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									Active Affiliates Provides the Best Affiliate Marketing
Training in Michigan
Submitted by James Brighton
06th November, 2010

The affiliate marketing training course designed by Active Affiliates is one of the most popular
internet marketing classes available. Affiliate marketing is an online marketing practice where
a business rewards its affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s
marketing efforts. There are four core players involved in affiliate marketing; the merchant or
retailer, the network, the publisher (or affiliate) and the customer. The bottom line is the results
enjoyed by the affiliate…money!

The affiliate marketing training course covers powerful online marketing techniques including
writing press releases and using social media to create search engine optimization (SEO) so
one’s business, service or products show up on page one of a Google search.

Press release marketing is one of the pillars of Active Affiliates’s marketing strategy
foundation. According to Active Affiliates, a press release has the potential to attract thousands
of visitors to a website while at the same time creating back links to the site. This is very
powerful and the key to press release marketing resulting in scores of websites becoming
partners in promotion.

Social media marketing is another important component of the affiliate marketing training
course. Active Affiliates has connections on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and
top blogging sites that provide the opportunity to spark conversations about a product or service
to get people buzzing about the brand.

With 85 percent of all website traffic originating form search engines, it is critical have one’s
business or products show up on page one of a Google search. Without page one rankings on
major search engines for targeted phrases a company will be losing money to their competition

Many business owners spend hours creating great looking flyers with interesting content and no
results. This is because they are missing some key components that make their content search
engine friendly. An eye-caching ad in a magazine will get attention; however, the internet is so
much bigger, so it is critical that business owners learn to have their products or services on
page one of a search.

Active Affiliates takes the complication and confusion out of internet marketing and shows
participants how to build and optimize their site to give them the online visibility that they need
to bring more customers to them. Visit for details.


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