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									Star Wars Lives on with the Xbox 360’s Lego Star Wars II If you love Star Wars (and who doesn't?) and the Xbox 360 video game console system, then you are in for a treat. With the massive success of the first Lego Star Wars game, a sequel naturally had to be released. So if you enjoyed the very popular Lego Star Wars game, there is good news for you. Enter the Xbox 360 title Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy. The original Star Wars Lego game arrived as a surprise hit. Now, Lego Star Wars II offers more of what made the original game such a surprise hit: the retelling of the original Star Wars story while giving Xbox 360 gamers access to several missions and levels. The game is laced with well-placed flourishes of humor. Moreover, the game retells some of your favorite moments of Star Wars episodes IV, V, and VI in a fun, original way that somehow manages to stay true to the original storylines. Critics have lauded Xbox 360's Lego Star Wars II game title for staying true to the original story line of the Star Wars Trilogy, while adding fun, excitement and humor to the original plot. The game is also loaded with tons of good stuff that is sure to keep you glued to your Xbox 360. This time around, there are many more missions to choose from. There are many more vehicles that you can take on your missions. There are all your favorite characters, as well as unlockable characters and levels. The game is recommended for all ages, but it will probably be especially fun for younger players because the game is relatively easy to learn and very fun to play. However, video game analysts and critics have also pointed out some drawbacks to the game. For instance, the game is played through the view of a fixed camera. This means that players cannot rotate the camera or change view of what they are looking at. Some critics and gamers have noted that there are also some installation issues associated with the game. Specifically, gamers have encountered a bug that occurs when the game is ran according to some PC specifications. What can you expect from the interface and game play of Lego Star Wars II? If you are familiar with the original Lego Star Wars game, the sequel will probably seem very familiar. Not much has changed in the general layout and display of the game from the first version. When you first begin to play, you will find yourself in the famous Mos Eisley Cantina. Here you will encounter Princess Leia and Captain Antilles. You are in charge of controlling both characters. This Cantina will operate as your general control room throughout much of the game. You can recruit characters, unlock them, or customize them. There is a unique lounge area that represents each episode of the Star Wars Trilogy. When you pass through the doors of each Cantina, you will be departing for different missions as well. Once you have unlocked a mission, you can return to the main Cantina and embark on new adventures. The characters, as you can imagine from the title of the game, are all made out of Legos. Part of what lends this title much of its charm lies in the fact that the characters are made out of Legos. The overall graphical environment of the game is fun, but there have not been any substantial improvements made since the first version of the Xbox 360

game was released. This, however, does not make the Lego Star Wars II version any less enjoyable, especially for newcomers who are not familiar with the first version.

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