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									Lawson Workforce
Scheduling and Staffing for Healthcare
    Lawson Workforce Management

                                  It’s a complex challenge to manage a healthcare workforce. You have to maintain
                                  proper staffing levels, with the appropriate credentials, around the clock. In the
                                  middle of it all is an industry-wide staffing shortage, adding to the pressure to
                                  improve employee retention and satisfaction. All the while, you balance the tasks
                                  of upholding quality patient care within your budget.
                                  Lawson is delighted that VasTech’s well-respected Nightingale Scheduling and
                                  Staffing solution is now Lawson Workforce Management. Designed to meet
                                  healthcare workforce management challenges, Lawson Workforce Management
                                  can automate paper-based and time-intensive staffing and scheduling tasks. It
                                  comes with self-service features that today’s healthcare professionals appreciate,
                                  such as online schedule viewing, self-scheduling, as well as shift bidding and
                                  swapping. With the solution in place, you can empower staff to select schedules
                                  that work best for their lives, while feeling confident that you have enough people
                                  with the right skill mix scheduled at all times. As a result, Lawson Workforce
                                  Management can help you attract and retain clinical staff, while you contain
                                  labor costs.

                                                          Lawson Workforce Management

Enhance Productivity, Lower Costs
  Every job is easier, and faster, when you have the right tools. Lawson Workforce
  Management comes equipped with the utilities that can simultaneously:
  • Balance unit needs, staff preferences, and budgetary constraints
  • Proactively adjust coverage based on fluctuations in census, workload, and
    acuity measures
  • View staffing levels, denote absences, move staff between assignments, and
    print up-to-the-minute assignment sheets
  • Conform to your organization’s patient safety policies, as well as oversight
    agencies and union rules
  • Minimize Magnet certification and The Joint Commission audit preparation
  • Avoid unnecessary overtime and agency usage

Key Components
  The Lawson Workforce Management Suite includes the following scheduling-
  and staffing-related products and features:

CredentialManager — Staff Credential Tracking
  Manage and report upon staff qualifications and proficiencies.
  • Track skills, certifications, training classes, licenses
  • Notify users and management of pending expirations
  • Incorporate planned training into schedules
  • Ensure that only qualified employees are placed into assignments
  • Integrate with your learning management and human resources systems to
    eliminate duplicate record keeping

ShiftMaker — Departmentalized Prospective Scheduling
  Save time creating and fine-tuning schedules.
  • Create schedules with self-scheduling, preference-based, cyclic, or
    automated methodologies
  • Use smart tools, including resource and float wizards, automated alerts, and
    overtime forecasting
  • Evaluate budgeted versus actual staffing use

SelfService — Portal for Personal Schedule Management
  Enhance staff satisfaction and retention by offering employees an intuitive, secure,
  self-service module for managing their assignments and professional credentials.
  • Enter Preferences, Self-schedule, View Schedule, Post To Bulletin Board
  • Bid on open shifts — integrated and rules-based
  • Swap shifts with coworkers — online and rules-based

                                                       CentralStaffer — Real-time Centralized Staffing

                                                           Enable cost-effective, real-time staffing decisions with an enterprise view.
Headquarters:                USA
                             380 St. Peter Street
                                                           • View and make real-time changes
                             St. Paul, MN 55102-1302       • Adjust staffing due to acuity, census, and business volume fluctuations
                             Tel +1 651 767 7000
                                  • Manage float pools, agency assignments, call-ins, call-outs, and on-call rosters
                                                           • Track actual times worked
Regional Offices:                                           • Report on productivity metrics
Americas                     United States                 • Manage to your labor budget
Brazil, Chile, Canada,       Tel +1 651 767 7000
Mexico, Honduras,  
United States, Venezuela
                                                       Integration, Experience
Asia                         Singapore                     Lawson Workforce Management can integrate with Lawson and non-Lawson
China, Hong Kong,            Tel +65 6788 8769
                                                           clinical, human resources, and financial systems used in your hospital. It can
India, Indonesia, Japan,     Fax +65 6788 8757
Korea, Malaysia,              connect clinical demand factors such as census, acuity, and workload to staffing
Philippines, Singapore,                                    resources and, ultimately, payroll expenses.
Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
                                                           At the time of implementation, Lawson experts can partner with you to help:
Australia & Oceania          Australia                     • Establish a comprehensive interface plan
Australia, New Zealand       Tel +61 2 8437 5600
                             Fax +61 2 8437 5699           • Ensure linkage matches business processes and objectives
                                                           • Properly specify and implement interface requirements within time
Northern Europe              Sweden
Denmark, Estonia, Finland,   Tel +46 8 5552 5000           For further information about Lawson Workforce Management, or other
Norway, Sweden               Fax +46 8 5552 5999           Lawson solutions for healthcare, call 1-800-477-1357, direct at +1-651-767-
                                                           7000, international at +46 8 5552 5000.
Northwestern Europe United Kingdom
Belgium, The Netherlands,    Tel +44 1344 360273
Ireland, South Africa,       Fax +44 1344 868351
United Kingdom     

Central Europe               Germany
Austria, Czech Republic,     Tel +49 2103 89060
Germany, Hungary,            Fax +49 2103 8906 199
Poland, Slovakia,  

Southern Europe              France
France, Israel, Italy,       Tel +33 1 34 20 80 00
Portugal, Spain              Fax +33 1 40 39 25 07


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