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Castrol Variocut G 600 SP
Neat Grinding Oil

Castrol Variocut G 600 SP is a low viscosity chlorine and zinc free neat grinding fluid. Application Castrol Variocut G 600 SP is particularly suited to high speed, creep feed and especially gear grinding using. Its low viscosityalso gives it good performance in the process of belt or tape finishing where a thin oil with exceptional flushing properties is required. Features Excellent lubricity and flushing Approved grade Low Misting and foaming Zinc and chlorine free Benefits Helps resist burning on gear teeth, gives good wheel life and oil life. Backed by manufacturers Even at high pressures and flowrates Easier to dispose off, and more environmentally friendly Typical Physical Characteristics Appearance: Clear amber fluid. Relative Density @ 15° C: 0.855 Viscosity @ 40° C , cSt: 10 Flash Point, PMCC, °C: >130

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