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					Castrol Techniclean® SF
Ferrous Metal Spray Wash Cleaner

Product Data


Castrol Techniclean® SF is a mildly alkaline, low foaming, liquid spray wash cleaner specially designed to give performance over a wide range of temperature and pressures on ferrous metals in production engineering applications.

Performance Benefits § Low alkalinity, operating at pH less than 10. § Low foaming above 15oC. § Leaves low level deposits on cleaned surfaces. § Suitable or per-heat treatment cleaning. § Suitable for high pressure applications up to 200 bar. § Contains corrosion inhibitors for all ferrous metals, providing excellent §
short-term rust protection. Good hard water compatibility.

Recommended Applications

Castrol Techniclean® SF is suitable for the removal of swarf and other particulate soils, metalworking fluids and rust preventives from metals during manufacture, particularly where short term corrosion protection is required. Castrol Techniclean® SF is suitable for use in a wide range of industrial spray and intensive flood wash machines.

Method Of Use
For spray, tunnel and intensive flood wash system Operating temperature range Pressure range of washing system 1 - 5 % depending on degree of soiling 15 to 80°C Up to 200 bar

Castrol Industrial
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Typical Characteristics
Castrol Appearance Density @ 15°C pH of Concentrate pH of 2% Solution Phosphates, % Silicates, % Techniclean® SF Strew Liquid 1.050 10.0 9.7 None None

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