for the Promotion of
                                                   Knowledge and Language Learning (088-
                                                   320120 Clarice Jim or Intan Raiman)
                                                   Dr. Lai Yew Meng (088-320000 ext. 5047)
                                                   Mohd Sohaimi Esa (088-320000 ext. 5074)

Accommodation                                                Registration Form

Participants may stay in any of the hotels in   Name    : ___________________________
Kota Kinabalu. However, shuttle services to
and from the seminar venue will only be         Designation: _________________________
provided for those residing in the hotels
listed below:                                   Institute:____________________________

1.   Promenade Hotel (088-265555)               Address : ____________________________
2.   Beverly Hotel (088-258998)
3.   Novotel 1Borneo (088-529888)                       _____________________________
4.   Courtyard Hotel 1Borneo (088-528228)
5.   The Magellan Sutera Resort and SPA                  _____________________________
                                                Tel. No: _________________________

                                                Mobile Phone No: _____________________

                                                Fax : __________________________

                                                E-mail : ____________________________

                                                Participation: (       ) Presenter
                                                              (        ) Participant

                                                Title of Paper :




                                                Payment:           (      ) Crossed Cheque
                                                                   (      ) Money Order
                                                                   (      ) Bank Draft

                                                Signature                              Date

                                                ________________              _______________


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